robert-allenby-respondsGolfer Robert Allenby's great "strip club lie"

 Guys lying about being at a strip club is nothing new. Happens every day, right? Well, the "strip club lie" usually doesn't go as far—or get as weird—as it did recently with pro golfer Robert Allenby. The Aussie has been ranked among the top 20 golfers in the world and has won several PGA tour events throughout his lengthy career. After missing the cut in Honolulu at the Sony Open on January 16th, Allenby and his caddie went out for a drink at the Amuse Wine Bar. Well, more than a drink. Drinks ... apparently, lots of them. Later that evening, surveillance cameras showed him stumbling out of the wine bar with a group of people that he allegedly didn't know. Where did they go? You guessed it—a strip club! 
While that may not seem like a big deal, this is where it gets weird. Allenby reportedly ran up a $3,400 bar tab at Club Femme Nu with his new wine-bar buddies. After a few hours of strip-club shenanigans, Allenby tried to leave the club. And that's when the concrete came up to meet his face, as he passed out and landed on the sidewalk. 
And now it gets really, REALLY weird. Rather than admit exactly what happened, Allenby told his family and the sports world that he—wait for it—was kidnapped, robbed and beaten. Now THAT'S what we call a pro-caliber "strip club lie!" While Allenby stuck with that story for a few days, it quickly became apparent that there were way too many holes in his story. Eventually, two homeless men came forward to say they saw Allenby fall on his face after leaving the club and helped the man who was, they say, "beyond drunk" and "totally blitzed." 

Allenby now admits that there is a two or three-hour gap in his memory—conveniently, of course, around the time he was apparently at Club Femme Nu. Honolulu police said this week that it is continuing to investigate the case for second-degree robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card, but not a possible kidnapping or assault.

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