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The 2017 Winners of the ED's

winners Page 0The 2017 Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show — aka, The ED’s  —  featured Las Vegas’ world-renown “junk rock” phenomenon, Recycled Percussion, who performed throughout the show. This year’s top awards went to Angela Sommers, who took home the Overall Entertainer of the Year Award, the Penthouse Club in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which was honored with the Overall Gentlemen’s Club of the Year Award, and Rick’s Cabaret/RCI Hospitality, which earned the Club Chain of the Year Award. The show also boasted command performances by each Entertainer of the Year nominee, including Sommers, Natasha Nova & Aria Moon. The show was also co-emceed by DJ Platypus and Jayden Cole.


so nightlife furn Hard for the Nightlife

Nightlife Furniture may be a new player to the adult industry, but its furniture is a proven mainstay.
When it comes to furniture in commercial establishments, there are two factions: those that say a chair is a chair and is intended solely for sitting with no frills attached, and those that say the right chair can enhance a room.

Turn it up to


Dennis-2Exactly three years after the club was featured in a 37-page cover section in the January 2014 issue of Club Bulletin, we revisit E11EVEN Miami and the undeniable popularity the club has enjoyed. We had the chance to have an enlightening and very honest conversation with E11EVEN owner/creator and 2016 ED Hall of Fame inductee Dennis DeGori, who reflects on that induction while offering the myriad reasons why E11EVEN has grown from concept to widly successful reality. DeGori also points out the number-one problem facing the adult nightclub industry today, and what he’d do to remedy it.
It could have been a Wednesday, a Thursday, a Friday. Any night, really. Dennis DeGori, owner/partner of E11EVEN Miami, was making his way through the club, from the Rooftop on down. It was 5 am, he was done for the night and making his final walk-through of the venue before heading out. But just then, he looked up at one of the club’s large screens.

Black Magic

fi 2016 janCecil “DC” Glenn of hip-hop group “Tag Team” fame and fomerly of the legendary club Magic City explains the real reasons behind the undeniable success of urban clubs.
No other adult nightclub DJ has transcended the industry quite like Cecil Glenn.
To his mama, he’ll always be Cecil, but to the rest of the world, Glenn goes by his alter ego, “DC, The Brain Supreme.” If you were working in the Atlanta market in the early 1990s, then you know DC as the deejay keeping the party alive day and night at one of the city’s most well-known adult hotspots, Magic City.

Do you really know ... JM

IMG 0403Jason Mohney

Even if you’ve never met Jason Mohney, chances are you know his lineage. As far as bloodlines are concerned, Jason is the heir apparent to one of the most well-known families in the adult nightclub industry. As the son of prominent industry veteran Harry Mohney, Jason is acutely aware of just how big a shadow his father casts. However, now in his 20th year in business, Jason has proven not only how to step aside from his dad’s legacy, but also to create his own as well.  
At 41, Jason—who doesn’t believe in giving himself a title—has overseen the construction or takeover of hundreds of clubs across the U.S. and abroad under either the Deja Vu, Little Darlings or Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club banner. Calling Las Vegas home for now, Jason’s day-to-day is at the Hustler Club LV. However, when we caught up with him, he was in Oklahoma City ushering in the city’s first all-nude club, due sometime in the fall. An avid sportsman, we were most surprised to learn that Jason would much rather be out of doors than in, despite how he spends most of his nights. We spoke to Jason about his dad, big game hunting, and knowing how to throw a party every day in a city that sets the standard for spectacle. — Kristofer Kay

He’s lived around the world and back again, but no place can top NOLA.

“I’ve lived from Australia to France, all over the U.S. too, but no other city in my opinion comes close to New Orleans. It’s my favorite; it’s twenty-four hours, it’s casual and has tons of authentic culture. When you’re in New Orleans, there’s always something to do. I’m looking forward to having this year’s Expo there too; I think people are in for a great time and have a chance to discover one of the best cities in the country.”  

He’s a workaholic, but that doesn’t mean he never gets to enjoy nature’s many splendors.  

“Most people don’t know that I prefer being outside. Work is music, fun, the girls, the party—all that, sure. Living in Las Vegas I get the chance to host a lot of celebrities at the club. But I’d much rather be spending my time camping, or scuba diving or hiking. It’s where I’m most happy.”

He’s got a better handicap than you.

“Golf is another one of my passions. I’ve had the chance to play on courses all over the world, like Thailand, Cuba, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Costa Rica, just to name a few. In Thailand they have some beautiful courses with the most amazing caddies you’ve ever encountered. These guys can do anything on a golf course, they’re true caddies. My dad and I had a great time playing there.”

When he’s not swinging a club, he’s carrying a quiver.

“I also like to go big-game hunting in South Africa. But instead of a rifle I prefer to use a bow. Archery is such a fun activity, and when you’re hunting, there’s a greater feeling compared to a gun. I’ve hunted wildebeests, warthogs, water buffalo, even kudu. Out on a hunt, especially in South America, there is just something that has to be experienced to be believed, nature at its finest. I remember being up in a tree, just waiting, and about eight yards away walks up an elephant. Watching them in the wild is breathtaking, their trunks have this wonderful dexterity.”

He’s one Tough Mudder.

“These obstacle race competitions have piqued my interest. So far, I’ve participated in The Gladiator Run, The Wipeout Run and Tough Mudder. Some friends of mine and I are currently training for the Spartan Run. We try to get people in the [adult nightclub] industry to do it. It’s very fun—grueling, but fun—and makes for good team building as well. I don’t think I could ever do American Ninja Warrior, those guys are at the top of their game. But for these other races, I’m all in.”

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