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The current owner is very friendly, responsive and motivated to sell. He mentions that this property is actually three popular clubs in one building.

"This property houses three clubs total. Two sports bars on the first Floor & street level with the Gentlemen's Club located on the second floor."

The GentlEmens Club:

  • This is a topless club and carries a full liquor license.
  • VIP dances are permitted,
  • Entire club is finished in solid copper, the bar, the stage, the VIP rooms, even the bathroom stalls are made of copper.
  • Large stone gas fireplace, this gives the club a very northern "lodge" type feel.
  • The only Gentlemen's club in the area.
  • There is an apartment on the same floor as the topless club, it is also included in the sale.
  • We have written permission from the city to expand and have considered building a Full Nude juice bar where apartment is.

The Sports Bars:

The main level sports bar is a large night club and carries a full liquor license.

  • 16 x 26 stage for bands.
  • Dj booth & sound engineer booth for live music.
  • Large outdoor deck.
  • Complete sound and light system.
  • 60' bar & 4 pool tables.
  • A green room for the band and also an office are located on this floor.

The lower level bar also includes a full liquor license and is themed in a Harley Davidson motif.

  • Full kitchen and dining room.
  • 26' aluminum bar
  • Diamond plate everywhere
  • 4 pool tables
  • Matching tables and chairs

The entire property is for sale or lease.

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