DJ & Promo Staff Seminars at EXPO 2014!


Training that's specifically designed for these areas of club staff!

 July 2, 2014, Clearwater, FL:  On Monday, August 18th and Tuesday, August 19th, there will be a total of four Staff Training Seminars occurring simultaneously in each of three staff-specific “rooms”: The “Management Room,” the “Security/Wait Staff Room” and the “DJ/Promo Staff Room” (two each day).  On Tuesday the 19th, the EXPO’s Keynote Address by Tim Kirkland of Renegade Hospitality will reflect the convention’s theme, “Formula Win: Turn Your Staff Into a Winning Crew,” an address designed for all EXPO guests. 

In the “DJ/Promo Staff Room,” each seminar will be hosted by experts in very specific areas, either in regard to the DJ position (a club’s “promotional voice”) or club marketing and social media. The first of these seminars, “DJ 101” (8/18, Noon-1 pm), will reintroduce the “basics” of DJ/emcee skills, those that are most important to the position yet are often overlooked.  Two of the industry’s top DJs—DJ Platypus of Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami and Jimmy Boucher of Monroe’s in West Palm Beach—will be providing a hands-on training seminar that will address some of the most important skills that every adult club DJ should have in their arsenal.

Of the many different types of promotions that clubs can present, few can have the impact as that of a feature entertainer appearance. For the “Now Featuring” seminar (8/18, 1-2 pm), three industry experts—club chain owner Jerry Westlund, top touring feature entertainer Lisa Ann and industry event emcee Tony Batman—will offer tips on how you can ensure you have a successful feature entertainer booking, why you should consider booking features if you don’t already, and the common mistakes club operators make when booking features.

Almost every adult nightclub presents regular in-club promotions, whether they are bachelor parties, uptime, contests or special sporting events. And in many cases, the person most responsible for making sure those promotions get the desired crowd response is the club’s “voice”—the DJ. But does your club’s DJ know the basics of how to announce and direct an in-club promotion? Three very experienced club DJs—Dane Hansen, Danny Myers and Shawn Claveau—will provide several how-to tips for this “Promo 101” (8/19, 10-11 am) seminar, tips that are designed to ensure that your in-club promotions are a success.

To round out the DJ/Promo Staff seminars, Ryan Dahlstrom of Rideout Media Group and will point out the many reasons why social media marketing is a no-brainer for all adult nightclubs in this “Get Social” promo staff seminar (8/19, 11 am-noon). “Social media marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) potential than any other marketing platform offered today,” says Dahlstrom. “I will teach you the four steps of social marketing— Reach, Engage, Build, Succeed—that will drive targeted customers into your club while providing you with real-time customer information and true marketing ROI.”

For more information on these and all EXPO 2014 “Staff Training Seminars” or to register for EXPO, visit or read the May issue of ED’s Club Bulletin magazine on your laptop, smart phone or tablet by visiting For more information on the EXPO or ED Publications, call (727) 726-3592



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