Not fit to govern ...

kansasbecause he visited a strip club?

When one looks at the myriad of crooks, alcoholics, homophobes and other outright scum that either hold or run for political office in this country, it's hard to believe that a man would be deemed "not fit to govern" because he visited a strip club. But that is the case in Kansas, where gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis, a Democrat, has had to defend his character because he visited a strip club 16 years ago.


Davis, who is currently leading in the polls against the incumbent Kansas Governor, Republican Sam Brownback, was apparently present at an unnamed strip club in Kansas when it was raided by a drug task force in 1998. While Davis was not arrested or charged with any wrongdoing, Brownback has seized on the information in an attempt to smear Davis, who is currently the House minority leader in Kansas. 

"... the question becomes, as an individual, is he fit to govern?” said the Kansas Republican Party’s executive director, Clayton L. Barker.

“There’s still a strong strain of the Kansas electorate that looks at that kind of behavior — even going to a strip club — as very inconsistent with their religious values,” said Chapman Rackaway, a political-science professor at Fort Hays State University in western Kansas.

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