Pints and Pinups!

pints pinupsFirst-ever strip club microbrewery!

While small-batch beers and independent microbreweries are nothing new—right now, they're all the rage—a microbrewery that also doubles as a strip club certainly is new. In fact, it was deemed worthy of coverage on CNN on September 17th. [Imagine that? Positive, national strip club coverage!]

Pinups and Pints is located in a strip mall outside of Dayton, Ohio, and according to the Dayton City Paper, it's the first strip club microbrewery in America.

Behind the main stage and stripper pole sits the 15-gallon brewing system, where club owner Scott Conrad makes batches of the club's signature beers. He decided to start the club after taking note of the area's growing beer scene, also noting that a liquor license was more attainable for a microbrewery.

"I feel I am definitely creating a niche to the market" Conrad told CNN, adding that he is "definitely ahead of the curve when it comes to adult entertainment."

 "Those who normally would not go to traditional clubs are starting to come here to try the brew, plus enjoy the entertainment aspect," added K.C., a bartender and server at the club. "Personally, I really enjoy the fact I get to come to work and watch the process and all of the hard work put into each keg," she added.

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