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MDC Wholesale Cigars

mdc-wholesalenot blowing smoke up your ...

The nation’s largest distributor of cigars, MDC Wholesale Cigars can help you step up your cigar game! MDC Wholesale Cigars will thoroughly train your staff to not only sell cigars with ease, but to sell the higher priced cigars. And MDC Wholesale has hundreds of brands to choose from, as well as accompanying accessories
Any sized order no matter how small is welcome. However, depending on the size of your order, you may qualify for complimentary elite status plans that provide you with a host of benefits ranging from free goods to in-person staff training, to free one-on-one consulting.
For more information, call (844) 632-4427 or visit

The Shock-A-Vodka Dome System

 dome2 lgby Chill Rite

Dispense perfectly chilled liquor with the Shock-A-Vodka Dome from Chill Rite. This revolutionary system dispenses any liquor directly from the bottle at -5 to +5 degrees every time. By dispensing at this chilly temperature, your liquor comes out thick and smooth for the perfect cocktails. And if you need visual proof that the dome is cold, just look at the frost that builds around it! The Shock-A-Vodka Dome comes in two, four, or five domes and there is also the option of a two dome portable.
For more information, please visit

Kill credit card fraud

IMG 0151with the Chargeback Assasin

In recent years there has been a huge surge in consumer credit card disputes—aka, chargebacks. In every credit card transaction dispute, the burden of proof is always placed on the merchant, not on the customer. Additionally, there is a very limited window of time to respond to any chargeback “retrieval requests.” This is a difficult situation for any business to handle timely and effectively.
To help combat this club nightmare, Chargeback Assasin offers a easy-to-use, cost-effective, incredibly fast and extremely accurate solution. Their secure server database, combined with the cutting edge technology of the E-Seek M280® card reader, is an outstanding ally for any business that handles on-site credit card charges.
During each credit card transaction, Chargeback Assassin gathers all the necessary information (images of the credit card, customer ID, receipt with signature, transaction amount, etc.) and securely stores them off-site (helping your business to stay PCI compliant). When a credit card dispute arises, mere seconds is all that it takes to gather that info and submit a “rebuttal document” to the processing company for a quick end to that chargeback.
In addition, Chargeback Assasin’s “N.C.” (nightclub) model offers three other areas of protection, including ID authentication, a VIP or “red flag” feature, as well as a dancer registry (which helps with U.S. Department of Labor and USC2257 record keeping requirements, and satisfies all State of Florida Human Trafficking Statute 450.045 requirements for I.D. authentication).
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First DataTM FD50Ti Terminal

 fd50by Complete Merchant Solutions

Business owners want full flexibility, speedy transactions and protection from fraud during the purchase process, as do customers. Further, with limited counter space, merchants need a compact terminal that can handle everything—credit, debit, gift cards, checks, electronic benefits transfer and even loyalty programs. This is where the The First DataTM FD50Ti terminal comes in. It is an economical point-of-sale terminal that enables merchants to accept virtually every payment option—PIN-secured and signature debit, Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club International® and JCB®, plus First Data gift and loyalty cards.
It’s built for jam-free operation, and it’s a snap to reload—just open the cover and drop in the standard-sized paper roll. Your customers and bank account will thank you.
For more information, please visit

Micro LED Light Strip

Microby PHC Crystalite

Set the mood and light up your club with The Micro LED Light Strip. The light strip uses Light Emitting Diodes (LED), which have an exceptionally long life time. This product is very efficient in power consumption and is virtually maintenance free. Short field cutting makes this product easy to work with and you are able to operate hundreds of feet at a time using a high capacity transformer. Micro LED Light Strips have functional alternatives, like flashing and chasing which allows this product to be used for unlimited applications. With seven colors to choose from, the Micro LED Light Strip is all that your club needs for a mesmerizing light display.
For more information, please visit

Shots from Jevo!

Jevo1Fully-automated jello and edible shots from Jevo

Get ready to drive sales in a whole new way with Jevo. Now bars, restaurants, nightclubs, family entertainment centers, casinos and more can easily make up to 20 jello and edible shots in 10 minutes and produce a variety of quick chilled shots, all from a single fully-automated machine behind the bar.
From traditional jello + edible shots to exotic edible cocktails, you can create a whole world of custom creations your customers will love. And with a high-profit margin on every shot and a value-based price point ensuring volume sales, you’ll love the profits.
For more information, please visit

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