North Carolina to Texas

teamstate4 In early 2016 ED Publications wanted to get an accurate snapshot of the current status of statewide adult club owner associations from coast to coast, so we hit the phones and emails. What follows here is a state-by-state breakdown on what is—and what isn’t—happening in each state as far as adult club owner associations go. 

     In most of these state listings we have included the names of clubs that have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO over the past four years. Our thought process is that by attending EXPO, the owners and personnel at those clubs have demonstrated an interest in our industry as a whole and would probably be the most receptive to starting an association in their state, or joining an existing association. In states where there is no association but there is a First Amendment attorney, we have taken the liberty of listing their contact info since they are most usually in communication with numerous club owners in their state.
   When you read the listings, the comments in those listings are provided by the primary contact, who is either the Executive Director of that state chapter or one of the chapter officers. Also, in the text you will see numerous references to COAST (Club Operators Against Sex Trafficking) meetings, which are training sessions coordinated by ACE National and Department of Homeland Security (ICE) officials with statewide chapters to train club personnel on identifying and stopping sex trafficking.
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thumb teamstate3NORTH CAROLINA
Association of Hospitality Executives of NC

Active: Yes
Started: 2008
Meets: Annually, and more often when needed. Planning to expand scope of activities both legislatively and legally to provide more outreach to ACE National and ED Publications.
Primary contact:
Winston Hines
Scores, Mooresville, (864) 580-3826,
David Fairchild—President
The Men’s Club Charlotte, (214) 654-9100,
Board Members
David Baucom, MAL, (704) 347-1515,
Joey Bien, Treasure Clubs, (828) 298-1400,
Brett Amack, The Men’s Club, Raleigh, (919) 250-9826
Advisory attorneys: The association is represented by a full time lobby team to represent the interests of the members. Legal resources who have working knowledge of adult clubs available to AHENC clubs.
# members: Approximately 25 club locations participating
Dues: Monthly dues based on number of entertainers in club per shift. David Baucom came up with idea to tie dues to average number of dancers on a weekly bases.  This allows all clubs to have a vested interest while keeping contributions fair.  $1/dancer/day per month.
Successes: COAST trainings. Pleased with COAST presentation and meeting in Charlotte in Jan 16, second in Greensboro in Feb 16.  Planning to reach out to eastern most clubs in 2017 with COAST.
Upcoming Challenges: We face the same challenges that most clubs face, yet many clubs leave it up to a few leaders to carry the bulk of the organization. It is important for all club operators to have a seat at the table and get involved in the process. This keeps communication flowing and is a benefit to all participants. 
EXPO: Owners and club personnel from the MAL Entertainment club chain; Club Onyx in Charlotte; The Men’s Club in Raleigh; the Treasure Club in Greensboro and Asheville; Gentlemen’s Playground in Rocky Mount; Headlights in Elizabeth City; Capital Cabaret in Morrisville; Pure Gold in Aberdeen and Cary;Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in Mooresville; Down in Texas Saloon in Greensboro have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. The ED Database lists 72 adult clubs in North Carolina. 

thumb teamstate3NORTH DAKOTA
No Association

EXPO: The ED Database lists four adult clubs in North Dakota.

thumb teamstate3OHIO
No Association

Status: Currently Inactive
EXPO: Numerous Ohio adult club owners and personnel attend the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO each year. The ED Database lists 100 adult clubs in Ohio. 

thumb teamstate3OKLAHOMA
No Association

REPORT: At one point Oklahoma had an ACE Chapter but it is no longer active, according to ACE National.
EXPO: In recent years, owners and club personnel from Little Darlings and The Trophy Room in Oklahoma City; Fantasy Island in Del City; Wild J’s in Canute; Landing Strip in Tulsa; and Red Light Nights in Guthrie have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. The ED Database lists 22 adult clubs in Oklahoma.
Suggested contacts: Joe Hall, Trophy Room, Oklahoma City, (405) 631-8343,

thumb teamstate3OREGON
ACE of Oregon

Active: Yes
Started: 2015
Meets: Three meetings in the past year.
Primary contact:
Randy Kaiser
Stars Cabaret, Portland, (503) 887-2250,
Damon Shrader—President
Sunset Strip, Portland, (503) 297-8466,
Tim Lyons—Vice President
Club Sin Rock, Portland, plus three Alaska clubs, (503) 889-0332
Advisory attorneys: Brad Shafer, Courtnet Angeli
Dues: Still in progress
Successes: We are a very new chapter. ACE National’s Angelina Spencer, Jim St. John and Brad Shafer have been here three times to help us with state chapter issues. We’ve hosted two very well attended COAST meetings and Angelina has met with lobbyists to discuss strategy and needs of our state chapter members.
Upcoming Challenges: Statewide legislation that toys with the idea of dancer licensing and making all dancers employees, and an increase in minimum wage.
EXPO: In recent years, owners and club personnel from Rockland Entertainment, Lucky Devil Lounge, Sunset Strip, Club Mystic, and Phoenix Entertainment in Portland; Stars Cabaret in Bend, Portland, Beaverton, and Woodburn; The Nile in Eugene; Casa Diablo in Tualatin and Portland have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. The ED Database lists 79 adult clubs in Oregon.

