Wrap yourself in luxury

There’s just something about leather.  
People want it in their car—it’s the reason why they’ll pay an extra $5,000 for the “LE” model (it has those body-hugging leather seats, after all).  People want it in their house—it’s one of the reasons why IKEA has become a multi-billion-dollar company (apparently, selling affordable leather furniture for the masses is a recipe for success).  
We’re a society that loves its luxuries, and leather seating is clearly among them. It follows, then, to suggest that those same people want to enjoy the unique comforts of leather furniture in your adult nightclub. 
While leather is indeed a luxury, thanks to Modern Line Furniture’s modular leather furniture, it’s a luxury that an adult club owner can now afford.   
“Simply put, we’re able to offer our product for the same price or less than it costs to manufacture these pieces in fabric,” says Vladimir Spivak, owner and founder of Modern Line Furniture.  “We offer leather furniture that’s beautiful and feels beautiful, and if in-stock, we can get it to you in 12-14 business days or less.  And no matter what size your order is or where you’re located, it will only cost $300 to ship it to you.”

Modular is the name of the game

With a background in retail furniture, Spivak established Modern Line Furniture in 1999 when he recognized a demand for contemporary furniture in the commercial realm. Based upon the specific needs of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and hotels, he and his design team engineered leather furniture—sofas, chairs, bar stools and tables, coffee tables, ottomans, etc.—that would be modern, luxurious and affordable.  The company enjoyed almost immediate success, as it was recently featured on such mainstream programs as “Bar Rescue” on Spike TV and Marilu Henner’s “The Art of Living.”TIARA
The key to Modern Line’s product offerings is their modular design.   For those who may be unfamiliar with the term “modular,” it is defined as something created with standardized units or dimensions, as for easy assembly and repair or flexible arrangement and use.  More specifically, modular furniture can readily adapt to any space, no matter the size, and can be constantly reconfigured.
“Modular furniture provides the ability to create according to any design scenario, but it also allows the ability to be more economical and practical,” says Spivak.  “It’s economical as an initial investment, and practical in the sense that, down the road, you have the ability to adapt to changes in the club.  
“For example, if you have custom furniture built for your club, and you have an entertainer who rips the couch apart with her high heel shoes, you’ve ruined the investment you’ve made in that furniture,” Spivak continues.  “You’ll have to spend thousands of dollars getting it all fixed by reupholstering or replacing an entire piece. But with modular components, if you have a problem with an armless chair or corner, I can send you one chair, or a pillow or a corner piece, and you only have to pay for that part, instead of fixing an entire grouping or a large portion of a custom-built product. And that new component will fit perfectly and exactly back into your modular configuration.”
While club owners often lament the massive expense of a complete club renovation, modular furniture allows them the ability to transform the look of their club by reconfiguring the sofas and chairs, as each are securely connected to the other with a simple buckle (and are light enough to be moved by one person).
“Since it’s movable and easy to work with, our modular furniture caters to different scenarios in the same club,” says Spivak. “If you bought 15 armless chairs and 24 corner pieces, for example, you can build at least 50 different configurations in the same square footage. One day, it’s seating for 20; the next it’s seating for 35—it can be changed that easily.  But if you have something permanently built, how can you accommodate these different scenarios?”

