Funeral strippers?

funeral strippersNow we've heard it all!

We've heard of hiring strippers for bachelor parties, divorce parties ... all kinds of parties, really. But funerals—really?

Apparently, those wild and wacky Chinese folks do exactly that, at least in some rural areas of the country. According to recent reports, China's Ministry of Culture is trying to put a stop to this unusual practice.


The first question we ask is, why strippers at a funeral? According to a BBC article, strippers—some of whom perform with snakes—are used to boost funeral attendances because large crowds are seen as a mar kof honour for the deceased.  “It’s to give them face,” one villager reportedly stated. “Otherwise no one would come." Authorities have previously tried to crack down on the custom without success. But officials are undeterred. "Having exotic performances of this nature at funerals highlights the trappings of modern life in China, whereby vanity and snobbery prevail over traditions," says the official news agency Xinhua.

“This has severely polluted the local cultural life,” CCTV (China Central Television) added, as reported in the Wall Street Journal. “These troupes only care about money. As for whether it’s legal, or proper, or what effect it has on local customs, they don’t think much about it.”

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