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T-shirts and jeans are the constant in just about every American man’s wardrobe. But as any guy will tell you, the choice of which t-shirt or pair of jeans to pull out of his closet has more to do with the fit and quality of said t-shirt and jeans than anything else.
Adult nightclubs don’t sell jeans. But over the past three decades, clubs in this industy have sold an awful lot of t-shirts, whether sold via a club’s “store” or as part of an “uptime” dance promotion.

Notice we said “sold.” What cannot exactly be quantified, however, is how often these shirts actually made it out of the guy’s closet who bought it. Perhaps it never even made the closet. Maybe it was stuck in his garage as a rag he used when washing his car—because, let’s face it, the shirt was of terrible quality with a gaudy design that looked like it was straight out of 1983.
Thankfully, this pattern of cheap-ass, poorly designed club shirts took a turn about 10 years ago, when Safari Sun ( attended their first Gentlemen’s Club EXPO.
safari-sun-1“When we first started going to the EXPO, we could see that the t-shirt options were pretty weak,” says Chris Dvornick, owner of Safari Sun. “The designs were really tired, totally an ‘80’s style. We wanted to offer shirts that customers would actually want to wear, and started designing in that direction.”
As Dvornick suggests, and rightly so, most club owners don’t have time to bother designing a club t-shirt. They’re also not fashion connoisseurs. With, club owners don’t have to be either a designer or a fashion mogul. The best thing about Safari Sun’s website that’s devoted specifically to the adult club industry is, there are tons of hip, modern t-shirt designs that one might see on a rack at Nordstrom’s. Dvornick and his designers expertly weave a club’s logo, or simply its name, into one of these pre-existing designs to make it look like your club has its own team of custom graphic designers.
“We have three in-house artists and a few freelancers who do a great job of mimicking what’s hot in the market with their shirt designs,” says Dvornick. “And we have new designs often, usually each month, which keeps us current in the marketplace.”
Dvornick understands that the only way a t-shirt design is a success is if a customer wears it outside of the club. Safari Sun accomplishes this goal in two ways: safari-sun-2First, through subtle artwork that doesn’t scream “STRIP CLUB,” and second, by offering high-quality shirts that won’t kill your budget.
“With more subtle designs that don’t use the typical ‘stripper’ or trucker-girl designs, a guy is much more comfortable wearing the shirt outside of the the club, and isn’t that the most important thing—that he actually wears the shirt?” says Dvornick, noting that if the design is hip and trendy, the impression is, the club is hip and trendy. “Every person that sees that guy wearing that shirt, and sees your club’s name or logo, that’s a lot of great advertising for your club.”
Dvornick adds that cotton blends are extremely popular right now, as they offer comfort and a great fit not found in the old-school heavyweight cotton designs.
“The blends are definitely more comfortable, and we’re seeing a lot of popularity with the ‘heathered’ shirts,” says Dvornick. “Of course that price point is a little higher for the blends, but if the end result is that the customer wears the shirt, isn’t it worth it?”
For those operating on a tighter budget—and many are these days—Safari Sun/ offers a ring-spun cotton shirt that is still very comfortable, yet won’t break the bank. As a starting point, Dvornick can offer a price point in the $5 range for an order of 288 shirts (the price is similar for an order of 144). And if, after looking at all of their great template designs online, you still don’t see a design you want, Safari Sun can create a design from scratch specifically for your club.
“Everything can be customized, period,” says Dvornick. “You can mix and match different designs and colors, or even if you find a design that you like somewhere else, show it to us and we can create a similar design just for you.”

For more information, call (866) 339-7291 or visit to see all of their t-shirt designs, as well as a myriad of other club promotional items. Safari Sun/GentClubShirts is a sponsor of the Annual EXOTIC DANCER Invitational (EDI) dance contests.

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