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 We are pleased to announce that ED’s 2017 Preferred Vendors e-Guide will be in a digital format.  This means that club owners and general managers will have immediate access to the directory listings no matter where they are—on their work or home computers, on their laptops, on their iPads and even on their smart phones.

No more searching through a cluttered back office.  Now club owners and general managers can find everything they will need—from lightbulbs to attorneys to ATM machines to barstools—on the easy-to-navigate, searchable and interactive ED 2017 Preferred Vendors e-Guide.

And the best part is—through the magic of the Internet—your buyers will now be able to:

—Send you an email just by clicking the email link in your listing or display ad
—Access your website just by clicking the URL in your listing or display ad.
—Access your Facebook and Twitter pages just by clicking the icon in your listing or display ad. 
—Print Discount Coupons directly from your display ad.
—See videos of your products and services in your display ad.
—Cycle through a number of product photos in your display ad.
—View a slideshow of images in your display ad.

 The deadline for submitting material is October 30.

Please fill out the form to the left to submit your Free Listing.
If you have any questions, please call Lacy Empkey or J.J. Clausen at (727) 726-3592.

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