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Laurie-019Laurie Bowers, President of Deja Vu Consulting

Laurie Bowers is an anomaly—an enigma, really.  She runs the largest chain of adult nightclubs in the world, and yet, very few in this industry could pick her out of a lineup of club professionals.

In truth, Bowers reflects an interesting industry dichotomy: While adult nightclubs are dominated on the one hand by the entertainers—after all, what would a strip club be without the strippers—they are also dominated from an ownership and managerial standpoint by men. While female owners and managers exist, and several are very successful at what they do, they pale in numbers compared to their male counterparts.

Club Connect

club connect

Making the connection with Club Connect -

The adult nightclub industry isn’t known for its fiscal responsibility.  Until now, perhaps.  Payment solutions provider Club Connect is looking to change that for club owners while providing employees easier methods of money management.

D.I.Y. Project

rp dicarlosThe DiCarlo’s D.I.Y. Project
With only $8,500 to spend on a renovation, DiCarlo’s in Albany, New York, concentrated on the basics to revitalize their classic “neighborhood” strip club.
Here are the numbers DiCarlo’s General Manager Brandy Karczewski had to work with:  
20—years since the club had been open. Also, the last time it was touched with a paint brush.
2,500—total square footage of the club.
8,500—in dollars. Barely.  Her budget that was okayed.
6—weeks that DiCarlo’s could afford to spend on the remodel to beat their spring rush.

Lust for Life

rp lustBuilt on the backs of two brothers (and a ton of hope), Club Lust introduces downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, to its newest, burgeoning upscale adult nightclub.
Say this for downtown St. Petersburg, Florida—it’s quiet. Often referred to as “heaven’s waiting room” on account of a teeming elderly population, St. Pete is city that likes to keep to itself mostly.  Located south and just over the Howard Frankland Bridge, separating Tampa from the Gulf Coast, the downtown section is a retreat back to the old-school Floridian panorama.

Exit 1991 — Enter 2012

rp dollhouseRealizing that their club hadn’t kept up with the times and was in desparate need of a makeover, Thee Dollhouse in Tampa celebrated their 20th anniversary by undergoing a full-scale, top-to-bottom renovation.  Now, after investing nearly $1 million in every possible accoutrement—including a 200-inch high-definition LED display—the 8,000-square-foot venue has set the standard for upscale adult entertainment in Tampa Bay.

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