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Weekend at Bernies? Not so much!

shotgun_williesThe police statement says the accused, Robert Young and Mark Rubinson, didn’t have the “consent and permission” of Jeffrey Jarrett to put their bar, gas and strip-club bills on his bank card.
That’s because the Toronto-born realtor was dead.
Riding around in the back of Rubinson’s car, but dead.

I’m too sexy for my signage?

Perhaps for one Reno club  
This is a lesson in how public opinion can turn into great publicity.  The Wild Orchid adult nightclub in Reno, Nevada, is getting a lot of attention lately, not because of what’s happening inside, but outside ... and about 30 feet above the ground, as an electronic “video” sign is causing some controversy.  
Bikini clad entertainers being displayed to the good citizens of the biggest little city in the world may be too hot to handle.  Or at least drive by.
“If you like strip clubs, you don’t have a problem,” Kamy Keshmiri, Wild Orchid owner, said of his new sign to the Reno Gazette-Journal. “If you don’t like strip clubs, then you have a major problem.”

Stiffed stripper dragged by car

lives to become a cautionary tale
car-windownewsWhat not to do when you’re a floor man.  Rule #1: Don’t let an entertainer leave the premises for her ill begotten money.
The Jackson Citizen-Patriot (Jackson, MI) reported in May that an entertainer chased a customer after he refused to pay for his lap dances and was “half dragged, half swung” by his car.  And no, it’s not nice to laugh at the mental picture you came up with.  We know it’s not because we laughed at ours and then felt bad, for like, three whole seconds.

Cover charge dispute?

Time to sue, of course!
simpsons-newsHere’s a story for all you door girls out there: a woman is suing an adult nightclub for sex discrimination because she claims the business charges women twice as much as men for a cover charge.
According to the Washington Examiner, Ericka Wiggs said she and her husband went to The Mile High Club in Clinton, Maryland, last February ,but didn’t stay long because Wiggs was so angry over the club’s policy to charge men a $10 cover charge and women $20.

Don't pee here please!

Just ask Ozzy — public urination doesn’t lead to anything good
In 1982, while wearing his soon-to-be-wife Sharon’s dress (because she had hidden his clothes in hopes that it would keep him from going out), Ozzy Osbourne drunkenly urinated on a cenotaph erected in honor of those who died at the Alamo in Texas, across the street from the actual building.  A police officer arrested him, and poor Ozzy was subsequently banned from the city of San Antonio for a decade.  He had, after all, pissed on a piece of Texan (and American) heritage.
Apparently, Diamonds are not this judge’s best friend
Citing the powers of eminent domain, whereby the federal government can deem a place of residence or business for sale in the interest of a community work project, an Illinois judge approved the demolition of Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club to allow for road widening.  Diamonds was the only adult nightclub in Dupage County, Illinois.  
Keepin’ it real, Dirty Jersey:  The Penthouse Executive Club in New York sues Danielle Staub
And you thought dealing with honest-to-goodness feature entertainers was enough to drive you to drink.
Danielle Staub, the morally dubious former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, is being sued by owners of the Penthouse Executive Club New York for violating the terms of an appearance contract.
Be (ing) Charlie Sheen at the Cheetah Club
While we’re on the subject of decorum befitting expensively medicated carnival barkers, the Cheetah Club in Manhattan matched its competition in the creativity department by remodeling one of their VIP rooms after the patron saint of reckless abandon, Charlie Sheen.  

dancer-poleStrip Club Lessons in Democracy

The good ole US of A is in dire straits. Not a bushel full of President Obamas or a harem full of Sarah Palins can get us out of this mess, only we can. The problem is we have become conformists.While our nation is struggling, strippers -- yes, nude and scantily clad women -- earn more in one day than the average person earns in a week.Businesses and churches are doing what they can to keep their doors open, yet, strip clubs are thriving.
What can we learn from these entrepreneurial dancers?

Hop on the Jazzy!

hn_Electric-ShoppingCouple steals motorized Wal Mart cart, drives to their favorite adult club

Every adult nightclub—even those in tourist cities—value “regulars.” Those people that, rain or shine, good times or bad times, always seem to find a way to stop in the club for at least a drink or two.  We always appreciate an enthusiastic customer, don’t we?

How many can you buy?

hn_stripperHow many lap dances can $148,000 buy you? Only Orlando Flores knows

If you stole $148,000, how much of it would you splurge on lap dances?  A grand? 10 thousand? Does crime really pay? This time it did-or at least, almost did

Rick’s Cabaret ventures...

hn_footballRick’s Cabaret ventures further into the Midwest with acquisition of Indianapolis’ Gold Club

With the Super Bowl set to land in Indianapolis in 2012 at Lucas Oil Stadium, owning a top club in that city would certainly be the goal of any successful club owner.  The Rick’s Cabaret chain recently made that goal a reality, as they have agreed to purchase The Gold Club, which is located just three miles from the famed Indianapolis Speedway at 3351 Lafayette Road.

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