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Slim SCORES big

cs scoresin the club licensing game

David “Slim” Baucom of MAL Entertainment explains that it’s not just about the brand name on the marquee, it’s about the people behind that name and what they’re able to do to make your club successful that gives true value to club licensing. The brand that does it all, he says, is Scores.

Give ‘em the Finger — Foods, that is!

chicken-wingAn ED Special Focus on food service in adult nightclubs

Fast-food burgers or filet mignon. Chicken wings or chicken cordon bleu. Whatever approach your club and its staff take to food service—or if you’re considering selling food in your club—how do you know how to make the most out of it? What are the most important tools for success? In this Special Focus, we feature articles that approach food service from several angles, including the profitability of bar food, how to cook specifically for an adult club, the critical components to success in food sales, top vendors, safety tips and much, much more!

The Penthouse Club

penthouse 1The best of the magazine ...and so much more

As Penthouse rings in its 50th anniversary year as the winners of the prestigious ED’s 2014 “Club Chain of the Year” Award, Jeff Stoller, Director of Global Club Licensing for Penthouse, explains that sometimes success is as simple as staying true to your brand.

The SCORES Gentlemen’s Club

cs scores 2014brand goes nationwide

The Scores Holding Company, already famous for its venues in New York City, Chicago and the 35,000-square-foot Scores inside the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, has made a major move toward national branding by licensing the Scores name to 20 venues across the country in just one year’s time. Could your club be the next Scores?

Giving Back

cs giving backsmAs operators of successful businesses, many adult nightclub owners are in a position to help local and/or national charities by donating to those worthy causes, whether by producing fundraisers or simply writing a check.  In this special Club Bulletin Cover Section, we feature a lead-off article from ACE Executive Director Angelina Spencer, who notes several of the many industry executives who have made it a priority to donate regularly to worthwhile charities.

KG Furniture

cs kgfurnA (custom) furniture phenomenon

If you are searching for a furniture company that will not only cater to your every customizable desire—yet also knows how to build those creations in a way that will withstand the ins, outs, ups and downs (see: stripper heels and spilt beer) that adult nightclubs are regularly exposed to—look no further than Ken Bowman’s KG Furniture.

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