State of the Union MJP


State of the Union

From industry legend Michael J. Peter!

There are only a handful of people in the history of the adult nightclub industry who require little to no introduction—Michael J. Peter is one of those people.  Often credited as the forerunner of the modern gentlemen’s club, Peter bought his first club in Florida in 1980 and the industry hasn’t been the same since.  Peter’s Master’s degree in hotel and restaurant management and hospitality from Cornell University’s renowned school of Hotel and Restaurant Management would define his operational style, as he introduced the idea of first-class operations, five-star dining, entertainers in gowns, cleanliness and more into his clubs. 

“We have always thought of ourselves as being in the food and beverage business; we make our living from liquor typically.  We have to ‘rethink and redefine’ what we are as being in the ‘entertainment’ business ... Ten years from now, your public relations person is going to be more important to you than your general manager.” —Michael J. Peter, EXPO 1996

Soon, clubs across the country were following suit.  Peter went on to own and operate such highly successful clubs and club chains as Thee Dollhouse, Pure Platinum and Solid Gold.  Today, he owns clubs and also heads his own club consultant company.  At the 20th Annual Reunion EXPO, the always-opinionated Michael J. Peter will revisit the predictions he made about the industry when he did an EXPO Keynote Address in 1996, and give us his predictions on what the next 20 years hold in store for the adult nightclub industry.

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