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Hellyeah “Human

From their forthcoming album Undeniable, heavy-hitting hard rockers Hellyeah showcase a big chorus and undeniable groove with the track “Human.” It’s hard to believe that this “all-star” band, featuring ex-members of Pantera, Mudvayne and Nothingface have been together for a decade, yet here they with their fifth release as the band continues to evolve thanks to new additions Kyle Sanders (brother of Mastodon‘s Troy Sanders) and guitarist Christian Brady. Speaking about the new record, guitarist Tom Maxwell stated, “There’s a lot of new stuff coming out that we’ve never tried before, and a lot of heavy s–t … It’s gonna be moody, it’s gonna be dark, it’s gonna be crushing, it’s gonna be heartbreaking, it’s gonna be everything.”

ashes to new 

From Ashes to New “Lost and Alone

Hard rock, hip-hop-style vocals and synths collide with the Pennsylvania-based quartet From Ashes to New’s track “Lost and Alone.” Though the band often draws comparisons to Linkin Park and Hollywood Undead, it’s clear that their first proper full-length disc Day One has them aspiring to be much more. In fact, the band charges straight ahead into arena rock style, which is fitting considering their recent tour opening for Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach.

 Stitched Up Heart - 1 - Hristo Shindov sAKd04M.jpg

Stitched Up Heart “Monster

The vocals sound pop, the music sounds post-nu-metal. This hybrid, showcased by Stitched Up Heart, makes for an interesting combination, and it’s on full display with the track “Monster.” Vocalist Alecia "Mixi" Demner is clearly the stand-out with this LA-based outfit, whose sound and style continues to change (and most recently, draws favorable comparisons to Evanescence and In This Moment). “Monster” rocks, but it’s still very accessible for the guys and gals alike.


Bleeker  “Highway

After 12 years toiling away in northern Toronto and across Canada, Bleeker has gotten their big U.S. break with their album Erase You, as the track “Highway” appears on the latest installment of StripJoints. Musically, Bleeker combines a classic rock swagger with psych-tinged grooves, placing them among Royal Blood, Struts, The Black Keys, and Jet in the alt-rock spectrum.  Highway" resonates with its handclaps and garage pop vibe, and the track is uptempo from stem to stern.

 mother feather

Mother Feather “Mother Feather

An interesting mix of alt-rock grooves and glam rock style, Mother Feather is hard to pin down. With the charismatic dual vocals of Ann Courtney and Elizabeth Carena (who also works the keyboards), the NYC-based quintet can rock your face off but still be listenable and have that sexy edge you’ll get from women screaming through a catchy chorus.


Kongos “Take It From Me”

Kongos’ “Take It From Me” is the first single off the band’s forthcoming third album, Egomaniac, set for release on June 10. The band had become known for its recognizable sound, which derives both from Western rock music as well as rhythm-based Western African music. Jesse Kongos’ heavy drumming and Johnny Kongos’ talented accordion work lay the foundations of what has come to be a trademark sound for the foursome, and “Take It From Me” finds Kongos further exploring the depths of their sound.

 og maco

OG Maco x TWRK “Do What It Do”

As one reviewer put it, if you’re planning on having a “twerk fest” some time soon, then OG Maco and TWRK have the perfect song for you with “Do What It Do.” TWRK, an electronic production crew based in NYC, teamed up with Maco for a club-oriented jam with bouncy drums, later joined by a blast of horns. And if you need further proof of its strip-club-worthiness, check out these Twain-esque lyrics: “Bounce that ass to the beat; Show me you a freak make it do what it do.”


 3 doors down

3 Doors Down “In the Dark

It’s been quite a while—five years, to be exact—since the alt-rockers from Mississippi cranked out a new batch of radio-ready tunes. But 3 Doors Down is back, and the track “In the Dark” (“She likes to do it in the dark,” exclaims vocalist Brad Arnold) comes from the upcoming sixth studio album titled Us and the Night. You know exactly what you’re getting with the band that brought you “Kryptonite,” “When I’m Gone” and “Here Without You.” This new one, “In the Dark,” is sleek and just sexy enough for your alt-rockin’ entertainers to groove to.



