Alabama to Georgia

teamstate4 In early 2016 ED Publications wanted to get an accurate snapshot of the current status of statewide adult club owner associations from coast to coast, so we hit the phones and emails. What follows here is a state-by-state breakdown on what is—and what isn’t—happening in each state as far as adult club owner associations go. 

     In most of these state listings we have included the names of clubs that have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO over the past four years. Our thought process is that by attending EXPO, the owners and personnel at those clubs have demonstrated an interest in our industry as a whole and would probably be the most receptive to starting an association in their state, or joining an existing association. In states where there is no association but there is a First Amendment attorney, we have taken the liberty of listing their contact info since they are most usually incommunication with numerous club owners in their state.
   When you read the listings, the comments in those listings are provided by the primary contact, who is either the Executive Director of that state chapter or one of the chapter officers. Also, in the text you will see numerous references to COAST (Club Operators Against Sex Trafficking) meetings, which are training sessions coordinated by ACE National and Department of Homeland Security (ICE) officials with statewide chapters to train club personnel on identifying and stopping sex trafficking.
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thumb teamstate3ALABAMA
No Association

EXPO: In recent years, owners and club personnel from Wild Cherry Cabaret in Harvest; The Furnace in Birmingham; The Candy Store in Mobile; and The Pony Club in Huntsville have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. The ED Database lists 29 adult clubs in Alabama.

thumb teamstate3ALASKA
No Association

REPORT: At one point Alaska had an ACE Chapter, but it is no longer active, according to ACE National.
EXPO: In recent years, owners and club personnel from Club SinRock and The Great Alaskan Bush Company in Anchorage have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. The ED Database lists seven adult clubs in Alaska.
Suggested contacts: Former ACE of Alaska officer Carol Hartman, (907) 563-0042,

thumb teamstate3ARIZONA
Public Policy Regulatory Alliance (PPRA)

Status: Active
Started: 2013
Report: There was an ACE of Arizona chapter in the past, but it eventually slowed to a halt. It has recently been revived as the PPRA. Recalls ACE National’s Angelina Spencer, “The AZ Rights State Chapter of ACE was established in 2005. Robert Clark and Damien Hartz spearheaded that movement with the Zanzucchi brothers and attorney Dick Hertzberg. The clubs in Phoenix were battling Scott Bergthold’s CDA ordinance. We gave them a bevy of stats, legislative testimony and opposition research. The clubs faced a multitude of issues that for the most part they were able to prevail. Rebecca (the PPRA Executive Director) owns Sonny’s and a couple of other clubs with her father, Dave  Alexander, a prominent attorney. She’s also a lobbyist. Their chapter has reached out to ACE National a few times over the years, and most recently for COAST Meetings, which we’ve held there for the past two years. I feel that Rebecca has her finger on the pulse in AZ adult club community likely better than most.”
Meets: Statewide policy meetings are held on an as needed basis. COAST meetings are also held as needed. ACE National assisted the PPRA in February with a COAST meeting that drew over 70 club industry professionals.
Primary contacts:
Rebecca DeVaney—Executive Director
Sonny’s, Chandler, (480) 347-5870,
Alexander Kaminski —Vice President
Essex Club, Phoenix, (602) 278-5555
Advisory attorneys: David C. Alexander III, David Dow
# Members: 12 participating clubs and 20 members
Dues: We have not charged fees in years but clubs have contributed when expenses have come up for political purposes.
Successes: PPRA members have conducted successful grassroots and direct lobbying campaigns, as well as implemented studies to counter legislation harmful to the adult nightclub industry. PPRA additionally developed  and distributed an emergency community resource list for entertainers in need of assistance.
Challenges: Deficiency of governmental assistance with respect to improving impoverished and gang ridden areas. Raising awareness of the positive economic impact adult oriented businesses have in the state of Arizona and by refuting distorted propaganda introduced on a legislative level.
EXPO: In recent years, owners and club personnel from Sonny’s and Rick’s Cabaret in Chandler; Desert Flame in Gilbert; Rick’s Cabaret and Bliss Showclub in Glendale; TD’s Showclubs, Ten’s Showclub, and Curves Cabaret in Tuscon; Dream Palace in Scottsdale; Hi-Liter Showclub, Essex Club, Bourbon Street, Rick’s Cabaret, Centerfold’s Cabaret, Sugar 44 Cabaret, Bandaids Show Lounge, Spearmint Rhino, Le Girls Cabaret, and The Great Alaskan Bush Company in Phoenix; Centerfold Strips in Mesa; and Platinum Cabaret in Yuma have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. The ED Database lists 45 adult clubs in Arizona.

thumb teamstate3ARKANSAS
No Association

EXPO: In recent years, owners and club personnel from French Quarter in Hot Springs and Visions Cabaret in Maumelle have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. The ED Database lists nine adult clubs in Arkansas.

thumb teamstate3CALIFORNIA

Status: Active
Meets: The last chapter meeting was in New Orleans during the EXPO in August 2016.
Chapter discussed the summary of all legislation and accomplishments from 2006 to date. Chapter also discussed opportunities for new legislation and strategies and making sure they are proactive and staying ahead of the curve as opposed to being reactive. The next open meeting will be in Las Vegas in Aug. 2017 at the EXPO. ACE of CA Board Members meet or do a conference call a couple times a year especially if there are pertinent issues that arise. There are no set dates for these.

