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A 12-foot middle finger!

middle fingerAlan Markovitz's "F You" to ex-wife.

Michigan strip club entrepreneur Alan Markovitz has no problem expressing his true feelings for his ex-wife. Markovitz purchased the home directly next door to her, and shortly after did what we all want to do to an ex at one time or another—gave her to middle finger. Except Markovitz’s middle finger was 12 feet high and made of bronze with a spotlight trained on it. The large sculpture is located on the back porch or his lakefront Orchard Lake home, and is positioned in such a way that his wife merely has to glance out her window to get flicked off. The sculpture was reportedly $7,000, but it seems that giving the middle finger to your ex every single day is priceless.

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Guests Can Become an Official Vivid Cabaret DJ and Pose with Kendall Karson

LOS ANGELES – (November 11, 2013) – California Girl and AVN Best New Starlet nominee Kendall Karson will be the star attraction at Vivid Cabaret/LA on Friday, November. 15th and Saturday, November 16th. Vivid Cabaret/LA is located at 1957 East Del Amo Blvd. in Rancho Dominguez, just north of Long Beach and convenient to the 405, 110, Gardena and Long Beach freeways (310-637-2933).

Strippers come to rescue at World Series!

 coast world seriesCOAST combats human trafficking.

COAST had it’s own agenda to combat sex trafficking in St. Louis

The attorney general of Texas believed that the 2011 Super Bowl was the single largest human trafficking event in the US. But that wasn't the case this year at the World Series. Michael Ocello, the founder of COAST (Club Owners Against Sex Trafficking) and the owner of a number of strip clubs, had some of his own cards up his sleeve to handle this year’s World Series in St. Louis—literally. Ocello printed over 10,000 baseball cards and handed them out to his employees—strippers—during the World Series weekend. While the front of the card looked like your typical baseball souvenir, the back listed signs of human trafficking and a number that could be called if such crimes were suspected—offering the potential to save lives amidst the World Series crowd.

Suspect identified,

double visionsno more Double Vision needed in Horsham, PA. 

Suspect in shooting at Double Visions in Horsham identified and behind bars. On Saturday, October 19th, Joseph Thiers walked into the doors of Double Visions adult club around 6:30 p.m.ready to seek revenge. The 55-year-old had been kicked out of the club earlier that week and decided to show his ire of the situation through the end of a barrel. Thiers was let in through an entrance used by dancers and opened fire on the two managers on shift, Philip and Jason Catagnus, brothers and sons of the owner of the club (at last reports, the brothers are both in stable condition). After the shooting, Thiers proceeded to open fire outside the club in the parking lot before attempting a high speed getaway from the police on Easton Road (Route 611). 

Thankfully, no other individuals were harmed in the shooting and chase, which ended in Theirs crashing his car into a tree and being taken into custody. Theirs currently remains in custody with bail set at a whopping $2.5 million. The investigation is still ongoing and any witnesses to the incident are asked to call the Horsham Township Police Department at 215-643-8284.

Furloughed? Go to Deja Vu—for free!

deja vu clubThe Deja Vu strip club chain waives admission for all government employees

Knowing that the government shutdown has brought with it a stressful and taxing time for furloughed government employees, the nation's largest gentlemen’s club chain, Deja Vu, has come to the rescue. On Tuesday, October 15th, Deja Vu announced that free admission will be offered to all federal employees (at participating Deja Vu clubs) throughout the extent of the government shutdown.

Club win!

lap dance taxNo lap-dance tax in Philly.

The Tax Review Board says “Hands off!” to a lap-dance tax: Philadelphia's five-member Tax Review Board recently issued a unanimous ruling supporting a group of adult nightclub owners that have been fighting the “lap-dance tax.” Earlier this year, Philadelphia auditors attempted to bill Cheerleaders, Delilah’s and Club Risque for back taxes totaling $1.6 million as an effort to penalized unpaid amusement taxes on the cost of lap-dances. 

And you thought a vegan strip club was weird?

Pirates CoveThe "10 Strangest Strip Clubs"

After the excitement surrounding the ordeal involving the Mayor of Newark and a dancer who worked in a vegan strip club settled down, one question remained: is there really a vegan strip club? 

Super Attack

jacoby jonesStripper attacks Super Bowl receiver 

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones experienced a new take on the popular phrase “popping bottles” this past weekend when a stripper, Sweet Pea, allegedly popped one right over his head in a party bus on the way to a party in Washington, D.C. Jones was out celebrating a fellow teammate’s birthday when the brouhaha broke out, resulting in a bloody head and an angry stripper. Ambulances were dispatched, but Jones’ injuries were not severe enough to elicit a trip to the hospital (although his pride probably picked up the slack and made up for the lack of physical damage). 