Rob Zombie Well, Everybody’s Fuckin’ in a UFO

This won't be the first time that listeners will be wondering, “what the hell is Rob Zombie sining about in this song?” But will it matter? With a title like “Well, Everybody’s Fuckin’ in a UFO,” it’s gonna get people’s attention. It’s a wild ride in the Rob Zombie wonderland, as we hear the story of a “one-eyed super wolf” who slowly comes to the realization that, “Well, Everybody’s Fuckin’ in a UFO.” Don’t try to make sense of it. Just enjoy the hillbilly rockin’ insanity.



Bibi Bourelly Ego

Not going to lie, Bourelly has real deal talent. First as a songwriter (she got her start writing for Rhianna) and next as a soul singer. Armed with a bluesy, full voice that doesn't sound like it’s coming from a girl her early 20s, “Ego” is her coming out, with its braggadocio ("I won't never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give a fuck") only undercut by the apparent skill at hand. Bourelly will have other hits, surely, but what your girls can't dance to they'll find immensely quotable.


Flo Rida “Dirty Mind

Here we are with that “second verse same as the first” feeling. If you spun "My House" last month and wondered if Flo Rida was done supplying strip clubs with Saturday night soundtracks then fret not, dear DJ, “Dirty Mind” is a return to the typical twerk jump off. First the beat, and then the hook, now repeat with respectable Flo flow.


hellyeahbloodforbloodcover 638

Hellyeah “Sangre por Sangre

Vocalist Chad Gray, drummer Vinnie Paul (ex-Pantera) and company are back with “Sangre por Sangre” (blood for blood) from their fourth studio album, Blood For Blood. This metal supergroup of sorts (Gray from Mudvayne and guitarist Tom Maxwell from Nothingface, along with Paul) continues to evolve, this time with metal producer extraordinaire Kevin Churko behind the dials. The band appears to have moved completely away from the more “southern” metal stylings of earlier albums for a more focused, driving, heavy-rock approach. “Sangre por Sangre” showcases the 2016 version of Hellyeah, and it’s quite possibly the best the band has ever sounded.


lil durk

Lil Durk “My Beyonce

Chicago's Lil Durk isn't, nor will he ever be, New York's Jay-Z, but that won't stop him from scoring his version of Jigga's wife. Like “Boo”' or “Bae” in the urban dictionary, Beyonce is now a term of endearment for guys who find that the label of girlfriend to be, gosh, we don't know...unequivocal? Everyone wants a Beyonce, but not everyone is Hove. (Holla, bitches). Syrupy in ways we can't seem to understand, sweeter than three minutes of your average "my-hoe-is-so-bad" lyric, your younger entertainers can slow twerk to it and feel all fuzzy inside.

etf 2015

Escape the Fate “Alive

From their fifth studio album Hate Me, the tribe of hard rockers from Vegas present the track “Alive.” Despite numerous lineup shakeups over the past six years, the band has continued to evolve as they inch closer to a more “mainstream” rock sound, a departure from their early “emo,” darker roots. The chug-chug riff gives way to the big chorus; it’s a formula you’re familiar with, and it’s still effective.

ashes to new

Ashes to New “Land of Make Believe

For those who still sport a copy of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory in your TransAm's center console, comes this Lancaster, PA nu-metal outfit who sound as earnest as a band could sound while holding on to the belief that rap-rock is still a viable sub-genre. Strictly for your girls who buy their on-stage attire at Hot Topic.


flo rida my house

Flo-Rida – “My House”

Run-DMC once rhymed about their sneakers, so why can't Flo Rida rap about his house? Hip-hop stars such as Flo once made a career out of releasing strip-club-friendly bangers (Exhibit A: "Low"). But now on his fourth LP, "My House,” Flo has seemingly had enough, trading the shots in the club—and those boots with the fur—for Netflix and Chill at his crib. Dance in your underwear, we suppose. Never known for his implications beyond the obvious, "My House" is another Flo product that will have you rapping along in your club, or car, or house. Mi Casa es Su Casa, Senor Rida. — Kristofer Kay


