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Save money on your tradeshow booth

shave expoat the 2014 Gentlemen's Club EXPO this August 24-27 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas by ordering your booth at the Early Booth Booking discount rates before the May 1 deadline.

Do we have your attention?


Yes, we know that adult nightclub DJs don't look like this, but we wanted to get your attention!

We are pleased to announce that there will be four one-hour DJ & Promo Staff Training Seminars at the upcoming 2014 Gentlemen's Club Owners EXPO this Aug. 24-27 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. They include:

How to discover overlooked revenue streams

EXPO-2013-Logo-coverage Chris Lenahan of

After wowing the crowd at EXPO 2012, Chris Lenahan of and author of “The Little Black Bar Book: A comprehensive guide to starting, owning and operating your own bar or nightclub” returned to the 2013 EXPO to examine the critical club and bar management issue of revenue streams. Most importantly, the revenue streams that are often overlooked by bar management, yet are vital to a club’s success.

How to become #1 in your market

EXPO-2013-Logo-coverageClub marketing & management expert Gino LoPinto

Gino LoPinto is an independent Las Vegas nightclub, restaurant and gentlemen’s club consultant (now with the E11EVEN Miami club, set to open in January 2014) who owns/operates Vegas Alliance and is the CEO of Glo Global. Most recently, LoPinto was hired as the Director of Operations for the Hustler Club in Las Vegas in 2012 before assuming his current position with E11EVEN.

EXPO Keynote Address 2013

EXPO-2013-Logo-coverageVivid Entertainment’s Steven Hirsch

In the realm of adult entertainment, few have equaled the success of Steven Hirsch. As founder and co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment Group—the most recognizable brand of adult film both in America and internationally—Hirsch’s version of erotica has systematically transformed the ‘dirty’ movie business into the mainstream entity and pop culture powerhouse audiences relish all over the world. As the EXPO 2013 Keynote Speaker, Hirsch shared his experience of rising to the top of the adult entertainment industry, and the tools he used to get there.

Cut costs & slash expenses

EXPO-2013-Logo-coverageThe ‘Save Money’ workshop

To become a more profitable club operator, it’s not just about making money—it’s also about saving money and cutting wasteful expenditures. At EXPO 2013, our panel of experts assisted clubs of all sizes in those crucial endeavors with advice tailored to specific areas of club operations.

Heading this workshop was Bob Johnson, who tapped into his 50 years of bar experience and offered tips on how club operators and bar managers can save money in an area that is often seen as one rife with waste and theft.
Robert Smith of Nightclub Security Consultants offered crucial tips on assuring that your staff knows how to properly handle incidents both inside and outside your club, along with advice on how a well-trained security and management staff can save your club money on insurance policies.

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