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Wrap yourself in luxury

MLFcoverstorysmThere’s just something about leather.  
People want it in their car—it’s the reason why they’ll pay an extra $5,000 for the “LE” model (it has those body-hugging leather seats, after all).  People want it in their house—it’s one of the reasons why IKEA has become a multi-billion-dollar company (apparently, selling affordable leather furniture for the masses is a recipe for success).  
We’re a society that loves its luxuries, and leather seating is clearly among them. It follows, then, to suggest that those same people want to enjoy the unique comforts of leather furniture in your adult nightclub.  

The Lodge Way

lodgeCoverStorysmFrom charity work to luxurious entertainment for adults, there's no club like The Lodge in Dallas
For six hours on a sweltering summer afternoon in July 2011, the women and men of The Lodge in Dallas took to the parking lot, washing cars, serving food and organizing games to help thousands of animals they’ll never meet.

Club Cam Systems

CCcoverstory1From the main stage to the world wide web

Through their uniquely created software, Club Cam Systems has created a way for any adult nightclub to become a destination on the world wide web.  Not through a mere website, mind you, but a fully interactive immersion between customer and club via live Internet streaming. With Club Cam Systems, adult nightclubs can now offer their main stage to a worldwide paying audience.             by Kristofer Kay

TTI Scanning Solutions

coverstoryIs this man your best New Customer...or your club's Worst Nightmare?
For a Tuesday night, it’s a great night at the club.  Everyone is making money—the waitresses, the shot girls and the entertainers, especially.

The Evil Pin-ups

The sweetest kittens have the sharpest claws! The Evil Pin-Ups
evilpinupsOver the past 20 years or so, the adult nightclub industry has witnessed a number of feature entertainer “duo” acts. One duo, Breast Wishes, appeared in the blockbuster hit film Boogie Nights.  Another duo, Deuces Wild, remains the only one ever to win the coveted ED’s “Overall Entertainer of the Year” Award.
What makes duo acts fun, in most cases, is the interaction that exists between the two features.

Welcome to the new...

jade_coverWelcome to the new technological playing field
Well-known industry personality, Jade Simone St. Clair, is bringing some of the newest and most exciting technology available today to club owners though mobile networking.

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