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ID150-Imageagainst identity deceit

Are you verifying your employees’ and customers’ ID documents? Let’s be honest, there are not very many convenient and foolproof ways of doing this, especially in the high-paced nightclub environment. FraudFighter is making identity fraud a thing of the past with the FraudFighter ID-150. The FraudFighter ID-150 is a simple, automated scanning solution that utilizes its comprehensive database of U.S., International and Canadian driver’s licenses and identity cards to enable club owners to authenticate the IDs presented by performers, waitresses and customers.
Because identity verification is such a prevalent issue in the nightclub industry, FraudFighter has allied with The Association of Club Executives (ACE) to help ensure that club owners meet government compliances in verifying the identity of their employees. As part of this partnership, FraudFighter is providing the ID-150 at a discounted pricing to club owners.
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