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In recent years there has been a huge surge in consumer credit card disputes—aka, chargebacks. In every credit card transaction dispute, the burden of proof is always placed on the merchant, not on the customer. Additionally, there is a very limited window of time to respond to any chargeback “retrieval requests.” This is a difficult situation for any business to handle timely and effectively.
To help combat this club nightmare, Chargeback Assasin offers a easy-to-use, cost-effective, incredibly fast and extremely accurate solution. Their secure server database, combined with the cutting edge technology of the E-Seek M280® card reader, is an outstanding ally for any business that handles on-site credit card charges.
During each credit card transaction, Chargeback Assassin gathers all the necessary information (images of the credit card, customer ID, receipt with signature, transaction amount, etc.) and securely stores them off-site (helping your business to stay PCI compliant). When a credit card dispute arises, mere seconds is all that it takes to gather that info and submit a “rebuttal document” to the processing company for a quick end to that chargeback.
In addition, Chargeback Assasin’s “N.C.” (nightclub) model offers three other areas of protection, including ID authentication, a VIP or “red flag” feature, as well as a dancer registry (which helps with U.S. Department of Labor and USC2257 record keeping requirements, and satisfies all State of Florida Human Trafficking Statute 450.045 requirements for I.D. authentication).
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