Designed with the adult nightclub in mind

9050 2For those who may be concerned that Modern Line Furniture’s designs are of the cookie-cutter variety—meaning, they feature a very general design that will fit in an adult nightclub like a square peg in a round hole—Spivak is quick to dismiss that perception. In fact, several of Modern Line’s furniture lines (specifically, Model Tiara, Model Pasha, Model Montego and others) were designed thanks in part to input received directly from adult nightclub operators.
“We exhibit at 15-20 tradeshows a year throughout the country, and we listen to the client’s specific needs,” Spivak explains, noting that Modern Line Furniture has been a Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO exhibitor since 2009.  “For example, a few years ago at the EXPO Tradeshow, a customer came up and said, ‘We love your furniture, but in the gentlemen’s club business, in order for girls to give a lap dance, the furniture has to have to have low arms, it has to have this specific type of design in order to be a perfect fit in our club.’ We wrote everything down and went back to our design team with that information, and we remodeled our new products to meet this specification [for use in the adult club industry].  Now, that product is part of our standard inventory.”
Those two words—“standard inventory”—is another key component in Modern Line Furniture’s success both inside and outside of the adult nightclub industry.  Their 80,000-square-foot warehouse in Rahway, New Jersey, is consistently stocked with thousands upon thousands of furniture lines and accessories, which allows them the ability to fill a full order in just a week’s time.  Though their commercial leather furniture is available primarily in black and white, Spivak notes that, because these colors exude both class and versatility, they are typically the preferred colors of their customers.  For those who may desire a custom color or design for their leather furniture, Spivak states that those custom orders can be completed and shipped in as little as six to eight weeks.
“When we told EXPO attendees about our warehouse and our shipping time, they couldn’t believe it,” says Spivak, noting that the company also has commercial showrooms in Las Vegas, Miami and Puerto Rico.  “They said, ‘So if I want to renovate my club tomorrow, you can ship me leather furniture that’s beautiful and matches my club and its décor, and you can get it to me in two weeks?’  ‘Yes,’ I say, ‘is that a big deal?’ They say they’ve never heard of such a thing before. You tell me what model you want; I ask you the dimensions you’re looking for, I ask how many, and it gets done right now.”

Comfortable, timeless … and durable

MONTEGO 1While comfort and elegant presentation are certainly the primary reasons why a customer will love leather in your club, there is one more key benefit of leather furniture: Durability.  For anyone who’s ever spilled something on leather, you’ll remember how relatively easy it was to clean that spill. For anyone who’s tried to clean a spill on cloth fabric … well, that stain is probably still there, right?   
“(Leather’s) ease of maintenance is unmatched,” says Spivak. “With spills, you can simply wipe them up, and they don’t stain or smell.  But with cloth, the fabric gets wet and the foam underneath gets wet.  Leather will not absorb water or other liquids.”
“Leather is also something that you can restore,” Spivak adds. “It can be fixed, patched and reupholstered by requesting additional PVC sheets from me.  When fabric burns or gets destroyed, however, it’s very hard to attach a piece of fabric to existing fabric; it probably will not match properly. With leather, you can fix these pieces to blend in perfectly, and you will never know the product was patched.”
Leather’s durability also extends beyond the club’s interior.  As more adult clubs have introduced outdoor patio and smoking areas to their venues, Modern Line Furniture can also accommodate these needs with their waterproof products.
“We do offer modular outdoor furniture collections that have water-resistant covers,” says Spivak. “If you have an attractive look on the outside of your club, customers are eager to see what’s going on inside.  If the outside area is approachable and contemporary, it gives a great first impression.”

Service that recognizes high-tech needs and old-school values

PashaThough designing the layout of a room to accommodate new furniture may seem like a daunting task, Modern Line Furniture’s website ( offers the ability for club operators to see what furniture will look best in that room.
This “complimentary room planner” also allows users to see exactly how many pieces of furniture will fit within that room’s dimensions and existing aesthetics, including windows, flooring, doorways and other architecture.
“We offer professional, one-on-one furniture design and space-planning services for free that other groups won’t; we’re not going to kill you with design fees before you can even think about the furniture,” says Spivak.  “Our designers know the product, and they know how to get the maximum seating out of a club’s square footage. You give us the dimensions; we give you the opportunity to visualize your space with our modular furniture, through a furniture floorplan design that maximizes your seating potential.”
As Spivak notes, orders can be placed on their website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But they also have a staff of 40 in their New Jersey Design Center that’s ready to assist customers, answer their questions and resolve any issues quickly and without hassle.
“What hurts every single business today is a lack of true customer service,” says Spivak. “If we have a customer call with a complaint, we don’t ask questions, we just get the situation taken care of.  The guy has a business to run; I’m not going to be asking them to pay the freight carrier or be greedy with them. If it’s a reasonable client and I do right by him, if I show him that I care, I have gained his trust and his loyalty to our products and services.”

For more information, or to order furniture directly, please visit
or call (800) 637-5596.

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