Janet Jackson (featuring Missy Elliott) – “BURNITUP”

Now in her third decade of creating club-ready pop, Janet Jackson (that's Ms. Jackson, if you're still nasty) continues her ways with “BURNITUP!” Found on her eleventh studio album, Unbreakable, Jackson teams ups with Missy Elliott to craft another number, pushing Janet's brand of endemic dance just far enough into modernity without embarrassing herself or her faithful followers of the rhythm nation. — Kristofer Kay

def leppard

Def Leppard – “Let’s Go”

Hard to believe the boys from Sheffield, England, have been producing their own brand of rock music for close to 40 years now. And yet, here they are again with their newest, self-titled album, Def Leppard, proving that they’re as close to ageless as you’ll find. Sure, it’s been almost 30 years since they wrote what may be the number-two strip club anthem ever—“Pour Some Sugar On Me”—but that doesn’t mean they can’t still crank out that classic Leppard sound. “Let’s Go,” the lead track from the album that was released just a few months ago, boasts the huge, hook-y choruses and rocking guitars the band has always been known for. — Dave Manack 

marilyn manson

Marilyn Manson – “The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles”

Named after the demon featured in German folklore, this autobiographical track serves as the centerpiece for Marilyn Manson’s latest album, The Pale Emperor. This mid-tempo rocker seems to showcase exactly where Manson is in his career, and it feels like a long way from the aggression of “Antichrist Superstar.” Still dark, still brooding, yet a more dare I say “mature” version of the man who used to cut himself with broken glass on stage.  — Dave Manack


Ghost – “Absolution”

Few bands have appeared on the “rock” scene in the past few years that have created a stir like the one generated by Sweden’s Ghost (aka Ghost B.C.).  Why the stir? Maybe it’s because they offer a mystifying combination of catchy, pop-infused choruses and memorable riffs with over-the-top satanic imagery and lyrics—their singer, Papa Emeritus, comes on stage dressed as a satanic pope, while the rest of the band remains anonymous behind masks. You either love them or loathe them, but either way, they’re generating a reaction (and have even appeared as live musical guests on “Late Night With Stephen Colbert”). And before you say, no way a strip club can play a song by a band like this, first, check out “Absolution” from their third and newest album, Meliora. Then, remember that you’re a strip club DJ, and you have a set of balls. Horns up. — Dave Manack

winery dogs

The Winery Dogs – “Captain Love”

While the term “supergroup”—when a selection of accomplished musicians come together to form a new band—is thrown around too easily, The Winery Dogs justify that moniker. This power trio features guys known as one of the best at their chosen instruments: Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan and Mike Portnoy (guitars/vocals, bass and drums, respectively). If you don’t know their pedigree, that’s ok: one Google search and you’ll find out. But despite being aficionados at their instruments, their music is surprisingly accessible. Take their new track “Captain Love,” for example. Kotzen’s raspy yet tuneful vocals are very reminiscent of Chris Cornell, while Sheehan and Portnoy provide a rhythmic groove that moves. While some supergroups have a short shelf life, expect to see The Winery Dogs around for years to come. — Dave Manack

Health – “Flesh World” 

 Though often described as a “noise-rock” band, L.A.’s Health delivers a retro-sounding club-minded dance track with “Flesh World,” which appears on the band’s latest effort, Death Magic. With a title like that, you’d imagine this as something bordering on dark or aggressive, but “Flesh World” is anything but. Think a modern version of Depeche Mode, and you have a glimpse into the vibe behind the band and the track.  — Dave Manack
robin schulz

Robin Schulz – “Sugar” PLUS 6 extra remixes

If you're detecting some audible larceny here, it's because “Sugar” by DJ Schulz is a remix of the formerly faddish 2003 track, "Suga Suga" from Baby Bash. Schulz double dips here by plundering the beat while Canadian singer Francesco Yates is featured as well. Homage? Better than the original? You be the judge. — Kristofer Kay

