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Get it Girl!!

stripper-for-birthdayAt 100, she’s finally seen it all ... after enjoying her first male stripper

If you’re fortunate enough to reach your 100th birthday—while still maintaining the mental capacity to know you’ve actually lived 100 damn years—you can pretty much ask for anything you want.  Meet Clare Ormiston from Birmingham, England.  When her relatives asked her what she wanted for her forthcoming 100th birthday, they weren’t thinking “male stripper.”  But Clare was.

The last drive!

footballgirl5The last drive of Detroit’s Booty Lounge Bus?

For years, the Detroit Lions have been the laughing stock of the NFL.  After all, it’s hard for anyone to celebrate the only team who’s ever gone 0-16 on the season, as they did two seasons ago.  But seeing as they have defied tradition in 2011 to become a legitimate contender in the NFC North, there is reason for their fans to jump on the bandwagon ... except when the bandwagon contains naked girls.  
Taking advantage of the Lions’ recent successes, one local business has been operating a bus in and around Ford Field called The Booty Lounge, which has been converted into a motorized adult nightclub. (Insert favorite tailgating metaphor here.)


girl-caution-tapeHow much can you show now in the Show-Me state?

In late October, The Supreme Court of Missouri was scheduled to hear arguments concerning the legalities regarding the state’s new regulations on adult clubs and adult bookstores, which owners say violate their free speech rights.
According to, the case stems from a pair of 2010 laws that impose various restrictions on adult businesses. The legislation mandates that such businesses must close between midnight and 6 a.m., prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages, bans full nudity and outlaws physical contact between semi-nude performers and their patrons.

ED Associate Publisher's Note

woman rope restrainedAre your hands tied ... or are you just screwing up?

As a recent father of a three-month-old son, I rarely get out anymore, let alone to one of your fine establishments.  But luckily enough for me, a very good friend was having his bachelor party on a Saturday night, so I had a hall pass and was very happy to use it.

I was even contemplating what I’d write about as I was standing in one of those clubs, looking at the stage area. One guy in our bachelor party group, knowing what I did for a living, wanted to know what I was thinking about as I perused the venue.  

pretending to be legal assistants??

Written by Eric Pfeiffer.

dancer-poleMiami prison “overrun” by strippers pretending to be legal assistants

A Federal Detention Center in downtown Miami is falling under heightened scrutiny amid reports that South American strippers are posing as paralegals and smuggling in contraband for imprisoned, wealthy drug lords.

The drug lords reportedly hire lawyers who then list the women as "legal assistants," which grants them access to the prisoners, the Miami New Times reports.

What recession?


The exotic dance industry is booming in Williston, North Dakota
Miami, Las Vegas, Dallas.  These are just three of the cities people point to when discussing the top markets for the adult entertainment industry. Added to that list now is the thriving metropolis of … Williston, North Dakota.

The Penthouse Club Baton Rouge


 batonCongratulations to The Penthouse Club Baton Rouge that is having its grand opening last night and tonight.  Not only did they completely renovate the former Gold Club Cabaret, they did it while staying open throughout the entire remodel.  The Penthouse Club Baton Rouge is under the same ownership group with The Penthouse Club New Orleans and Penthouse Club Myrtle Beach (which, by the way, is having its 1st anniversary party next weekend if you want to get away).  We all know the girls of New Orleans are hot, but if you ever wondered whether the girls of the rest of southern Louisiana are also hot, come to this club and you won’t wonder any more.

Joining the celebration are Pet of the Year Nikki Benz and Sept 2011 Pet of the Month Emily Addison.


Ain’t love grand?

news-dianeStep 1: Steal millions   Step 2: Marry a stripper   Step 3:  Go to jail  

If you’re not Al Pacino, or Sylvester Stallone or Martin Scorsese, or if you don’t like to bask in the warm waters where Ponzi-scheming Wall Street assholes suffer, then you’ll probably want to skip this next story.  But just in case you don’t possess the characteristics of the above, well check this out.  Then check your back account.

One Time Only:

news-clermontAmerican Pie served at  Clermont Lounge

For decades, Atlanta has been home to some well-established adult hot spots—The Pink Pony, Cheetah’s and Magic City are merely three in a city known for many more.  But perhaps the one venue that has preceded its notoriety is The Clermont Lounge, the club that has stood out as an “alternative” local favorite, known for featuring  the sights of southern belles dancing on its stages.
Case in point: In July, The Clermont Lounge featured the undulated stylings of actor and America Pie star Jason Biggs in a one-time-only performance.  Biggs, along with actors Eddie Kay Thomas and Thomas Ian Nicholas (also from the blockbuster comedy’s original cast), decided to visit the Clermont during a break from shooting American Reunion, the latest installment in the American Pie franchise of movies.
Biggs, who plays geeky Jim Levenstein in the films (aka “Pie F*cker”), stole the spotlight from the entertainers after hopping stage to perform his own routine to White Lines by Grandmaster Flash. For being a guy whose claim to fame is fornicating with baked goods, dropping trou in a club should have been second nature.  For the curious, footage from the evening can be found on

Get off my cab!

news-cabNYC cabbies do not want strippers atop their cars ... but will still gladly drive you to the clubs

There are a few things you’re likely to experience when getting into a New York City taxicab besides the uncontrolled display of terror amid the duration of your trip.  First is the smell that emanates from within—typically an aroma that recalls dried patchouli dipped in cheap aftershave and then lit on fire.  Next is the sound of some Turkish pop star wailing from inside the radio that is beloved by your driver, but sounds eerily like a ranting Jihad prayer.  


news-penthousePenthouse introduces branded slot machines

As part of the brand’s ongoing plan to rule the world by branding themselves via one vice at a time, Penthouse has rolled the dice with its latest venture.  
In late July, General Media Communications, Inc., the publisher of Penthouse Magazine, announced that it has signed an agreement with Casino Technology, JSC, to launch “Penthouse” and “The Penthouse Club” branded slot machines.

Caught red handed!

news-Bikini-Car-WashDenver city workers caught at bikini car wash

During the midst of summertime, the bikini carwash is a go-to promotion for most adult nightclubs.  Take away the possibility of the occasional fender bender from leering motorists not used to seeing half-naked women armed with garden hoses on the side of the road, and the profit margin far outweighs the liability factor.  But given the environment, a customer’s anonymity level exponentially decreases with such an event.  

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