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Inari Vachs

anariFeature Focus:  Inari Vachs
After a number years touring as a feature entertainer in support of her bustling adult film career, Inari Vachs took an eight-year “hiatus” in 2002 to settle down and start a family of her own. She stayed in the limelight long enough to create her own production company as well as work for Playboy TV as a co-host of their popular “Naughty Amateur Home Video” Series.  But with a resume that includes 400 adult film entries and an AVN Performer of the Year Award, Vachs did accept the occasional booking to satisfy the thirst of her fan base.  

Reign Supreme

ASPEN REIGNFeature Entertainer Aspen Reign becomes co-owner of Aspen’s Escape in Columbus, Ohio

There aren’t many titles Aspen Reign hasn’t captured as one of the adult nightclub industry’s most honored feature entertainers.  Skimming through her list of wins reads more like the highlights of a Hall of Fame inductee class than the resume of a dancer.  But no, this is all her.  The hard part is figuring out where to begin.

Naturally, we would start at her 2003 ED’s “Overall Entertainer of the Year” Award (hey, we’re partial).  But if you’re looking for Aspen’s repeat performances, look to her one-woman dynasty as a Miss Nude World (five times over), or as the Penthouse Gold G-String Overall Champion (twice).  Then come those superlative “Hottest…” trophies—too many to list when it comes to Aspen, but suffice to say that they have honored every inch of her anatomy—front and back, head to toe—during one contest or another over her decade in the business.

The beauty of it all is rather than reading as a list of prior accomplishments, Aspen is still sought after by fans and is one of the most re-booked features on the road.  If heavy is the head that wears the crown, then it is the only thing Aspen Reign chooses not to divulge while on stage.

In early 2012, Aspen earned yet another title—this time as adult nightclub proprietor—as she’s become partner and namesake of Aspen’s Escape in Columbus, Ohio.  “It has always been on my bucket list to own a club,” says Aspen during one of few off days.  “I didn’t go out looking to purchase a club, but I was approached by the current owners and was presented with an idea that was too perfect to pass up.”   

Formerly named Escape (and prior to that, Dockside Dolls), the two-story, 25,000-square-foot facility features four bars with four stages (one main, three side) with an average rooster of 25 entertainers and 20 employees.  It is the sister club of the readily known Columbus Gold club.  With prior experience owning a nightclub and sports bar in Peoria, Illinois, Reign says that her primary responsibility will be that of marketing and promotions of Aspen’s Escape.

“The marketing team I’ve brought with me has 21 years of experience in management and promoting the ultimate party atmosphere,” says Aspen.  “They have prior experience promoting in multiple cities for some of the largest [adult] nightclub chains in the country.”  

Since Aspen has come aboard, the club has added four video projection screens, an LED video monitor for in-house advertisements, and redesigned their funny money. To modernize Aspen’s Escape and help bring in a more diverse clientele, Reign and her teams plans to fly in a number of well-known DJs, as well as feature entertainers.  There is even talk of hosting a GLBT (gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender) night on Sundays.  

“We want to hit every kind of clientele in the Columbus area,” Aspen says.  “We want this club to be infused with a Vegas-style energy for our customers.”

The boss will also get on stage, too, as Aspen will share back-of-the-house responsibilities along with performing during certain nights and on special occasions.  “I want to show the house girls that they can put a little more showbiz into their stage shows,” she says.  “I’m not just going to be another ‘boss’ to them, I want to inspire them and help them be successful.”  

The challenge Aspen says she will face with her entertainers is to have them adapt to the “work ethic” she had as a former house dancer.  As Aspen has seen over the years, once ambition mixes properly with hard work, the accolades can prove to be endless. And when life is a party, as it promises to be at Aspen’s club, “work” is the furthest thing from anyone’s mind.

“Aspen’s Escape plans on being the biggest party club in Columbus,” says Reign.  It’s going to be something the likes of which this city has never seen. From the foundation and staff we already have, and with what I plan on bringing in in the months to come, I’m confident we will present a venue that will make the industry stand-up and take notice.”  

For more information, bookings, or for traveling house entertainers looking to dance at Aspen’s Escape, please contact Reigndance Productions at (309) 453-0963.   —Kristofer Kay

We have a winner!!

girlsofpoleMiss Pole Champ USA Crowns Katie Sutra as 2012 National Winner
The Miss Pole Champ USA competition crowned its overall entertainer on March 10, 2012, at the Pink Pony adult nightclub in Tampa, Florida.  Out of the nine finalists, Katie Sutra, representing Emperor’s Gentlemen’s Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, walked away with the title, along with $1,000 cash in cash and prizes.

There’s a storm coming!

stormypromoStormy Daniels returns to feature dancing
That face on this issue’s cover should be recognized to most club owners as Stormy Daniels, undeniably one of the most popular women in adult entertainment, has returned to featuring dancing after a short hiatus to concentrate on her career as an adult film screenwriter and director. During her decade in the business, Stormy was honored as a two-time Exotic Dancer Overall Entertainer of the Year nominee and winner of the Adult Movie Feature of the Year Award in 2006. She transitioned easily from the stage to movies to an abundance of mainstream exposure—including thoughts of running for the U.S. Senate— after receiving critical acclaim from her work with Wicked Pictures, where she has been a contract performer since 2002.  Now, while still white-hot in the porn realm, Stormy has once again taken to the road through A-List Features.

Teagan Presley & Alexis Texas tour STL

Teagan-Presley-and-ALexis-Texas-(St. Louis) The award-winning feature dance duo of Alexis Texas and Adam & Eve contract superstar Teagan Presley make way this weekend to St. Louis, in their first ever duo appearance in the city.  It’s Presley’s first visit to Missouri, and both girls will take center stage this weekend at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Washington Park. Missouri is getting ready to have their biggest erection since the Arch.

“It’s funny, actually, because St. Louis has been the most-requested state for me to visit for feature dancing since I began.” Presley adds, “I’ve been asking Dave (Michaels), my agent, to get me in there for four years, and finally Hustler asked us to bring T&A to St. Louis.  Show Me state?  We are gonna show St. Louis everything! Get ready!”

Beginning this Thursday, December 15, through Saturday December 17, the girls will be performing their duo show for five dazzling performances.  Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is located at 5420 Bunkum Road in Washington Park.  For showtimes or information, visit or call (618) 874-9334. This weekend marks the final shows for the T&A Big Ass Tour 2011.

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Tali De'Mar retires

tali retireTwo-time ED’s Entertainer of the Year nominee Tali De’Mar retires from the road
After three years of great success in the adult nightclub industry, burlesque artist, pin-up model and popular adult nightclub showgirl Tali De’Mar announced her retirement in October.  Although she will continue to perform at venues around Southern California, her days as a touring entertainer are over.  Tali will honor her remaining bookings through the end of 2011.

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