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Making it rain at the KOD

rihannaNo need for her umbrella (ella-ella-ey-ey):  Rihanna makes it rain at the KOD.

By now it isn't breaking news when a rapper is enjoying life inside the King of Diamonds (KOD) club, but when one of the biggest pop stars in the world, like Rihanna, stops by to drop mad stacks on the girls, our gut instinct naturally tells us to spread the word pronto Tonto, and post haste.  
While on a tour stop last week in South Florida, the Barbados-bred songstress made a late-night jaunt to the Miami Gardens compound where, as it was reported by, she dropped eight grand in two-and-a-half hours.  Lil' Wayne probably was there, too ... being mistaken for club staff. 

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NO ASS for the glass!

google glassNo ass for Google Glass!

If adult nightclub operators thought cell phones with video and still photo capabilities were a big problem, their next worst nightmare is certainly the new Google Glass, eye glasses which also have video capabilities. And while they haven't even been released quite yet, potential wearers of the Google Glass product have already been banned from adult clubs, movie theaters and casinos.  "As the sale of [Google Glass] spreads, there'll be more people using them and wanting to use them at places such as a gentlemen's club," said Peter Feinstein,
managing partner at Sapphire Gentlemen's Club in Las Vegas. "If we see those in the club, we would do the same thing that we do to people who bring cameras into the club."

Awards for strip club ads!

PHBR New-NeighborsHouston ad agency The Hucksters racks-up awards for Penthouse Club advertising.

It's a rare thing for a "strip club" ad to be accepted for
publication, let alone acknowledged by a mainstream organization for
their style and creativity.  

Blush sues the 'Burgh.

blushburgIt's a tough enough battle for adult nightclub operators to maintain a positive relationship with local law enforcement.  But for Pittsburgh area clubs like Blush, Cheerleaders and others, one of their most effective ways of establishing this relationship—and simultaneously creating a more secure environment for club staff, entertainers and patrons—is to hire off-duty police officers as security staff. But earlier this month, the City of Pittsburgh banned off-duty cops from moonlighting at adult nightclubs. Now, Blush is suing the city.  The lawsuit alleges that, because of the service provided by police officers and Blush's own civilian security guards, the club has operated "without any serious incidents" for nearly 50 years.

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Our kind of present!

penthouse clubJason Sudeikis' fiance, Olivia Wilde, sponsors evening at Penthouse NYC.

Granted, we’ve seen enough "Saturday Night Live" episodes to know Jason Sudeikis is one funny dude.  However, the New York Post’s page 6 wants us to believe that he’s also some kind of sexual shaman who only likes to grant miracles to himself.  Last week it was reported that Sudeikis’ fiancee, the inferno-level hot, appropriately named actress Olivia WIlde,  planned a romantic date for her and Sudeikis at Manhattan’s famed Penthouse Executive Club where they shared a private room and two entertainers for hours.  Strippers paid for by Olivia Wilde, with (presumably) a passionate night for the couple to follow. Sudeikis...sensi.  Teach us.

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Voted Down!

state-flag-of-kansasAnti-strip-club law voted down in Kansas.

Though Republicans have often been the ones proposing anti-strip-club laws in cities and states across the country, it was a combination of Republican and Democratic state congressmen and women in Kansas that were instrumental in stopping legislation that would have effectively banned strip clubs throughout the entire state. The vote to kill the bill came shortly after the state House Federal and State Affairs Committee had amended the original legislation; these new provisions would have strictly regulated what happened inside strip clubs, effectively banning them from the state, according to legislators. The provisions also would have prohibited lap dances completely.

After the fire, let's clear the air!

smoke orangeAlpha Patterned Carpet is still in business!

"Last week our facility experienced a fire; fortunately no one was injured," says Alpha Patterned Carpet's Kristin Messick. "None of our printing or tufting equipment was damaged; however soot and smoke residue spread throughout the plant.  The manufacturers of our equipment recommended a thorough cleaning and inspection to ensure that everything is clean and in proper working condition to assure and maintain our level of quality. Manufacturing will be delayed for two weeks, but our design staff, sales and custom sample departments are still hard at it!"

Alpha Patterned Carpet's turnaround time is typically two weeks, so all new orders should not be affected.

Tax refund leads to strip club free-for-all.

Written by Meg Drewett .

Pole-dancer2It's never a good thing to lie to the police.  Next to that, your wife is a close second.  However, that was the dilemma facing the criminally contemplative Jesus Mata Jr. after he spent $1,000 of his family’s tax return at the Whispers adult nightclub in La Feria, Texas. So, Mata decdied to lie like a boss.  Facing a potentially furious spouse at home, Mata Jr. instead decided to cry wolf in the form of filing a false police report, claiming robbery by six armed men.  Did his ruse work? Can lap dances turn orndinary men into criminal masterminds? Do we need SVU to solve this case? 

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Prosecutor allegedly fired

Written by Francisco Alvarado.

goldrushProsecutor allegedly fired for strip club intimidation

While some in law enforcement seem to revel in harassing adult nightclubs, others thoroughly enjoy visiting them. And then there are those who expect special treatment, and utilize tactics of intimidation to get what they want.

Now this is a mistake!!

west des moinesCouple mistakes police station for strip club

 When cruising around the outskirts of Des Moines, Iowa, in the dead of winter, it's easy to see how one might get a little twisted around. Dark? Yup. Desolate? Yup. Everything covered in snow? Yup. 
So it's not surprising that a bored, young couple decided to head out to their local strip club. Problem is, they were having a hard time finding it. But then they stumbled into a dark parking lot, parked their car and walked into the adjacent building.

Its Time!!!

Written by Alison Fensterstock, | The Times-Picayune .

12183789-mmmainSuper Weeks for NOLA clubs

As the world turns its attention to Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday, the adult nightclubs of New Orleans stand ready for what will potentially be their best weekend ever. As millions of visitors descend upon the French Quarter, southern hospitality gets a whole new meaning for customers looking to experience the exotic side of the Crescent City.  Before Mardi Gras decends on Bourbon, come read how the clubs of NOLA are preparing to host the biggest parties in the country, back-to-back.

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And the survey says...

surveys header

We asked—you answered.

Because we at ED Publications are always striving to create the most enjoyable, most informative and most valuable EXPO experience possible for our attendees, exhibitors and sponsors, it is critical that we receive honest feedback regarding all areas of the EXPO. What did you like? What can we do better? What would you like to see more of?  These questions—and several more—were featured in our post-EXPO survey, which was available online at for all EXPO 2012 attendees.
Here, we’re featuring comments from several of those who responded.  Some elected to keep their responses anonymous, and in some cases, we did not repeat answers that were repetitive amongst several respondents (for example, literally half of those who responded to this survey suggested that they prefer table seating at the Awards Show, as opposed to theater seating; we’ve only printed a few of these comments in lieu of repeating the same responses again and again).
We’d like to thank all of those who took the time to fill out our survey (please also see the exhibitor survey responses at the end of this section), and we are looking forward to incorporating these suggestions into our EXPO 2013 agenda. — Dave Manack

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