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Goat shatters front doors

goat_tungGoat shatters front doors of adult club
Some people think goats are cute. ... and others think they’re ornery little cusses that kick, bite, butt and typically possess a general disdain for anything that they can’t fully digest. Take, for example, the little four-legged, furry bastard that decided to take out his frustration on the front doors of the Lynx Gentlemen’s Club in Coachella, California.

Man “hangs out”

lusty-ladyMan “hangs out” in adult club’s crawl space, crashes through glass ceiling
Last month, the Seattle Police Department was dispatched to local hotspot The Lusty Lady on an alleged burglary call, as a man was reportedly caught in the club’s ceiling crawl space. (Uh-huh. Just like Bruce Willis in Die Hard.)  Once the authorities arrived, they found the subject in question, a 27-year-old male, stuck in the confined area.  

Friendly competition

club-onyxFriendly competition between clubs is okay—arson is not
For any industry to thrive, competition is a necessity. When it’s considered friendly, businesses generally prosper. When it’s considered fierce, weaker businesses may be the first to find failure.  But when it’s considered illegal, then someone is going to jail.

New Hustler Club in Michigan creates...

economic stimulus
lincolnparkhustlerDespite the best efforts of local religious zealots and some city officials, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club opened its doors just in time for Christmas in Lincoln Park, Michigan. According to local media, once the club finally went public on December 8, 2009, the hundreds of patrons who stopped in during the seven-hour grand opening showed those on both sides of the argument that the business is a viable addition to a city that has struggled for years with luring new development to town.
Lisa-AnnCelebrities really do love their strippers, don’t they?
In case you haven’t caught an episode of TMZ lately that didn’t focus entirely on Tiger Woods, actor Josh Duhamel has been busted boom boom pow’ing an Atlanta entertainer from the Tattletales club.
Duhamel’s claim to fame, besides harassing Megan Fox with his machine gun in the Transformers films, is being married to the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie.  Duhamel, of course, denies the allegations. The amorous entertainer in question, Nicole Forrester, says she has the text messages and the polygraph reports to prove it. Of course she does.
fort-worth-welcomeRick’s Cabaret finds location to build club in Fort Worth
As anyone who’s owned a club or worked within the adult nightclub industry for any length of time knows, finding a location to build and open a brand new club is nearly impossible.  But as the Wall Street Journal reports, the Rick’s Cabaret International club chain thinks it has found the perfect location to build a new location in Fort Worth, Texas.
foxjokeFox News tries to link Fort Hood killer with strip club
Look, we get Fox News.  As in, it’s not journalism.  If one of Fox’s commentators wants to call Obama a socialist (*cough* Sean Hannity *cough*) or a racist (*cough* Glenn Beck *cough*) that’s fine.  It’s like ignoring crazy grandpa at the dinner table.  If they distort the coverage of pubic events for their own political agenda (like falsifying opinion poll figures or doctoring footage) we let it slide.
But this is going too far.


woman-pink-santaCanadian club’s “Strip-a-thon” nets $24 grand for charity
We’re not sure if this is an indication that charities in the Great White North are more receptive to donations from adult nightclubs than their counterparts are in the U.S., but the Christmas Hamper Society was more than happy to accept a $24,000 offering from the Caddyshack Showroom Pub in Maple Ridge (British Columbia), Canada.

Erika Eve

Written by Tony Batman.

Ericka-EveTexas/A Entertainment News- Veteran Feature Entertainer and close friend to many, Erika Eve passed away this morning at 3am in her home in Texas. According to her bio she was 33 year old.

Her husband Monte Reynolds found her.  She leaves a daughter and a husband, we  are gathering more information at this time.Of course there is no health or life insurance for Feature Entertainers. For  those that would like to help the family financially during this hard time here is the address to send donations, flowers and cards.

The donations will be used to fund the funeral as her death was very unexpected, Please make checks out to her husband Monte Reynolds, please send donations to 76579 Airport Road, Oakridge, Oregon  97463.

Erika was fun to be around, everyone that was around her said that, Since her death I have received an overwhelming amount of emails and calls from photographers that just loved her She will be missed....  Tony Batman

Primetime at the palomino?

palomino1Las Vegas’ Palomino Club plays host to a new TV “reality” series
Are you feeling a little empty ever since “The Girls Next Door” was canceled?  Playboy TV feels your pain. 

under 21s allowed to work...

alanbegner-copyin Georgia
New state law means changes for clubs
In late September, five dancers from Atlanta’s Cheetah Club won a huge legal victory in their bid to dance at the full liquor club, even though they were between the ages of 18 and 21.’s “10 strip clubs...

marys-clubthat offer more than just a lap dance”
The adult magazine conglomerate goes outside the box for their own version of a top club list

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