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Cloud Chaser

CloudChaser by Sovereign Brands

From the sun-drenched vineyards of Provence, Cloud Chaser is a classic elegant, dry and highly drinkable AOC Côtes de Provence Rosé, crafted at Sovereign Brands’ award-winning winery, established in 1923 in the beautiful Var department.
With its gorgeous coral hue, dry and refreshing palate and delicate structure, Cloud Chaser is richly evocative of its Southern French roots—the luxury and excitement of Monaco and the Grand Prix, the beaches and harbors of St. Tropez and Nice, and the stunning medieval hilltop towns dotting the countryside.
Like the best Côtes de Provence Rosés, Cloud Chaser is the perfect summer wine, but its charm and complexity make it a Rosé that your customers can enjoy all year long.
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All American ATMs:

allamericanatmWhere cash is king

Cash: it’s what makes the world go round. Well, at least the world of adult nightclubs. All American ATMs provides the best way to keep up with the never-ending demand for cash in your establishment. All American ATMs was developed over a decade ago by Richard Bantock, who has owned and operated gentlemen’s clubs for over 15 years. In that time it has grown to be one of the leading providers for ATMs and ATM service.
With a wide variety of options for placement, service and maintenance, it’s nearly a guarantee that All American ATMs can beat your current standards. Offering the newest technology and innovation along with used and refurbished machines, All American ATMs maintains the best options for those in the adult entertainment industry, both in terms of service and pricing options. Why wait? The sooner you find out, the sooner your cash flow can increase!
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Leave no mess behind with the

oreckorBissell ProCup Commercial Vacuum

Cleaning up is probably not you’re favorite part of the day. Whether it be broken glass, glitter or leftover ash, a mess is a mess and no one wants to be left with clean-up duty. Bissell’s 16” ProCup Commercial Vacuum makes tidying up your adult nightclub a breeze. This built-to-last machine features a bagless large-capacity dirt cup with an easy-empty clear removable dirt canister, six surface adjustment heights that will adjust to all floor surfaces, a 50-foot long power cord with cord strain relief that allows for 100 feet of cleaning area and an aluminum roller brush with four bristle strips and double ball bearings.
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The Kciss Tablet:

Tablet-userThe in-club experience

The Kciss Tablet provides an efficient and user friendly in-club apparatus for patrons to find what they want at a touch of the screen. Once installed at your club’s tables, customers will not only see you have employed the latest tablet technology, but will see everything available in your club by picking up your tablet. Your tablet acts as the club’s menu and allows custom requests, depending on the type of club it is in.  
The beauty of the product is that it not only shows off your technology prowess, it streamlines business operations and provides a digital interface for your clientele that they will love and appreciate. The goal of the Kciss Tablet is to positively affect your bottom line. It does this by making you look good, making your customers happy and ultimately streamlining your business. By upgrading your client and staff interactivity to the speed of digital, human communication (or a lack thereof) is significantly improved so sales can go up.
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Higher profits pour

skyflo-wunderbarthrough Wunder-Bar’s Skyflo

Wunder-Bar’s Skyflo electronic and wireless liquor dispensing system is what the bar and nightclub industry has been waiting for. Wunder-Bar’s Skyflo spout pours the perfect amount and wirelessly transmits data in real-time.
Your bartender can vary the pour size for different types of drinks, and each drink and size is automatically recorded and wirelessly sent to your computer and included in your daily pour report. The Skyflo saves you money by eliminating free-pouring, beer loss and unrecorded sales by tracking every amount of liquid poured every single time.
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Penthouse Libido Libations Cherry Vodka

PENTHOUSEAll5Bottles by Prestige Imports

Get your clientele in the mood like never before with the world’s first male and female libido-infused cherry vodka! Prestige Imports, LLC partnered with Penthouse to bring you these formulas that have incorporated safe, effective and world-known natural aphrodisiacs to boost libido drive in men and women. The Penthouse Libido Libation bottles are made in Italy, decorated in Germany and filled with special attention in Holland.
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