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Ken DeGori

nov13 so ken1The ED’s 2013 General Manager of the Year reveals the secrets to his nearly three decades of award-winning success.

With his athlete’s physique and boyish good looks, it’s hard to imagine that Ken DeGori has been working in the adult nightclub industry for nearly 30 years. Yet, the breadth of his experience—and his success—are undeniable.  The 2013 winner of the ED’s General Manager of Year Award has managed and/or has been the director of operations at several clubs across the country throughout his career, including the Gold Club in San Francisco, a nominee for the ED’s 2013 Overall Club of the Year Award, and the Penthouse Club in San Francisco, winner of the 2013 Club of the Year/West Award.

Monroe's of Palm Beach

rp monroes sept13proves that you don't need to be a "big" club to be "elite"

There are two kinds of people when it comes to success: the kind who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and the kind who are born with a determination to get what they want at all costs. Sometimes these two types of people can be mistaken for one in the same.

Big Al's Renovation Profile

Showroom2The Palace of Peoria

Undeterred by political pomp and circumstance, Al Zuccarini sidesteps early retirement to build the all-new “World Famous Big Al’s,” signaling a rebirth of his business and the city he calls home.
Perhaps the most mysterious aspect of inspiration is its source of origin.  Anywhere, or anything, is possible, really, be they from the mundane or of the divine.  Infinite causes that present themselves, seldom shared, resulting in an individual’s choice of either acting accordingly or ignoring them completely.

How safe is your club’s front door

ta frontdoorFive tips for securing your points of entry

Nightclub & Security Consultants President Robert Smith provides five specific areas which, if addressed properly, could result in a more secure front door today.

Babes Renovation Profile

babes-1The Bourbon Street Method

As New Orleans welcomes 2013 with three huge events, Babe’s Cabaret gives themselves a front entrance facelift to attract new business.
It’s easy to get hit by a cab in New Orleans.  Not because they’re aiming for pedestrians, but because people tend not to look where they’re going. If they’re tourists, it’s never their fault; with the French Quarter, the Garden District, Magazine Street, etc., there’s just too much take in.

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