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“Play Ball,” “Rock or Bust” and “Sweet Candy”


There are some bands who never, ever change their formula—it’s like they’ve been writing the same album for 20, 30 years. When you say that and the band you’re referring to is AC/DC, it’s seen as a compliment, at least as far as the band and its fans are concerned. Starting with their first CD with “new” singer Brian Johnson (following the death of original singer Bon Scott in 1980), “Back in Black,” they’ve employed a signature sound and style that has never, ever wavered. In other words, if you love AC/DC, you’ll love the three tracks from their brand new disc Rock or Bust. Once again, it’s vintage AC/DC—Johnson’s gravely voice, lead guitarist Angus Young’s Gibson SG on full display, and big, fat, sing-along choruses at every turn. Truly, the only thing different this time around is the absence of main songwriter and arguably the best rock rhythm guitarist of all time, Malcom Young (Angus’ brother), who now suffers from dementia and lung cancer. (Then there’s drummer Phil Rudd, who was arrested for trying to have a man killed and drug possession …). Still, they’re performing at this year’s Grammy’s, proving that they’re just as viable today as they were 30 years ago. Rock or bust indeed! — Dave Manack


flo rida Flo Rida feat. Sage the Gemini and Lookas

If there’s ever been a song made for the club, it’s this one. "GDFR" (Going Down For Real) by Flo Rida is nothing short of an irresistible, saxophone-infested jam that is guaranteed to be a chart topper. Flo Rida enlisted well known verse spitter Sage the Gemini to carry the chorus, infusing the perfect combination of hip-hop, club and funk with the mixture of the two rappers’ vocal tones. This single manages to build a club-ready beat around a bluesy woodwind riff almost seamlessly, and will have patrons and entertainers alike begging you to play it again. — Brittany Black

nichole bang


Nicole Scherzinger

Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger is back on the scene and hotter than ever with the sultry and seductive new single “Bang.” “Bang” has a slower tempo, but doesn’t lack the ability to captivate you with its sensual beat and lyrics. With this track playing, it’s impossible for your entertainers not to feel sexy and in charge. Dancers and guests alike will feel intoxicated by Scherzinger’s smooth vocals in “Bang,” setting perfect tone for a sexy atmosphere. — Melissa Bonilla

santa cruz

"Wasted & Wounded"

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz isn’t bringing a classic sound and style back so much as they are bringing their own, modernized version of a beloved style to the masses with their new single “Wasted & Wounded.” The song begins with a softer, almost “clubby” intro, but quickly picks up in a collision of electric guitar, drums and fierce vocals that seems to fit the bands retro ‘80s style more appropriately. Still, while it’s a bit of a mash-up stylistically, it it just catchy enough to catch the attention of dancers and patrons alike. — Brittany Black



David Guetta ft. Sam Martin

Don’t let the soft piano intro of French DJ David Guetta’s “Dangerous” fool you. This edgy single will leave you wanting—and begging—for more. Surprisingly, “Dangerous” manages to sound both futuristic and old-school at the same time. With this creative new sound and a hard-hitting mid-tempo beat, Guetta is bringing something fresh and fierce to the table with “Dangerous.” Previous Guetta collaborator Sam Martin lends his amazing vocals to the track, instantly making “Dangerous” an epic hit. With Martin belting out lyrics like “It’s dangerous, so dangerous/ I wanna do it again,” you’re bound to be playing this track more than once. — Melissa Bonilla



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