Jones has been sidelined this season for a knee injury, so luckily he won’t be needing that big noggin of his on the field any time soon. This entire incident is a good reminder of the fact that if you piss off stripper, you will likely suffer the consequences. Sometimes in the form of a gigantic champagne bottle over your head. Even if her name is Sweat Pea.

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Move over Hooters!

 bombshells- there are new players in the "Brestaurant" game
Cited as one of the fastest-growing segments of the restaurant industry, "Brestaurants"—which bridge the gap between casual bar-style dining and adult nightclubs—have a new player in the game. Specifically, Rick's Cabaret, who now has not one but two brestaurant brands operating within their home base of Texas.

Their first, called "Bombshells" (and located in Dallas), has a World War II-era military theme, complete with artillery shells out front and servers wearing dog tags and camouflage daisy dukes. Their second, the Ricky Bobby Sports Saloon and Restaurant, also opened recently in Fort Worth. [Note: The name is inspired by, but in no way associated with,Talledega Nights.] A second Bombshells is set to open just outside Houston.
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Risqué Rides Enterprises Announcements

image1731-Applications are now available for the only RR Exotic Dancers Scholarships (for CE),
-The Overtime Charity Car Wash is planned for July 27th, 2013,
-And Strip Club Tv Network launched on 07/04/13
Tampa, FL—— Risqué Rides Enterprises is pleased to announce some positive new directions for the Strip Club Industry. Our company was founded on the premise of cleaning up the industry and helping dancers earn a respectable living while working toward a better future. On this note we are making three announcements in hopes of impacting the industry in a positive way and helping improve its public image.
Risqué Rides Enterprises has started the RR Exotic Dancers Scholarship Fund to give current* dancers a chance to apply for grants to be used for continuing education at a trade school, junior college, college, university, or other continuing educational program. Applications are available year round and will be awarded at our discretion based on the overall application found online at We currently fund this program as part of our community outreach program. However, we are also currently seeking various sponsorships for this Fund from any willing organizations, corporation, group or individual. Please email if interested in helping fund this program or to obtain more information. We hope that these scholarships will offer exotic dancers a chance to get further education and have a positive impact on their local communities upon graduation or completion of a program.
Risqué Rides Enterprises is also planning The Overtime Charity Car Wash on July 27th, 2013 in Tampa, FL. After all costs, the remaining money raised from the car wash will be donated to four great causes: a national breast cancer foundation, local center for domestic violence, an animal humane organization, and a national suicide prevention hotline. We are in contact with several area clubs and dancers to ensure we have ample volunteers to make the event successful and raise a lot of money for these great causes as part of the Risqué Rides community outreach program. Please visit for updated event information as we announce the exact time and location of The Overtime Charity Car Wash. Local clubs and dancers wishing to be part of this community outreach program are asked to email or contact us via the website.
Risqué Rides Enterprises also launched Strip Club Tv Network on July 4th, 2013 as part of our companies goal to promote the Strip Club Industry and offer the world a live view into these clubs and other related events on Tv, the web, and mobile devices. We hope that this company will not only help the economy by generating revenue and creating jobs but also add a certain level of transparency to the industry. More information about SCTN and the Live Feeds to be uploading soon can be found at
Overall, Risqué Rides Enterprises hopes to have a positive impact on the Strip Club Industry and the worldwide communities in which the industry operates. We respectfully understand that everyone may not agree with this form of art and entertainment. However, by working toward cleaner modes of operation and by providing positive impacts on the local communities we hope to show that exotic dancers are also people who deserve respect and are also part of our communities.
For more information, press only:
Ryan Anthony
1-855-4-Risque (1-855-474-7783)

MAL gets Vivid

vivid malDavid “Slim” Baucom opens first licensed Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in Charlotte 

 Adult club mogul David “Slim” Baucom, owner of the successful MAL Entertainment chain of clubs, has brought together the very first collaborative effort with Vivid Adult Entertainment to open the first club of it’s kind in Charlotte, NC. The grand opening was held on May 16th.

Vivid Gentlemen’s Club is a culmination of Baucom’s many years of experience in the industry and his eye for excellence and detail. In short, he knows what works.

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Bikini

judgeTexas Judge upholds bikini law like a boss.

Not that we've read many, but if you're a club owner you might get a kick perusing the ruling by the honorable Fred Biery, a U.S. District Judge in San Antonio, Texas.  In his opinion released last week entitled The Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Bikini Top Vs. The (More) Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Pastie, Biery notes that his job was to answer "the age old question, now with constitutional implications: 'Does size matter?'"

Oh it gets better.

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