Primary contact:
Reda Beebe—President
Sam’s Hofbrau, Los Angeles, (323) 394-9008, 

Board Members:
Joe Carouba, BSC Mngt., (415) 434-2868,
Michael Criddle, (661) 322-7300,
Doug Marks, Deja Vu, Hollywood, (818) 982-1199,
Don Krontz, Deja Vu, LA, (626) 336-2378,
Micheal Ocello, PT’s, (618) 271-9420,
Glenn Smith, (714) 331-1026,
Advisory attorneys: Roger Diamond, John Weston, Brad Shafer

# Members: 40
Dues: State Dues for Board Members are $2800.00 per year
State Dues for NON-Board Members are $1200.00 per year
LA EFFORTS dues are $6000.00 per year (these are clubs in LA County)
(If our membership grows where we can count on other clubs every year then the dues will be able to be reduced)

Successes: We have successfully defeated for seven years in a row the pole tax legislation in California; improved our media presence; conducted annual anti-human trafficking training with COAST; and influenced dozens of other bills that might have resulted in increased liabilities for our industry.

Challenges: Dealing with special interest groups that try to demonize the industry for their own gain. Debunking myths and educating the public about the industry. Getting more club owners to recognize the importance of being vigilant and proactive to issues that effect our industry. We become more powerful and influential as our membership grows. 

EXPO: Numerous California adult club owners and personnel attend the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO each year. The ED Database lists 164 adult clubs in California.

thumb teamstate3COLORADO
No Association

Report: Tim Killeen with IEC Management and the PT’s Showclubs chain reports that IEC owns a number of clubs in Colorado and is active on the lobbying front, and that, “The other clubs in the state are in contact when an issue arises.” Killeen is the contact person for COAST meetings in Colorado.
EXPO: In recent years, owners and club personnel from Fabulous TNT’s in Littleton and Colorado Springs; Players Club, PT’s Showclub, The Diamond Cabaret, and Platinum 84 in Denver; Fantasy in Grand Junction; Nitro Club in Boulder; Schookie Clubs in Golden; Shotgun Willies in Glendale; and The Den in Firestone have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. The ED Database lists 21 adult clubs in Colorado.
Suggested Contact: Tim Killeen, Diamond Cabaret, Denver, (303) 534-5546,

thumb teamstate3CONNECTICUT
No Association

EXPO: Owners and club personnel from Keepers in Strafford; Gold Club in Hartford; and 111 Naugatuck Inc. have attended the EXPO. The ED Database lists 36 adult clubs in Connecticut.
Suggested contacts: FALA attorneys Dan Silver, (860) 225-3518,, and Mario Cerame, (860) 231-7766, Also Matt McTeague with Xtreme Magazine at (860) 833-0438,

thumb teamstate3D.C.
ACE of D.C.

Status: Active
Started: 2014
Meets: Annually.
Primary contact:
Randy Alan Weiss—Attorney
(202) 296-2121
Angelina Spencer—Executive Director
(202) 220-3019,  
Board Members:
Dan Harris—President
Archibalds, Washington, (202) 359-3322,
Advisory attorneys: Randy Alan Weiss, Brad Shafer
# Members: JP’s Lounge, Archibalds, Good Guys, Penthouse, Camelot, Stadium Club, Royal Palace
Successes: Newly organized and hosted a meeting in October 2016.
EXPO: Owners and club personnel from Archibald’s, Stadium Club, and Camelot Showbar in Washington have attended the Club EXPO. The ED Database lists nine adult clubs in D.C. Spencer reports club owners from D.C. will be attending EXPO 2017.

thumb teamstate3DELAWARE
No Association

EXPO: The ED Database lists five adult clubs in Delaware.

thumb teamstate3FLORIDA
Florida Sunshine Entertainment Association (FL SEA)

