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EXPO 2012 Giveaways!

hand-money$1,000.00 An Hour Giveaway

We ain’t lying!

Yes, you read that correctly.  During EXPO 2012 we will be giving away—courtesy of our convention exhibitors—$1,000 every hour on the hour during the Tradeshow on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 28-29.  EXPO attendees will receive a raffle ticket each day as they enter the Tradeshow; then, from the EXPO Tradeshow Mainstage, a winning number will be announced each hour.  You must be present to win.  It’s the EXPO exhibitors’ way of saying Thanks! to convention attendees.

Culture to EXPO 2012

Erotic Heritage Museum Reception To Add Some “Culture” To EXPO

main-exhibit-hallNobody says we can’t have a little “culture” at an EXPO party.  So on Sunday, Aug. 26, following the ACE National Board meeting, board members and club owners who have checked in early for EXPO 2012 will be treated to a private party and reception at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas.

The Association of Club Executives (ACE) National Board will meet during EXPO 2012 from 4 pm to 6 pm on Sunday, Aug. 26., at the host hotel, Mandalay Bay, and then adjourn for a very special party and reception from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Erotic Heritage Museum.  Club owners and other industry professionals who arrive on Sunday are also invited.  
“In the past we’ve simply done the ACE after-party in a meeting room at the host hotel,” says ED Publisher Don Waitt.  “This year, since it is the 20-Year Anniversary of the EXPO, we wanted to do something special.  So why not do a private party and reception at one of the largest museums of erotica in the world.”

It Wouldn’t Be A Reunion...

It Wouldn’t Be A Reunion Without A Feature Entertainer Showcase

feature2011One of the most popular events at past EXPOs was the Feature Entertainer Showcase where club owners had the opportunity to see the industry’s top feature acts, as well as hot up-and-coming acts, perform their shows.  Some years there were two nights of showcases.  In recent years the EXPO presented other types of nighttime entertainment, but as plans were made for the 2012 show booking agent Dave Michaels of A-List Features piped in, saying, “If this is a Reunion EXPO, then you need to do the return of the Feature Entertainer Showcase.”

Pool Party and Bikini Contest 2011

Opening Night Pool Party and Bikini Contest!
11 expo1500They don’t call Las Vegas “Sin City” for nothing, and the EXPO’s lively group of adult club executives and entertainers were treated to two nights of private industry parties. The Opening Night Party, held poolside at The Mirage on Monday, August 22, featured a bikini contest with $1,000 in cash prizes, and was hosted by “Ronnie the Limo Driver” from the Howard Stern Show.

Rooftop Wrap up Party 2011

The first ever “Rooftop Wrap-up Party 2011” and Feature Showcase



Held at the country’s largest adult entertainment complex—the Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club and Hustler Hollywood Store in Las Vegas—the EXPO 2011 Closing Night “Roof-top” Party on Wednesday, August 24, brought the 2011 convention to a rousing finish. The Party also showcased the “Hot Seat” Awards, where club executives and industry pros were put on the “hot seat” with three “gag” awards: “Club Executive with the (wink, wink) smallest ego”; “Club Executive who’s better looking than his entertainers”; and “Industry Pro who is most in need of a valium with his morning coffee.”

Hall of Fame

11 winners0158From Vietnam to the EXOTIC DANCER Hall of Fame
Adult nightclub veterans Duke Dearing and Randy Beasley—who, combined, have opened and staffed more adult nightclubs than any two people in the industry’s history—headlined the Hall of Fame induction class of 2011.

In 1969, amidst the chaos and tragedy of a still-raging war in Vietnam, Gunnery Sergeant Duke Dearing received a battlefield commission for exemplary leadership.  Initially serving as a squadron intelligence chief and helicopter door gunner, Dearing was a Force Recon Marine who was routinely promoted throughout his military career, including his two-year tour in the jungles of Southeast Asia.  The Orlando, Florida native finished his stint in the Marines in 1971 as a Naval Aviation Observer (Airborne FAC/forward air control), flying out of the Marine Corps Air Station in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

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