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Charge Savvy

cs 2lives up to its name

Jeff Nickel understands two things: That chargebacks are a major problem for adult nightclubs, and that new technology can be intimidating for club operators. With Charge Savvy, he deftly addresses both.
Jeff Nickel vividly remembers one memory from 20 years spent in operations between restaurants, bars and nightclubs: Contested charges. That meant employees had to drop what they were doing and waste hours sifting through paper files hoping to find proof to combat claims of fraudulent charges. Then a decade ago, Nickel switched to the adult nightclub scene and found the problem was even worse. Seeing how problematic all this was, it struck Nickel something had to be done to streamline this incredibly time-wasting process. Three and a half years ago, Nickel and his two partners went to work building the system that is now known across industries far and wide, Charge Savvy.

Platinum Solutions

cs platinum2016Miriam Ramos of Platinum Solutions does much more than provide credit card processing to her clients. With a genuine affection for her customers and appreciation for the adult club industry at large, she aims to provide a level of one-on-one customer service that is unparalleled.
Whether you’ve been coming to EXPO for years, come to the convention sporadically, or if EXPO 2016 was your first, you certainly had the chance to walk the floor of the tradeshow. There, you found a hundred or more companies showcasing products and services that could help a club owner, operator, entertainer or industry professional.


CS may16 1Is The #1 “Strip Club Finder” App On

Time spent on a mobile device by the average U.S. consumer is on the rise! Data* now shows that what customers once viewed on the web, they now prefer to use an app.
On mobile phones, 86% of this time is spent using apps; only 14% is spent on the web. So what app will your customers be using?

*According to Mobile Analytics Company Flurry


cs robust smThe taste your customers want, the savings you need —and available on the gun!
Money. Every club owner wants more of it. There are two obvious ways to have more money: Either the club makes more money (through liquor/beverage sales, lap dances and cover charge), or they find ways to save money and cut waste.

Hit ‘Em With Your Best Shot! JEVO

ED-January-20162The revolutionary new gelatin shot maker — JEVO — is set to launch.  And if your club sells “jello” shots, or wants to, it’s an absolute no-brainer.
There is a product you can sell in your club—one that you probably sell already—that can give you a 78% return on investment. The one issue with this product is, it’s a pain in the ass to create. It’s messy. It’s time-consuming. It’s labor intensive. It’s inconsistent.

Centerfold Features

nov-2015Books the Winners!

With award-winning features among the girls they book—including ED’s 2015 Overall Entertainer of the Year, Roxi D’Lite—Centerfold Features has upped the ante in the world of feature booking agencies.
Each year at the ED’s Awards Show, the “best-of-thebest” are on display as the beautiful and talented Overall Feature Entertainer of the Year nominees showcase their skills for the entire industry to see.

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