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2012: The Sports Promotion Workshop

12EXPO promoFootball can save your club!
— The Sports Promotion Workshop —

Whether it’s the Super Bowl, the Final Four, an MMA pay-per-view event or simply another week of Monday Night Football, when properly promoted, sporting events can bring customers—both new and old—to your club. Okay, that’s nothing new; strip clubs attract guys, and guys like sports. And as long as there have been strip clubs with televisions in them, men are delighted to enjoy the best of both worlds.

2012: The DJ Workshop

12EXPO djIt’s time to face the music!
— The DJ Workshop —

Music has always been one of the most hotly debated subjects with club operators, DJs and entertainers alike. Three of our EXPO 2012 “Time to Face the Music” workshop speakers are either current or former DJs—two are now also club operators, which gives them a very unique perspective on this subject. This DJ workshop was designed to provide tops on how club owners and operators can get everyone in the club on the same page, playing music that best suits the clientele, or desired clientele. To provide this advice, we enlisted the expertise of David Boehm, Chris London, Tim Rhodes and Bob Chiappardi.

2012: The Social Media Workshop

12EXPO ddThe Do’s and Dont’s of Twitter and Facebook
— The Social Media Workshop —

For over a decade now, marketing experts have been telling adult nightclub operators—in the pages of the Club Bulletin and at the Annual EXPO—how critical it is to have an Internet presence. The focus has often been on creating a website for the club, a place where the club can promote itself with club information, photos, directions to the club, a calendar of events, etc.
But as websites like Facebook and Twitter have exploded in popularity, “social media marketing” is a term that has taken on a life all its own.  Over the past few of years, industry experts have stressed the necessity of creating a Facebook and Twitter page for the club.  Even if the club doesn’t have a website, these experts would say, Facebook and Twitter are fairly simple to use—and best of all, they’re free.

2012: The EXPO 2012 Legal Panel

12EXPO legalNothing’s certain but death ...and the pole tax?
— The EXPO 2012 Legal Panel —

The 2012 Expo legal panel focused on the two main threats that have recently plagued adult nightclubs in several states and are expected to be on the horizon in several more very soon: Customer head taxes, commonly referred to as “pole taxes,” and comprehensive, all encompassing, industry-killing “community defense acts” (CDAs), usually spearheaded by Religious Right moral bully organizations, such as Citizens For Community Defense, which has a primary goal of eliminating adult entertainment from the landscape of America.
This year’s legal panelists have all been tireless fighters on the front lines of the ongoing battle to keep our industry alive. Each has recently worked to repel CDAs, pole taxes or both. The panelists included noted First Amendment attorneys Brad Shafer of Lansing, Michigan, John Weston of Los Angeles and panel moderator, Luke Lirot of Clearwater, Florida. Joining the attorneys was Jeff Levy, executive director of three statewide ACE associations in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, representing about 500 adult clubs.

2012: State of the Union 2012 with Joe Redner

12EXPO joe1— Mons Venus’ Joe Redner —

In Tampa, some politicians vilify Joe Redner as “the ultimate outsider,” while residents consider him a local legend. But in our industry Joe Redner, owner of the famed Mons Venus adult nightclub, carries the title “father of the lap dance.” One of the most multi-faceted club owners in the history of our industry, Joe is a very vocal advocate of Libertarian principles. He has waged dozens of legal battles with the Tampa city council, which has tried to place restrictions on the city’s adult nightclub industry for three decades. He has filed suits that have reached the US Supreme Court and have established legal precedent. In addition to being a club owner, business man, and mercurial First Amendment speaker as host of a weekly live, call-in TV program called “The Voice of Freedom” Joe ran for County Commissioner in 2004 and for City Councilman in 2007. And for anyone that’s ever questioned whether or not Joe Redner is a fighter, consider that he was only recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, which, thankfully, is in remission. At EXPO 2012, Redner offered a sample of his often controversial and never boring opinion on how our industry has fared over the past two decades, and how adult nightclub owners can defend themselves against the common threats posed against them.

The Photo Pages 2012

20reunionnewThe 2012 Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO—

which marked the 20-Year Anniversary of the industry’s annual convention and tradeshow—was held with great fanfare this past August 26-29 at the luxurious Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.  Produced annually by ED (EXOTIC DANCER) Publications, this year’s convention celebrated a true milestone for the multi-billion-dollar gentlemen’s club industry.

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