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The Top 5 Reasons

Powder-room-photoThe Top 5 reasons why locker room design will impact your club

Rick Uzubell, President of Cabaret Design Group, fills you in on why your oft-overlooked locker room (or lack thereof) could be the key to attracting some of the hottest entertainers—and reaping the benefits that come with it.

January Special Focus

thumb sf other woman 1The “Other Woman”

Sure, the entertainers in your club are the women who get the most attention. But what about the “other” women—bartenders, servers, VIP hostesses and shot girls? Are you providing them with all of the tools they need to be successful? This “The Other Woman” Special Focus showcases the latest products and services for these no-less-important female staff members, as well as tips and advice on how these “other women” can help themselves, and your adult nightclub, become more profitable.

Watch it!

nov13 sf wNovember Special Focus

It is becoming more and more commonplace to walk into a gentlemen’s club and see TV or video screens featured on the walls. Despite the role in media that these products play in today’s day and age, one must ask, what does an adult venue gain from having a TV or other variety of video screen? Other than the occasional football game, what use does its presence achieve within your club?

Lights, Sound... ACTION!

sf djboothThe Stage & DJ Booth Special Focus

The responsibility of the strip club DJ has expanded beyond possessing a silky baritone and enough fingers to put the needle on the record (wait a minute, what record?!).  Today’s DJs—the good ones, at least—control the scene from inside your club.  By creating the mood with music and setting the stage with proper lighting, the DJ booth is central command in any club. This “Stage & DJ Booth” Special Focus spotlights those companies that provide the equipment and expertise that help club DJs be masters of their domain.

the Social Media Focus

thumb sf social Page 1Do you know a “tweet” from a “post?”  A “friend” from a “follower?” And what the heck is this Tumblr thing? Whether adult nightclub operators like it or not, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others, aren’t going away—period. The choice is to either embrace social media marketing, or ignore it at the peril of the competing clubs in your market who do have a presence on Facebook and Twitter gain a significant advantage over yours.

The Who’s Who of Insurance Brokers

sf insuranceYour brother-in-law is one.
Your next door neighbor is one.
Your hair stylist’s husband is one.
Even your plumber is one part-time.
What are they?  They’re insurance brokers.  Everybody and their brother it seems is an insurance agent today.  Insurance brokers are only outnumbered in the Yellow Pages by realtors and attorneys

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