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heavenly_imageSometime in the late 1980s, an adult nightclub tradition called “uptime” was established.

The Oval Office

champagne-areaMaking a name for itself by offering the Presidential Treatment

Ashley-Kate Thompson

There are advantages to being in the “middle of nowhere”— just ask The Playhouse in Titusville, PA
Here’s some practical advice for non-Pennsylvania natives, especially those accustomed to, or fond of, a bustling city life, local culture or general eventfulness: If it’s not Philly or the ‘Burgh, keep driving.

Nah, that’s not true.  PA—no one in Pennsylvania actually calls it Pennsylvania—is a great place.  There’s just not a whole lot going on outside the few major cities.  Sure, you’ve got incredible, salt-of-the-Earth people living there, along with some breathtaking rolling hills and forests.  But there’s no denying that PA isn’t exactly the hippest place on the Eastern Seaboard.

Orzel Vodka Targets Adult Nightclubs

The eagle has landed—Orzel Vodka targets the adult nightclub industry
Let’s face it, right or wrong, adult nightclubs have fought and will continue to fight a negative stigma from corporate America because of the titillating (pardon the pun) type of entertainment they offer, even though, like every other type of nightclub, they are in the “hospitality” business, not the “adult” business. Still, years of conservative propaganda have left the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry distinctly lacking in courtship from major liquor companies. Sure, there were a few along the way, but they already had their bread and butter in traditional bars and restaurants—so, in their minds, gentlemen’s clubs weren’t essential. The rest have simply been content to sell their product at your club without daring to showcase their name anywhere outside your four walls, for fear of arousing indignation from some vocal segments of the community. After all, being provocative means being controversial, and it’s difficult to find an industry more provocative than this one.

Mike Tomkovich

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emperorsmainstageThe Biggest Adult Club Chain You’ve Probably Never Hear Of ...
If the United States were a Monopoly game, then the silver convertible that is driving Mike Tomkovich around the board is coasting pass Boardwalk—and looking to collect a lot more than $200.

While his aspirations grow big, Mike Tomkovich, owner of the South East Showclubs chain, remains true to the roots that run deep.  With close to 20 years as an owner/operator, he has relied on more traditional methods to secure his clubs’ success.  Mainly, if something works, then don’t fix it. 

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