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Dollars and Sense

sf 2017 JanA focus on companies that help you make more money, save more money, or protect your money.

What’s more important to the success of a club than ... money?! We reached out to various companies who deal with the handling of money, the processing, how it’s doled out and ultimately protect it to see what efforts and products they offer to keep money in your pockets and make sure it’s one less thing to worry about.

ED Special Focus on Digital Marketing

SF may16 0Socialize—to put butts in your club’s seats!

ED Special Focus on Digital Marketing
Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Apps. E-blasts. Text messages. All are ways that clubs can market themselves to put more “butts in the seats,” and each land directly in the palm of your customers via their smart phone. But which ones are right for your club, and what are the most effective strategies for utilizing these free (or very inexpensive) marketing tools? Find out in our Special Focus on social media and other digital marketing designed to land in the hands of your club’s customers!

Center Stage!

sf centerstage smA Special Focus on touring feature entertainers

They’ve been the centerpiece of the ED’s Awards Show since its inception in 1998, and for the past four decades, they’ve proven to be a vital aspect of the adult nightclub industry. Feature entertainers—whether they’re showgirls, pole acrobats, porn stars or a combination of these—continue to captivate crowds at the ED’s Awards Show and at clubs across the country.

The industry’s global presence

TheEDEXPOwebA look at regional, national and international industry websites

In the March issue of Club Bulletin, we highlighted the nation’s “regional” adult magazines, those that are distributed in specific cities and states. In this issue, we’re presenting a similar set of adult industry media outlets; this time, we’ve entered the world wide web to discover the websites devoted to the adult entertainment inudstry. These are sites that cover the adult industry at large, while some cover the adult nightclub industry exclusively. In many instances, these sites post news, press releases, photos and videos of industry events, and promote clubs and feature entertainers locally, nationally and even internationally. Some boast podcasts devoted to the industry, as well as live internet radio shows.

Do You Really Know ...

dyrk roxi1Roxi D'Lite

We’re polite, we like beer and maple syrup— and we don’t call people ‘hosers’!”
That was feature entertainer Roxi D’Lite’s answer when asked to address typical Canadian stereotypes. (And no, she didn’t say “Oh hey derr” even once!) Roxi was born and raised—and still proudly lives—in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, the Great White North’s southern-most point.

Do You Really Know ...

dyrk boehm1David Boehm

Chances are, you knew his voice before you ever knew the face behind it. With a timbre akin to that of Wolfman Jack, David Boehm’s voice is distinctive and always features equal parts enthusiasm and charm.

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