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Somewhere on a lonely highway, deep in the heart of Alberta, Canada, Justice has pulled over. She’s smart enough to realize that if you’re doing a phone interview—and you’re miles away from your destination—it’s a good idea to concentrate on either the road or your interviewer, not both. She’s between Canadian feature bookings which, as she explains, aren’t quite the same as American feature bookings.

Do you really know Tony...

tony-batman-2Tony Batman

During the day, he’s the mild-mannered, easy going Anthony Pucillo. But when the night arrives he comes alive, assuming his alter ego. The signal has been sent. They’re clamoring for “Batman” and the “powers” that he’ll bring with him.
But this Batman doesn’t have a mask, or a cape, or any of those fancy gadgets. This Batman arrives, instead, wearing a fedora hat and a sport jacket. His lone “fancy gadget” is a wireless microphone that he wields with flair. And those that send out the “bat signal,” if you will, are the myriad of adult nightclubs, dance contest producers and other adult industry pros who hire Pucillo—aka, Tony Batman—to host and emcee their events.

Trendy designs, tons of choices

 safari-sun-3and top-quality service, all courtesy of

T-shirts and jeans are the constant in just about every American man’s wardrobe. But as any guy will tell you, the choice of which t-shirt or pair of jeans to pull out of his closet has more to do with the fit and quality of said t-shirt and jeans than anything else.
Adult nightclubs don’t sell jeans. But over the past three decades, clubs in this industy have sold an awful lot of t-shirts, whether sold via a club’s “store” or as part of an “uptime” dance promotion.

A Fantasy Come True

dean-gettleson2Dean Gettleson, owner and operator of Fantasy Island in Los Angeles, shares some of the trials, tribulations and triumphs he has experienced over the last two decades as an adult club owner.
As an attorney in general practice since 1975, Dean Gettleson has long represented boxers and boxing promoters and has himself been a boxing promoter. But in 1994, one of his clients, who had rock and dance clubs, opened an adult nightclub, Fantasy Island, with some partners. There were very few adult clubs in LA then, and Gettleson went into the venture initially as an investor, but soon became the owner and operator of the venue—without any more experience than a previous investor in a rock club. But he learned quickly.

A guide to successful

stage7gentlemen’s club remodeling

Are you considering remodeling your gentlemen’s club? Confused about which project should be your first priority? Should it be your bar, lobby, stages, champagne room or VIP room? What about the locker room? Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger—Cabaret Design Group’s Rick Uzubell has your answers, and offers tips on how to create multiple revenue streams and projects that will make you the most money from a club renovation.

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