It's not Freddy, Jason, or Michael —

art-axemurderes-620x349it's a stripper with an axe (to grind)!

Taken from "of course it happened a few days before Halloween" file, a dancer in Daytona Beach, FL, got into an altercation with her boyfriend about her level of intoxication. In other words, she was pretty wasted. 
 After Andrew Whitaker picked up his girlfriend, Tammy Hiser, following a night of dancing at Biggins, he allegedly refused to speak to her (after all, don't you hate trying to talk to someone that's slurring their words and making zero sense?). Apparently Hiser didn't respond too well to the silent treatment and resorted to punching and slapping Whitaker in the face. 
But it didn't stop there. It just got a helluva lot more weird.
The two had booked a hotel room for the night, and drove back to the hotel. While Whitaker went back to the room, Hiser disappeared—only to reappear a few minutes later wielding an axe! After threatening him, she swung the axe at Whitaker, but unlike Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers, she missed.

Whitaker managed to wrest the weapon away and call the cops.Hiser was later booked at the Volusia County Jail on battery charges. Whitaker noted that Hiser never really came close to striking him

"Her coordination was terrible so she was just slushing around," he told the Orlando Sentinel.

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