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Headquarters Celebrates 10th Anniversary Bash Thursday, October 8

HQ-christy-mack-10yearChristy Mack Hosts Event in Historical First-Ever NYC Appearance!

NEW YORK (October 1, 2015) — Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club in New York City will be celebrating ten sexy years of being the city’s premiere hotspot for men, women, and couples Thursday, October 8. Adult entertainment icon Christy Mack will be hosting the event.

Funeral strippers?

funeral strippersNow we've heard it all!

We've heard of hiring strippers for bachelor parties, divorce parties ... all kinds of parties, really. But funerals—really?

Apparently, those wild and wacky Chinese folks do exactly that, at least in some rural areas of the country. According to recent reports, China's Ministry of Culture is trying to put a stop to this unusual practice.

In remembrance:

rob-carprioRob Caprio

Club industry veteran owner and operator passes away at 55.

On January 1, 2015 the adult industry lost one of its finest. The news was received with shock and disbelief. “It isn’t possible” were words repeated across South Florida. Robert Caprio, 55, was a partner in the Booby Trap chain of night clubs and a very popular owner. Immediately upon the onset of the news the mourning began on the social media. Lisa Smith, house mom at the Booby Trap Doral posted the following, “Gone but never forgotten! Genuine truly defines you. How one man has positively touched so many people’s lives is unheard of these days. But you did it. A legend is what you are. RIP BT’s Pappa Bear. I love you!”  
Bo Yazdanfar. Bobby Trap Pompano’s manager, wrote, “Everyday that I worked for Rob was a scary experience; I swore that it was the day I was getting fired (lol). He demanded excellence and without compromise. He was all business on the floor. I’ll always be indebted to him for truly teaching me my trade in his own special way. ”


robert-allenby-respondsGolfer Robert Allenby's great "strip club lie"

 Guys lying about being at a strip club is nothing new. Happens every day, right? Well, the "strip club lie" usually doesn't go as far—or get as weird—as it did recently with pro golfer Robert Allenby. The Aussie has been ranked among the top 20 golfers in the world and has won several PGA tour events throughout his lengthy career. After missing the cut in Honolulu at the Sony Open on January 16th, Allenby and his caddie went out for a drink at the Amuse Wine Bar. Well, more than a drink. Drinks ... apparently, lots of them. Later that evening, surveillance cameras showed him stumbling out of the wine bar with a group of people that he allegedly didn't know. Where did they go? You guessed it—a strip club! 

The EDI's 2015

edinternationals3-1Spearmint Rhino’s Dames n’ Games, Fantasies Nightclub set to host 2015 EXOTIC DANCER Invitationals (EDI) 

Hollywood & Charm City will welcome the industry’s most prestigious feature dance contest on March 9-11 in Southern California (EDI-West) and May 28-30 in Baltimore (EDI-East)

December 9, Clearwater, FL: With its status secured as the most prestigious and selective feature dance contest in the U.S., ED Publications is excited to announce the return of the EXOTIC DANCER Invitationals (EDI) in 2015. Once again, the industry’s top feature entertainers, including the hottest newcomers and more established and successful “showgirl” features, will compete for top honors. For the winners of each EDI contest, this includes an automatic nomination for the prestigious ED’s Overall Entertainer of the Year Award and a chance to perform on stage at the Annual ED’s Awards Show during the 2015 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO in New Orleans. 

Two recent CNN stories —by women

antonia—actually support club industry

Author Antonia Crane writes first-person account, while CNN "This is Life" host Lisa Ling presents "What I learned in strip clubs"

The adult club industry is used to getting slammed in the media, especially when it comes to dancers, who are either (a) portrayed as victims of emotional or physical abuse who turn to dancing because they think they have no other options or (b) are sexual deviants or, even worse, whores. So it's refreshing, and very surprising, when a national news outlet presents two stories—both by women—which shatter these typical stereotypes.
The first story, titled "Inside the world of a feminist stripper," was penned by Antonia Crane, author of the book "Spent (A memoir)," who immediately puts to rest any typical labels usually put on entertainers who are explaining why they've chosen dancing as their money maker.

It's not Freddy, Jason, or Michael —

art-axemurderes-620x349it's a stripper with an axe (to grind)!

Taken from "of course it happened a few days before Halloween" file, a dancer in Daytona Beach, FL, got into an altercation with her boyfriend about her level of intoxication. In other words, she was pretty wasted. 
 After Andrew Whitaker picked up his girlfriend, Tammy Hiser, following a night of dancing at Biggins, he allegedly refused to speak to her (after all, don't you hate trying to talk to someone that's slurring their words and making zero sense?). Apparently Hiser didn't respond too well to the silent treatment and resorted to punching and slapping Whitaker in the face. 

Rick Scott's low blow in Florida

rick scottBig corporations can contribute to political candidates with impunity, and even the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against provisions that would limit the amount of money these gigantic corporations are able to contribute to those running for President, Congress, etc. 

But god forbid if an adult nightclub owner contributes to a political campaign. When that happens—and that information becomes public—all hell seems to breaks loose. 

Not fit to govern ...

kansasbecause he visited a strip club?

When one looks at the myriad of crooks, alcoholics, homophobes and other outright scum that either hold or run for political office in this country, it's hard to believe that a man would be deemed "not fit to govern" because he visited a strip club. But that is the case in Kansas, where gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis, a Democrat, has had to defend his character because he visited a strip club 16 years ago.

Pints and Pinups!

pints pinupsFirst-ever strip club microbrewery!

While small-batch beers and independent microbreweries are nothing new—right now, they're all the rage—a microbrewery that also doubles as a strip club certainly is new. In fact, it was deemed worthy of coverage on CNN on September 17th. [Imagine that? Positive, national strip club coverage!]

Pinups and Pints is located in a strip mall outside of Dayton, Ohio, and according to the Dayton City Paper, it's the first strip club microbrewery in America.

ACE National

in ace 2014State of the Union 2014: 15 Years Strong!

It was 1999 in Chicago, a city of BIG Bosses.  It was here, in a hotel suite, that some of the power players in the adult club business gathered 15 years ago.

Hey 'Melo, free lap dances for life! Will the lure of "free lap dances" lure prized NBA free agent Carmelo Anthony to sign with either the New York Knicks or Chicago Bulls? When you're about to sign a contract worth mega-million dollars, that's highly unlikely. Still, that hasn't stopped two adult nightclubs—Scores in New York and the Admiral Theater in Chicago—from making their pitch to 'Melo. 

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