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cs robust smThe taste your customers want, the savings you need —and available on the gun!
Money. Every club owner wants more of it. There are two obvious ways to have more money: Either the club makes more money (through liquor/beverage sales, lap dances and cover charge), or they find ways to save money and cut waste.

Hit ‘Em With Your Best Shot! JEVO

ED-January-20162The revolutionary new gelatin shot maker — JEVO — is set to launch.  And if your club sells “jello” shots, or wants to, it’s an absolute no-brainer.
There is a product you can sell in your club—one that you probably sell already—that can give you a 78% return on investment. The one issue with this product is, it’s a pain in the ass to create. It’s messy. It’s time-consuming. It’s labor intensive. It’s inconsistent.

Centerfold Features

nov-2015Books the Winners!

With award-winning features among the girls they book—including ED’s 2015 Overall Entertainer of the Year, Roxi D’Lite—Centerfold Features has upped the ante in the world of feature booking agencies.
Each year at the ED’s Awards Show, the “best-of-thebest” are on display as the beautiful and talented Overall Feature Entertainer of the Year nominees showcase their skills for the entire industry to see.

Palm Beach Ponderosa

ED2-September-2015Monroe’s of Palm Beach

doubles down with their upcoming country-and-western-themed adult entertainment complex, the Double D Ranch and Saloon.
For close to a millennia, culture critics have kept a tight agreement when discussing America’s only original art forms: jazz and the western.

Club Control

cs clubIt’s time to put CONTROL in the palm of your hand
For decades, adult club owners have been at the mercy of technology that was not specific to their industry. Unable to integrate these different systems together, no one system could CONTROL everything.

What’s the secret

woman-quiet-medicalfor club owners to properly handle Obamacare?

The “bulletproof” solution comes courtesy of  Orchestrate HR
With Obamacare compliance being ramped up by the IRS—and with the threshold of whether or not a business owner needs to offer health care under this law being dropped from 100 full-time employees to only 50—club owners can no longer afford to bury their heads in the sand. But thanks to Orchestrate HR, there’s a “bulletproof” way to remove this headache and allow you to get back to running your business. Here, Orchestrate HR’s Steve Sorey reveals everything you NEED to know about Obamacare, and what Orchestrate HR can do to help.

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