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If you are going to exhibit at the EXPO 2014 Tradeshow, why limit your promotional exposure just to the days of the Tradeshow?  Let us promote your company every day from now until the show dates by listing your company name, company logo, website URL and EXPO 2014 booth numbers in this special section.

To be listed and enjoy 24/7 exposure to the industry, just send back your signed booth contract and payment (either full payment or 50 percent down payment).  You can fax your exhibitor contract with your credit card info to us at (727) 712-8282; mail the signed contract in with a check; or call Teresa in our finance department at (727) 726-3592 and take care of it over the phone.

We are also promoting Confirmed Exhibitors in the huge slideshow on the home page of this website and announcing each Confirmed Exhibitor in our weekly ED email newsletters.  So reserve your booth today and let us start promoting your company and your presence at EXPO 2014 today!

Below are confirmed exhibitors from the 2013 show.  Check back as we start to add confirmed exhibitors for EXPO 2014.

confirmed ismart 2014
confirmed centerfold 2014
confirmed glamor 2014
confirmed harbor 2014
confirmed jevo 2014
confirmed wunder 2014
confirmed safari 2014
confirmed mypole2013
confirmed beer2013
confirmed benwa2013
confirmed vivd2013
confirmed asylum2013
confirmed holo2013
confirmed orange2013
confirmed pabst2013
confirmed metal2013-2
confirmed bud2013
confirmed b2bomb2013
confirmed MeritCard2013
confirmed wunder2013
confirmed ricks2013
confirmed redbull2013
confirmed ice2013
confirmed glasstender2013
confirmed purerisk2013
confirmed evil 2014
confirmed hosp 2014
confirmed ATM 2014
confirmed donq 2014
confirmed winston 2014
confirmed custom 2014
confirmed jdog 2014
confirmed divax2013
confirmed glazers2013
confirmed toast2013
confirmed greview2013
confirmed blow2013
confirmed rush2013
confirmed exposure2013
confirmed exoticaemp2013
confirmed soundstage2013
confirmed missworld2013
confirmed ATMmerch2013
confirmed coolblue2013
confirmed centerfold2013
confirmed ddollars2013
confirmed joehand2013
confirmed modern2013
confirmed omega2013
confirmed donq2013
confirmed allaccess 2014
confirmed danced 2014
confirmed kg 2014
confirmed pernod 2014
confirmed sov-brands 2014
confirmed sinsational 2014
confirmed playboy2013
confirmed servall2013
confirmed wwe2013
confirmed freedom2013
confirmed plasti2013
confirmed mach2013
confirmed voiur2013
confirmed CustomCard2013
confirmed platsolution2013
confirmed constellation2013
confirmed coverjock2013
confirmed waterless2013
confirmed carolina2013
confirmed accardis2013
confirmed IDScan2013
confirmed jdog2013
confirmed hwh2013
confirmed glamour2013
confirmed QNC2013
confirmed orange 2014
confirmed ice 2014
confirmed lee 2014
confirmed entaleis 2014
confirmed xtreme 2014
confirmed christies 2014
confirmed striptv2013
confirmed kciss2013
confirmed ezcam2013
confirmed promo2013
confirmed survive2013
confirmed duncan2013
confirmed prefunc2013
confirmed classact2013
confirmed harbor2013
confirmed royal2013
confirmed xtreme2013
confirmed platinum2013
confirmed light-tape2013
confirmed holland2013
confirmed ddining2013
confirmed entaleis2013
confirmed nudes2013
confirmed panda2013
confirmed clubcam2013
pure risk 2013

Feature Booking Agencies

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