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Shine Bright Like a Diamond in the Sky

283273 10151536071712345 1790480885 nLumiNight USA—High tech fiber-optic clothing that lights up

Portland, OR –December 11, 2012— LumiNight USA is a company that sells Luminex® (manufactured exclusively in Italy) products such as skirts, halter-tops, costumes, shoes, boots, and more. The clothing is luminous and great for nightclubs, entertainers, dancers, and more. Material is woven with fiber optic material that lights up using only 1 (one) small high-powered LED light

The loss of a great one!

Written by Norm Clarke.

Galardi Jack Matthew-Minard128Strip club kingpin Jack Galardi dies

Jack Galardi, who started his strip club empire in Las Vegas in the 1970s, died at his Georgia ranch on Saturday, close friends confirmed.
Galardi, 80, was one of the country's most successful strip club owners, owning nearly 50 over the years, according to longtime business partner Ron Stevens.

Explosion At Scores!

gas explosion wblogNatural Gas Explosion At Scores Gentleman's Club In Massachusetts Under Investigation

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Preliminary investigations show more than 40 buildings were damaged in a natural gas explosion in Massachusetts that injured 18 people, building inspectors said Saturday.

A strip club was flattened and a day care center was heavily damaged in the massive blast Friday night in Springfield, one of New England's biggest cities.

Investigators were trying Saturday to figure out what caused the blast that could be heard for miles, left a large hole in the ground where the multistory brick building housing Scores Gentleman's Club once stood and scattered debris over several blocks.

7th Anniversary in NYC for Rick's -

Special Guest ‘Sal the Stockbroker’ and ‘Ronnie the Limo Driver’ from The Howard Stern Show Will Be At the Club on Wednesday Night, October 17th

Modern Line Furniture Expands

 3Modern Line Furniture Expands to the Sunshine State
New Florida Showroom located in Dania Beach Design District
2012 Gentlemen's Club Owners Expo exhibitor and sponsor, Modern Line Furniture, is excited to announce its expansion to Florida, the sunshine state!  A 4,000 square foot extensive showroom has officially opened on June 13, 2012 at 1320 Stirling Road, Unit 9A, Dania Beach, Florida.

Here, kitty kitty!

sexy-big-tail-catMan calls 911 when forbidden from bringing his feline friend into a strip club

Before you accuse us of using a double entendre to create a salacious headline, this is quite literal: A man actually thought it was a good idea to bring his cat into strip club. And it happened, not surprisingly, in Florida (doesn't it seem like all the crazy stuff happens in either Texas or Florida?).
In Mardock, FL, a town just north of Fort Myers, 47-year-old Everett Robert Lages attempted to enter the Emerald City club carrying his kitten (no name given—Whiskers, perhaps?).  Deputies were called at 9 pm on June 6 by the owner, when Lages became belligerent and refused to leave.  But rather than do the logical thing—and get the hell out of there—the heavily intoxicated Lages (no surprise there) decided to stand his ground (wobble is more likely).
Witnesses report that Lages sat down outside the club and began repeatedly calling 911 to report the owner for "committing a crime" for not allowing him to bring Whiskers into the strip club.  When deputies called a cab for him, he refused to give his address or say where he wanted to be taken. Even when he was told that repeatedly calling 911 was crime, he was undeterred—that is, until he was put into the back of a police car.  Lages was booked into the jail on charges of misuse of the 911 system, disorderly intoxication, trespassing after warning and resisting arrest without violence. He is being held on $4,000 bond.

Animal Control was called to pick up the kitten, who is now reportedly safe and sound.

Wwww ... where's the booooze????

20120507 042637 Patron GALLERYMan damages adult club because he couldn't buy a beer

Apparently, Gilbert Duran likes alcohol— a lot. When he stumbled his way into the Darlington Hideaway adult club in East El Paso County (Texas), he was already trashed.  But why should a little stumbling and bumbling keep you from having another beer or five?  The only problem is, the Darlington Hideaway doesn't sell alcohol. 
When this little piece of information finally sunk its way into Duran's booze-soaked brain, he got in the General Manager's face and rattled off a stream of obscenities that would make a "Jersey Shore" cast member blush.

Joe Redner diagnosed with cancer

jrednerMons Venus owner Joe Redner diagnosed with cancer.  Legendary owner of Tampa's Mons Venus and First Amendment crusader Joe Redner was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Despite this diagnosis and enduring chemotherapy, he says he still plans on delivering his "State of the Union" presentation at EXPO 2012.  Read about Joe's current condition here:

Jets fear Tebow will hit the strip clubs!

tumblr m18nkspZsl1qz7ywso1 500Tim Tebow is apparently a virgin, and plans to stay that way.  That's exactly why the New York Jets—the team which recently traded for Tebow—would rather have him live in New Jersey, rather than succumb to the temptations of NYC.  

"New York is a tough place for someone with a holy background, and I can see it corrupting him," said Maria Katz, a hostess at Sapphire's Gentleman's Club on the Upper East Side.

Read the rest of the story here:

The Penthouse Club Opens in San Francisco

eventbriterBOCA RATON, Fla., March 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- General Media Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of FriendFinder Networks Inc. and the publisher of Penthouse Magazine, announced today the Grand Opening of the newest Penthouse Club: The Penthouse Club San Francisco.  The Grand Opening festivities kick-off on Thursday, March 15, 2012 with a red carpet reception and media interviews at 6:00pm and continue through Saturday, March 17th with scheduled appearances by Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Rose and Penthouse Pet of the Month Sabrina Maree, as well as Ultra Music artist JES, surprise celebrity appearances and, of course, the beautiful Penthouse Key Girl entertainers. 

Weasel’s club destroyed in fire

WeaselFireWeasel’s Exotic Entertainment club destroyed in fire

Sadly, things seem to have gone from bad to worse for Don “Weasel” DalPonte, owner of Weasel’s Exotic Entertainment club in Eagle River, Wisconsin.  In February 2011, DalPonte was the victim of a home invasion, during which he was shot and beaten by two men wearing ski masks.  Though he originally appeared to have recovered quickly from these injuries, DalPonte was admitted to the hospital in December 2011, complaining of headaches and memory loss, among other issues.
In what can only be described as a tragic case of bad luck, while DalPonte was in the hospital this past New Year’s Eve, 2011, his adult nightclub, Weasel’s, burned to the ground. The fire broke out just after 7 p.m. on December 31, and thankfully, the club was closed at the time of the fire.

Happy retirement!

11 expo6645ED’s Gary and Peggy Daugherty ride off into the sunset

The “Time Card Nazi” and the “Devil’s Advocate” have retired.  Husband and wife team Gary and Peggy Daugherty retired from ED Publications in October, after more than a dozen years at the magazine.  
Gary handled advertising sales for the publication as well as exhibit booth and sponsorship sales for the Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO.  Despite clocking in at 65 years of age at retirement, Gary was a ball of energy at the magazine, responsible for packing the bimonthly Club Bulletin and annual reference guides with display advertisements and helping to make sure the tradeshow floor was sold out at each year’s EXPO.  His most famous opening line at the office when discussing upcoming issues of the magazine or the impending EXPO was, “I’m just playing the Devil’s Advocate here, but ...”

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