Status: Active
Started: 2007
Meets: Occasional statewide meetings; last meeting was in Tampa November, 2015; statewide FL SEA meeting every year at the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO.
Primary contact:
Angelina Spencer—Executive Director
(239) 248-1016,
Randy Beasley—President
Rachel’s, West Palm & Orlando, (954) 648-2005,
Brandon Samuels—Vice President
Scarlett’s, Hallandale, (954) 923-2110,  
Macy John—Treasurer
Scarlett’s, Hallandale, (954) 923-2110,
Advisory attorneys: Danny Aaronson, Jamie Benjamin, Luke Lirot, Rey Velazquez
# members: 30 members representing approximately 36 adult clubs in Florida
Dues: $333 monthly or $4,000 annually
Successes: FL SEA has faced and fended off a myriad of state legislative challenges, including two pole taxes, a community defense act, an asset forfeiture prostitution bill and an over reaching nuisance abatement act. We have successfully triumphed over more than 25 pieces of legislation aimed against the Florida adult club industry. We have been very successful in supporting passage of an age-verification bill and an anti-human trafficking mandatory poster piece of legislation. Additionally, FL SEA embraces the national COAST program and conducts annual COAST Trainings in Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale.
Challenges: We face the same challenge most state chapters face which is that many clubs leave it up to a few leaders to carry the bulk of the organization. Since we’ve successfully prevailed over so many challenges and have built positive rapport both locally and at the state level, keeping people motivated can be a challenge. Alternatively, egos and politics can sometimes be a challenge too as this industry has a lot of rebels who sometimes want to fix things that aren’t broken. The biggest challenge at the moment, outside of Operation Choke Point or the debates surrounding the Independent Contractor vs. Employee issue is when a club, usually not a SEA or ACE club, makes the news for alleged criminal activity. It can temporarily set us back and we have to conduct crisis management.
re: ACE National: In the end, a state chapter is as strong as the local leaders who make it work. Sharing information is key, as is having an Executive Director on the state level who can and will communicate needs with ACE National. Additionally, the communication is helpful because every state chapter is a completely independent functioning organization, where ACE National participates at state chapter request. The leaders of ACE National usually show up at our SEA Meetings and this is very helpful. Additionally, we support the EXPO and always host an annual meeting there in August. Every state chapter leader should take advantage of the free EXPO conference room that Ed Publications provides and host an annual meeting at the show. It’s a great way to learn from, share ideas and mingle with other state chapter leaders.
EXPO: Numerous Florida adult club owners and personnel attend the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO each year. The ED Database lists 198 adult clubs in Florida. There will be a meeting of the Florida Sunshine Entertainment Association at EXPO 2017 (Aug. 27-30, Las Vegas).

thumb teamstate3GEORGIA
ACE of Georgia

Status: Active
Started: 2015 (the Georgia ACE chapter was reformed in the summer of 2015 in response to a newly proposed state tax on licensed adult clubs)
Meets: Most recent meeting was last November in Atlanta for COAST (Club Owners Against Sex Trafficking) training with these clubs participating: Oasis Goodtime Emporium, Shooter’s Alley, Blue Flame Lounge, Stroker’s, Pin-Ups, Pink Pony, Onyx, Goldrush, Rumors, Club Blaze, Magic City, Cheetah, Mardi Gras Fannie’s Cabaret, Peaches of Atlanta, Club Wax, Scores Savannah and Tattletale. The next Georgia ACE meeting will be in late February.
Primary contact:
Jill Chambers—Executive Director
(404) 229-1202, jillchambersCID@gmail
Jeff Horwitz—President
Oasis, Atlanta, (404) 784-1272,
Carleen Barnes—Vice President
Tattletale, Atlanta, (404) 873-2294
Jaquelyn White—Vice President
Blue Flame, Atlanta, (404) 794-1446,
Jill Coffee—Secretary/Treasurer
Shooter’s Alley, Atlanta, (770) 457-0776
Advisory attorneys: Alan Begner, Eric Coffelt, Cary Wiggins, Larry White, Gary Freed, Ed Gilgore and Shelitha Robertson
# members: 16 Georgia clubs are members
Dues: Will be set at upcoming meeting.
Successes: Our initial COAST training seminar had over 130 attendees in Atlanta on Nov. 4, 2015.  All of our Georgie ACE member clubs in Atlanta sent owners, managers, staff, and performers to learn from agents from Homeland Security.   
Challenges: Our biggest upcoming challenge is to prepare for the impact of the new state tax on adult clubs. Even though local law enforcement testified that no licensed adult clubs in Georgia were suspected of or under investigation for sex trafficking, they voted to tax our industry anyway. FLSA and Operation Chokepoint are two other legal matters that concern our members.
re: ACE National: Continue with the excellent support of the state chapters. We are so grateful for the knowledge and experience of our ACE National Executive Director, Angelina Spencer. 
EXPO: Meeting and networking with the club owners from all over the world at the 2015 EXPO did help our Atlanta club executives learn about issues that affect the industry. Numerous Georgia adult club owners and personnel attend the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO each year. The ED Database lists 65 adult clubs in Georgia.