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Cheers to Expo!

expo cover_imageED's Don Waitt looks back on 20 years of EXPO -

Don Waitt, founder of ED Publications and the Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO, recalls how it all started as the EXPO marks its 20-Year Anniversary. 

The making of a true Babe!

bourbonstreetBringing it on Bourbon Street

Find out how four yankees took on New Orleans — and won —  with Babe’s Cabaret.
“It was run down. There was a bad element here. And it had a terrible reputation.  But we had a vision. We thought, ‘We can do this.’”
— Jordan Bass of Babe’s Cabaret in New Orleans, winner of ED’s 2011 “Small Club of the Year/Central Region” Award

Alpha Patterned Carpet

cs alphaAlpha Patterned Carpet signals a new beginning for Kristin Messick
The industry veteran recently announced her newest venture, which provides her with an even greater opportunity to better serve her “favorite” customer: adult nightclub owners.
Alpha Patterned Carpet may be a new name in the adult nightclub industry, but the person behind that name is anything but new.  Kristin Messick is an industry veteran, and has worked with literally hundreds of adult nightclub owners over the past 12 years as the main representative for Omega Pattern Works.

Up in Smoke!

cs mar12What happened to the cigar craze in adult nightclubs?
We asked club owners and cigar manufacturers alike if the cigar craze has indeed passed—and the answer was a resounding “Yes.”
In the late 1990s, the popularity of cigars blazed bright in the adult nightclub industry.  Macanudos, Cohibas, Romeo y Julietas and Montecristos were being displayed in humidors in clubs of all sizes and with varying clientele.

Wrap yourself in luxury

MLFcoverstorysmThere’s just something about leather.  
People want it in their car—it’s the reason why they’ll pay an extra $5,000 for the “LE” model (it has those body-hugging leather seats, after all).  People want it in their house—it’s one of the reasons why IKEA has become a multi-billion-dollar company (apparently, selling affordable leather furniture for the masses is a recipe for success).  
We’re a society that loves its luxuries, and leather seating is clearly among them. It follows, then, to suggest that those same people want to enjoy the unique comforts of leather furniture in your adult nightclub.  

The Lodge Way

lodgeCoverStorysmFrom charity work to luxurious entertainment for adults, there's no club like The Lodge in Dallas
For six hours on a sweltering summer afternoon in July 2011, the women and men of The Lodge in Dallas took to the parking lot, washing cars, serving food and organizing games to help thousands of animals they’ll never meet.

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