Galantis – “Peanut Butter Jelly” 

 We were half hoping this was a Swedish remix of the Buckwheat Boyz' "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" once made famous by “Family Guy,” but instead this is another European electro-pop track by the Swedish electronic music production and songwriting duo Christian "Bloodshy" Karlsson from Miike Snow, and Linus Eklöw aka Style of Eye. It’s ready made for clubs everywhere that showcase electro house and/or dance pop. — Kristofer Kay
1426184737 FirstDecree 02 Cameraman2014

First Decree – “Stop” 

With riffs and harmonies that'll remind fans of Sevendust in their prime, the Wyoming outfit First Decree rises to the mainstream with “Stop." While not reinventing the modern rock wheel, as in they wouldn't dare go near it, frontman Travis James shows impressive range as their leader. Radio-ready, somewhat safe, but easy to like. — Kristofer Kay



Jeremih “Oui”

Back in '09 Jeremih was that smooth operator who crooned and coddled his way into the nation’s polka dotted panties by singing all about his “Birthday Sex”.  Now he’s back with “Oui”, a word French women use when having sex. You see a trend emerging here? Once again this Jeremih (remember no A, needed) doesn’t stray to far from familiar territory.  But at least, his linguistics is expanding.


Rick Ross “Sorry” 

Even the bawse Rick Ross knows its better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission with his new track, ‘Sorry’. Partnering this time with renowned lip-splitter Chris Brown—a noted apologist to females on more than one occasion—who sings back up vocals like some sort of sad sidekick, ‘Sorry’, is the Maybach’s CEO mea culpa to his main girl after she discovers he was out scheming with some basic b*tch at Club Rollexx. Rose’ wants you to know that, hey girl, sensitive thugs need hugs too. Especially when they get caught cheating.

tumblr nqpvcb8Api1qfd1pgo1 1280

Big Sean “Play No Games”

Just like Sean Anderson (aka Big Sean) we're suckers for nostalgia and 'Play No Games' delivers the right mix of a mid 90's R&B beat behind Sean's postmodern lyricism about everyday things, but mostly "killing the pussy".  The track has been getting attention because of its parody video homaging the sitcom "Martin". Sadly your club doesn't play many videos so the song's novelty may go unnoticed, but Big Sean's mission to metaphorically murder vaginas will endure. 


Allday “You Always Know The DJ”

We may be old curmudgeons calloused by years of listening to heavy metal, but we can still groove when the mood strikes us. And guess what? This Allday kid smacked us upside our head with "You Always Know the DJ". Twenty-four-year-old Australian rapper Tom Gaynor, otherwise known as Allday, has a flow just smooth enough to help us forget that we are listening to an Australian white rapper who's the first name isn't Iggy. 


Aranda ”We Are The Enemy”

Sounding like the valedictorians from the Shinedown seminary school of nu-grunge, Aranda isn't your adversary but they want to convince you that they are. Cause, moderate yelling! And loud guitars! And, yeah! As a two-piece, their overtly-muscular form of radio-friendly rock comes off as the pissed-off little bother version of Local H. But bluster aside 'We Are The Enemy' isn't that threatening. To anyone. In fact, your entertainers who would rather dance to modern rock will find allies with Aranda, if nothing else. Hope the band isn't disappointed.


Strange Talk “When It Feels So Good”

Straight up, the most danceable track on this edition's Strip Joints CD. Lively, florid, and meant to be played when your club is bumping during a peak, high-energy Saturday night, "When It Feels So Good" will be felt during each spin.  Put this in your rotation and you'll be taking requests for it soon enough.

Jeezy "Sweet Life ft Janelle Monae"  

 "Sweet Life" is another inspirational effort from hip-hop veteran Young Jeezy, as he documents how his persistence has shaped his career and his life. He continues to imagine himself as the "ghetto prophet," and his message becomes more resonant when combined with Monae's background vocals.

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