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Cool new products and services for the adult nightclub industry.

BiddRocket’s Cover Countdown!

Cover-CountdownA solution to increased cover charge purchases, and overall bottom line, from BiddRocket’s Cover Countdown

BiddRocket, the behavioral science company behind Cover Countdown, has been studying how groups of people make decisions within the adult nightclub realm since 2011. A year and half ago, they decided to center their focus on nightlife attendance patterns.

Mission Mobile’s Text Messaging Loyalty Kiosk

Mission Mobile kioskGet customer loyalty through the most used form of communication today: Text messaging. Mission Mobile’s Text Messaging Loyalty Kiosk makes it easy for your customers to sign up for loyalty rewards, join a mobile club or redeem a mobile coupon. The Loyalty Kiosk is an on-site, easy-to-use service that works from any iPad or Android tablet and can be customized for your business. It only takes seconds for customers to enter their phone number and join your mobile club or loyalty program. With the Loyalty Kiosk, you can create a database of customers to send text messaging promotions, mobile coupons, special offers and more. The Loyalty Kiosk service provides reporting and tracking, so you know which promotions are working and enables you to reward your most loyal customers. Who knew text messaging could be so profitable?

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Custom Earpiece offers

 Custom-Earpiece-CPRyour security a discrete solution to high noise with the Custom Attenuating Earmold

We all know that a good time usually comes with a good amount of noise. Don’t sacrifice your customers’ good time, or your security’s efficiency, with Custom Earpiece’s Custom Attenuating Earmold. The earmold has been specifically designed to provide a comfortable, discreet solution to communications in high noise. It provides 29dB attenuation, which is more than most earmuff-style, high noise headsets.

Light up your adult venue the smart way

Smart-Candle-EVOX12with Smart Candle’s Evolution Rechargeable Flameless Candle System

Give your gentlemen’s club a feeling of ambience and elegance—with nothing more than a few candles. Smart, flameless, LED-lit candles, that is.
The Evolution Candle System is Smart Candle’s “smartest” flameless rechargeable candle system to date. From the realistic flicker and LED color to the reliability of their induction system, Evolution was built to last.

An uncensored, powerful app for your club or

man-cell-phoneentertainers in 60 seconds or less with Club App Maker

Club App Maker is a program for Mac or PC that allows gentlemen’s clubs, adult entertainers and dancers to make their own uncensored apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Club App Maker is simple yet powerful. It allows anyone to make apps without the mess of designers and coders.
Club App Maker apps are both aesthetic and highly customizable. The apps go live in 60 seconds after the initial set up, but can be modified indefinitely even after being installed. They look great on iPhones and Androids, and even come with a bonus website for install-shy clients. Apps are shared directly by SMS text message and social media, thus eliminating the roadblock of app stores, passwords, censorship and lack of discoverability. Your club’s app can finally be easily found, shared, installed and marketed by the push of a button.
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With LED illuminated champagne and shot glasses,

Go-Postalcustomers will Go Postal about your adult nightclub

While many adult nightclub operators are looking for ways to take their venues to “the next level,” Go Postal says they know of at least one way to do it: In-club branding, courtesy of their unique promotional products.
With Go Postal’s assortment of promotional options, you will get your patrons’ attention and have them coming back for more. Whether it is a lighted LED champagne flute, a star-burst, light-up LED-glow shot glass or a LED-lighted frosted margarita glass with your logo glowing in the dim light of your adult nightclub, customers will be drinking with your brand in their hands all night long.
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