thumb teamstate3PENNSYLVANIA
Pennsylvania Hospitality Entertainment
Association (PHEA)
Active: Yes
Started: 2000
Meets: Our members communicate by conference calls. We have meetings several times a year, or when a bad bill pops up and needs to be addressed.
Primary contact:
Jeff Levy—Executive Director
(954) 253-6511,
Nick Saponara—President
Club Risque, Philadelphia, (215) 781-6361,
John Meehan—Vice President
Cheerleaders, Phil. & Pitts., (609) 685-6601,
Frank Antico—Secretary
Cheerleaders, Phil. & Pitts., (856) 456-6888,
Ted Pagano—Treasurer
Club Risque, Philadelphia, (215) 463-6900,
Advisory attorneys: Danny Aaronson, Brad Shafer, and John Williams
# members: 35
Dues: Paid monthly on the honor system based on a formal agreement by all the club owners.
Successes: Stopped every bill on the state and local levels in the last ten years. Stopped two pole taxes, an amusement tax, entertainers registration, early closings, distance requirements, no alcohol with nudity, and a Sex and Human Trafficking Bill.
Upcoming Challenges: Pole taxes; training to identify human and sex trafficking.
EXPO: Numerous Pennsylvania adult club owners and personnel attend the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO each year. The ED Database lists 109 adult clubs in Pennsylvania.

thumb teamstate3RHODE ISLAND
Rhode Island Entertainment Association (RIEA)

Active: Yes
Started: 2006
Meets:  As necessary; with current independent contractor concerns, meetings are held approximately monthly.
Primary contact:
Richard Shappy—Executive Director
(401) 521-7469,
Tom Tsoumas—President
Foxy Lady, Providence, (401) 331-9145
Francis Deluca—Treasurer
Fantasies, Providence, (401) 272-4126
Christine Andreozzi—Secretary
Cadillac Lounge, Providence, (401) 521-7469
Advisory attorneys: Dean Robinson
# members: Currently, five clubs.
Dues: No dues; money pooled when necessary
Successes: Fought and won against a proposed 25% tax on adult clubs (2006). Recently has a ruling that club owners cannot be personally sued in the independent contractor class-action lawsuits (2016). A new mayor attempted to close all adult clubs by proposing a one-strike bill.  RIEA worked with the Public Safety Commissioners Office in order to create a positive relationship with the city. Through this work, RIEA was able to change the wording of the one-strike rule. The new wording requires a club to knowingly allow prostitution in order for the club to be instantly closed. Clubs now keep a list of girls suspected of soliciting prostitution and remove that dancer immediately. Since the formation of RIEA, clubs are working with the city and feel they have a voice in what happens to their livelihood.
Upcoming Challenges: Pending litigation with independent contractor class action suit
EXPO: In recent years, owners and club personnel from the Cadillac Lounge, Satin Doll and Foxy Lady in Providence; and Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. The ED Database lists 10 adult clubs in Rhode Island.
Suggested contacts: Club owner Dick Shappy with Satin Doll and Cadillac Lounge in Providence, (401) 521-5333,

thumb teamstate3SOUTH CAROLINA
No Association

REPORT: There was a very active South Carolina ACE chapter for a number of years, but according to former chapter officer Jay Levy of the Trophy Club chain, “The South Carolina Association of Club Executives is currently not active. I will be trying to resurrect in the Spring.”
EXPO: In recent years, owners and personnel from Southern Xposure in Spartanburg; Platinum Plus in Columbia; 2015 Ventures, Jaguars, and The Southern Belle in Charleston;Thee Dollhouse in Myrtle Beach; the Trophy Clubs in Greenville and Florence have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. The ED Database lists 32 adult clubs in South Carolina.
Suggested contacts: Club owner Jay Levy, The Trophy Clubs in Florence and Greenville, (864) 630-4545,

thumb teamstate3SOUTH DAKOTA
No Association

EXPO: The ED Database lists 16 adult clubs in South Dakota.

thumb teamstate3TENNESSEE
No Association

Report: The Tennessee Cabaret Association (TCA) is no longer active, according to former TCA lobbyist Tracy O’Neill. She attributed the demise to a combination of things, including clubs not wanting to pay dues, political infighting among club owners, and disagreements on whether fighting local legislation or state legislation was more important. “Everybody went their separate ways,” says O’Neill. “It’s really too bad because we had a very strong presence with the state legislature.” She reports that several of the larger Tennessee clubs were closed when legislators used eminent domain to take their property to build the new Music City Convention Center. O’Neill currently lobbies for Deja Vu in Nashville and Mouse’s Ear in Knoxville, and she says she stays in touch with ACE Executive Director Angelina Spencer about bills coming up in Tennessee. “It’s a never ending battle whether we have a statewide association or not.”
EXPO: Owners and club personnel from Deja Vu in Nashville; Visions Cabaret and The Pony Clubs in Memphis; and the Boobie Bungalow in Elkton have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. The ED Database lists 25 adult clubs in Tennessee.
Suggested Contact: Tracy O’Neill says club owners in the state can contact her if they are interested in starting a statewide association again. She can be reached at (615) 792-3766,

thumb teamstate3TEXAS
Texas Entertainment Association (TEA)

Active: Yes
Started: 1993
Meets: Monthly during the State Legislative Sessions which is January through May of odd years, and quarterly or as needed outside of those session months.
Primary contact:
Scott Burch—President
Numerous Dallas clubs, (214) 341-1254,
David Fairchild—Vice President/secretary
The Men’s Club, Dallas and Houston, (214) 654-9100,
Advisory attorneys: The association is represented full time by  a lobby team to protect the interest of the association members.
# members: Approximately 80 club locations participating
Dues: Small percent of revenue billed monthly
Successes: We hold the record for the highest attended COAST meetings.  
Upcoming Challenges: “It’s always a challenge,” says Fairchild. Most recently Operation Choke Point has been a major concern.
EXPO: Numerous Texas adult club owners and personnel attend the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO each year. The ED Database lists 193 adult clubs in Texas.