Double Dee’s Ranch & Saloon’s

dees-outsideGrand Opening celebration

Over a year after it was featured on the cover of the Club Bulletin, the massive 20,000-square-foot adult nightclub/restaurant complex Double Dee’s Ranch & Saloon enjoyed their Grand Opening on November 11th.

Is it a country & western bar with live entertainment and line dancing? Is it a five-star restaurant with three separate menus? Is it an upscale adult nightclub that boasts a state-of-the-art sound, lighting and visual experience?

Yes. Yes it is.
dees-grandOn November 11, 2016, Double Dee’s Ranch & Saloon in West Palm Beach, Florida, finally opened its doors for an official grand opening party. We say “finally” because this grand opening was many months in the making. After being forced to jump through several hoops that the city placed in their way (how many adult club owners can relate to that?!), the massive Double Dee’s 20,000-square-foot complex is open for business and is already stunning its customers.
Double Dee’s Ranch & Saloon is the vision of Scott and Jennifer Lizza, also the owners of the the ED’s 2016 Overall Club of the Year, Monroe’s of Palm Beach. Scott Lizza spoke at length to ED Publications on the concept for Double Dee’s in the September 2015 issue of Club Bulletin, which should help point out what a lengthy process it was to complete this impressive venue.
We had the chance to touch base with Double Dee’s and Monroe’s General Manager Joe Bee to get his thoughts on the club’s grand opening, and what customers can expect from their visit to the Ranch.
dees-lizzaED: After all of the hurdles that you all had to jump to get the club open, how satisfying and gratifying was it to finally have Double Dee’s Grand Opening?
JOE BEE: It felt like walking into a block buster red carpet movie premier  just after completing a 100-million-dollar movie. It was insane!
ED: What aspects of Double Dee’s are you most excited about, and most proud of?
dees-vipJB: Being a part of the grand opening of this long-awaited venue was an honor, but watching the reaction and expressions of our guests’ faces when they first see the finished product is very exciting and that makes us proud of the hard work we put in.
ED: How would you describe exactly what the Double Dee’s Ranch and Saloon is? What can customers expect from their experience at your new venue?
JB: Double Dee Ranch and Saloon is the ultimate new hotspot for adult entertainment in South Florida. It’s a 20,000-square-foot county-themed venue featuring two separate entrances.
As soon as you enter the Ranch you will feel the authentic atmosphere and immediately begin enjoying live concerts, line dancing, delicious bbq food, surrounded by a beautiful and friendly staff.
When you enter the Saloon side you will experience the very best arial artists, entertainers and featured showgirls from all around the world. You can also journey upstairs for an unforgettable five-star dinning experience with a view.
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