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Daisy Duxe shows boobs,

daisy2 vows to save them, too
Ta-tas go well with practically anything ... except maybe cancer. (Sorry to have to bring it down a notch.)
But that’s why the world has Daisy Duxe. When she isn’t showing off her ta-tas, she’s trying to save the rest of them through her charity work.  

Schevelle and Tony Batman?

batman_schev1Schevelle and Tony Batman join each other on center stage.  So who’s gonna play the sidekick?
Before we get all TMZ on you, we have to mention that FF&P doesn’t do this sort of thing very often (read: never). But because they are two of the nicest and most photographed personalities in the feature business, and this industry is in need of its very own “Brangelina,” we’d like to recognize Schevelle and Tony Batman as a ... wait for it ... Dynamic Duo.  Kapow!
Besides being a couple and forming their own traveling act, the two are still also maintaining their individual careers strongly.  Tony will still have his endless string of hosting duties at industry contests and promotions, while Schevelle (being two-time nominee for ED’s Feature Entertainer of the Year) has a calendar full of club bookings.


brandiBrandilyn Banks takes the next stage in her career
Straight out of ED’s “Where are they now” files, Brandy Martin, better known as feature entertainer Brandilyn Banks, is all smiles when discussing the next stage of her career as the Entertainment Manager at DiCarlo’s Gentlemen’s Club in Albany, New York.

Aspen Reign takes home...

aspen-winthe ‘09 Miss Nude World title
Held at the Crazy Horse Gentlemen’s Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and produced by R&D Promotions, the 2009 Miss Nude World Pageant (Sep. 29-October 3) crowned Aspen Reign as its newest champion.

Tanya Taylor crowned...

tanyaMiss G-String International ‘09
After taking a short break from the feature circuit, model and ED’s 2006 Entertainer of Year, Tanya Taylor, has come back to take the crown (and a cool $10 grand) at the first annual Miss G-String International Pageant October 1-3, 2009.

Feature Focus: Gia Nova

giaGia Nova can breathe fire.  And that’s not another clichéd way of saying she’s hotter than hell. Flames actually emanate from her mouth—and she’ll do it across your stage if you ask nicely. She can also walk across broken glass and is sometime armed with industrial power tools, all the while performing the customary pole tricks. 

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