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Arizona chapter gets political, Michigan clubs host Moving Targets

Editor’s note: We reached out to each active statewide chapter (as listed in the March 2016 issue of Club Bulletin) to get an update on their chapter’s latest activity, upcoming meetings and more. These are the states who responded with fresh updates.

Arizona (PPRA)

sonnys-aceThough the article in the Arizona Republic didn’t specifically refer to the statewide chapter in Arizona, the Public Policy Regulatory Alliance/PPRA (the organizing/lobbying chapter for Arizona’s adult nightclubs) held a unique political event at the Sonny’s Gentlemen’s Club in Chandler. The club is owned by the PPRA’s Executive Director, Rebecca DeVaney.

Billed as “Electile Dysfunction Meet the Candidates and the Pole-iticians,” the event included appearances by several candidates including Cara Trujillo, a Green Party candidate who is running for the House of Representatives; Scott Prior, Democratic Senate candidate in Legislative District 16; and Talia Fuentes, a Democrat who is running a long-shot bid for the 5th Congressional District.

Attendees also heard from “lobbyists who have worked against” the conservative advocacy group Center for Arizona Policy (CAP), got to meet candidates, registered to vote and spoke with the club’s dancers.
According to the Arizona Republic, CAP is an influential voice at the state Capitol, where it advocates for traditional marriage, school choice, religious freedoms, restrictions on abortion and other issues.

“Frankly, it’s a really good way to get some attention,” said Serah Blain, senior strategist with public relations firm Spectrum Experience, in the Arizona Republic article. “Center for Arizona Policy has a lot of clout in Arizona and it’s often hard to get around them. We’re looking for creative ways to inform people.
“Both of our organizations [Spectrum and PPRA] have a vested interest in women’s issues, sex education ... and human trafficking,” added Blain. She said the clubs should be included in policy and legislative discussions at the state Capitol.
For more information, contact DeVaney at (480) 347-5870.

Michigan (ACE of Michigan)

team-state-michiganAt its October monthly member meeting, Thursday October 13 at The Parthenon Restaurant in Detroit’s historic Greektown, ACE of Michigan hosted an extremely productive social media workshop for member adult nightclubs. Chief Marketing Officer Jenna Cross and Senior Marketing Consultant Scott Jelinski of Moving Targets, a top national marketing agency based near Philadelphia, came to Detroit to teach ACE of Michigan members to become experts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Yelp, Google, Reputation Management and more.

“We were impressed with Jenna’s presentation during the recent Expo Social Media Panel and invited her and Scott from Moving Targets to come in and expand on everything a club needs to know about reputation management and how to turn social media likes into paying club customers,” explained ACE of Michigan Executive Director Larry Kaplan. “It’s an evolving topic that’s essential to club success today, yet it’s one that few clubs have really mastered and kept up with,” Kaplan added.

“And the consensus among the large group of attendees from across the state at our October workshop was that Jenna and Scott were extremely informative and the event was a rousing success,” noted Kaplan. “Knowledgeable speakers like Jenna and Scott who are able to demystify social media help us to reinforce the value of state club association membership to our ACE of Michigan club members.”

ACE of Michigan is also planning a COAST anti-trafficking workshop in Dearborn for November 9 and another COAST workshop in the coming months in the Lansing area.
Update provided by chapter president Larry Kaplan. To join or support ACE of Michigan or ACE Detroit Efforts, email or call (313) 815-3311.

California (ACE of CA)

Last chapter meeting was in NOLA -Aug 2016 We discussed the summary of all legislation and accomplishments from 2006 to date. We discussed opportunities for new legislation and strategies and making sure we are proactive and staying ahead of the curve as opposed to being reactive.
The next open meeting will be in Las Vegas in Aug. 2017 at the EXPO. ACE of CA Board Members meet or do a conference call a couple times a year especially if there are pertinent issues that arise.  
Update provided by ACE of CA President Reda Beebe. For more information, call (323) 394-9008 or email

North Carolina (NCHEA)

NCHEA is considering conducting a COAST Training Program and a general membership and legislative update meeting in the first quarter of 2017 in Fayetteville or the eastern segment of the state. Contact Winston Hines, Communications, at (864) 580-3826 or for more information.

Florida (SEA)

Florida’s SEA (Sunshine Entertainment Association) welcomes two new members: Jim Dato, Diamond Dolls in Pinellas Park, FL, and Ryan Hodges, Panama City. We’re waiting to see how the November elections fare and will be meeting in January with SEA members in Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami for our annual COAST meetings.

Also, expecting the Florida legislature to begin some “pre-filing” of bills. We are working with NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), government and law enforcement in various cities and states on human trafficking related issues.
Update provided by Angelina Spencer. For more information, contact Angelina at (202) 220-3019 or email

KANSAS (EEG: Equal Entertainment Group)

Although we were again successful in preventing job killing, anti-business legislation in the 2015-2016 sessions, we are facing a large turnover of Legislators and Leadership. Which translates to many who haven’t had the advantage of all the facts, public hearings, constituents responses and testimony.  Therefore we will be starting from the beginning for those elected officials.  We anticipate a substantial effort but with the support of our businesses, we are hopeful that we may prevail again, given the time and resources.
Update provided by Philip Bradley. For more information, call (785) 766-7492 or email

Louisiana (NOLA)

A group of Louisiana entertainers has sued the state to overturn the new law banning topless dancing for any female under 21. So far, that battle is looking good. Check out for details.
Update provided by Deja Vu’s Jason Mohney. For more information, email Mohney at or contact Charles Bass at

Washington DC (ACE of DC)

This chapter held a meeting just as this issue of Bulletin was going to press, on October 19. For more information, contact Angelina Spencer at (202) 220-3019.or email