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  VOL 68
Maroon 5

Maroon 5
What Lovers Do

It seems when Adam Levine isn’t helping coach aspiring singers on NBC’s The Voice, he’s the pipes behind another smash hit for Maroon 5 with “What Lovers Do.” Reaching highs, literally, that few voices can, Levine teams up with R&B singer SZA for this indelibly catchy track that has a tropical feel in the same vein as 2016’s “Don’t Wanna Know” that featured Kendrick Lamar. Clearly Maroon 5 isn’t afraid to take risks and frankly, they’ve achieved the level of status where they’re afforded that luxury. “What Lovers Do” isn’t reinventing the wheel as much as it is sticking to a tried-and-true formula.

thumb 30 seconds to mars

Thirty Seconds to Mars
Walk On Water

“Walk On Water” is the lead single off the fifth album from Thirty Seconds to Mars. The track picked up widespread play when it was performed at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. Despite the religiously tinged title, the song plays like a patriotic anthem. Indeed, the song was tapped by ESPN as one of its songs promoting college football with its rallying cry questioning if you “believe that you can walk on water?/Do you believe that you can win this fight tonight?” As the ever-present frontman, Jared Leto carries this tune though the vocal range isn’t necessarily on par with the band’s best-charting single, “The Kill.” But fans of the band and fans who aren't numb to the song from ESPN’s serving will enjoy this tune.

thumb OT genasis

O.T. Genasis
Everybody Mad

O.T. Genasis is a Long Beach-based hip-hop artist whose biggest claim to fame (thus far) is probably the track "CoCo," which isn't talking about chocolate or beans. But O.T. Genasis is back with "Everybody Mad," which features an indelibly catchy beat like "CoCo." With a haunting keyboard in the background, O.T. Genasis raps about everyone being mad that he has become a success, despite naysayers from his earlier days. It's hard to say this song will reach the heights that "CoCo" did, but for fans of the genre—especially the artist—this song will get the job more than done. As for clubs, this song is an easy sell to bump in the background. As stated previously, the subtle piano is the real hero in this song.

thumb Granny 4 Barrel

Granny 4 Barrel
Freak Flag

Calling themselves a "Neo-Victorian steampunk shock rock nightmare," Granny 4 Barrel conveys precisely that message with their single "Freak Flag." The song comes out guns blazing with eponymous chants. Flying beneath the radar, but not to be ignored, is the fiddle that gives this rock anthem a unique and memorable sound. With a new band like this promoting this single, part of the appeal to the track is in the music video itself. The band's name isn't just a gimmick—the band is fronted by a grandmotherly character. And you get that in the first 30 seconds of the video. As the song's title would suggest, this track is an anthem about letting your Freak Flag fly proudly.

thumb Soil band

Gimme Some Lovin’”

Well, this is definitely a “new take” on a classic. SOiL, a Chicago-based hard rock band, covers The Spencer Davis Group’s iconic song “Gimme Some Lovin’”. Without knowing this is a cover, the song stands fine on its own. But once discovered, it’s hard not to hear SOiL’s version without letting your mind drift to the 1966 version. Having said that, SOiL does an admirable job with the heavier infusion of guitar play. For any rocker, this track will blend in seamlessly in their catalogue. And for those who have an old soul, this contemporary rock version is also worth the listen for the inevitable comparison and contrast.

thumb Al Capone

Mozart La Para
Al Capone

Dominican-based Mozart La Para wasted no time in starting 2018 with a bang. As the first artist signed under the Roc Nation Latin division, eyes were certainly on Mozart La Para to see how he would fare as one Roc Nation’s—the entertainment company founded by JAY-Z—newer discoveries. “Al Capone” doesn’t disappoint and proves a foundation upon which to build as Mozart becomes more well known to American audiences serving as Dominican-infused trap music. One major caveat of this song is the lyrics are 99% in Spanish, so it lends itself more to be played in the background since depending on the audience, the song may be lost in translation.

thumb Messer

Make This Life

With fleeting moments of hard pop, this hard rock track by Dallas group Messer is a precursor to the band's album set to drop later this year. Featuring an anthemic chorus, "Make This Life" demands the listener to make their life worth fighting for. The chorus is a clean contrast to the grimier feel of the rest of the vocals. Fans of mainstream rock will eat this song up, as they have already which boosted the song to number 40 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs. Again, this song blends bits and pieces of a harder rock identity with a poppier undercurrent that gives it a more inclusive feel than some hard rock songs that may turn off non-listeners of the genre.

thumb Indian Trap

Indian Trap (feat. KresZenzia)
Look Like Monayyy

Jay Singh, professionally known as Indian Trap, has rubbed shoulders with some of the most renown DJs in the world, including Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold and David Guetta. Now, Indian Trap, a London-bred DJ, is carving out his own niche starting with “Look Like Monayyy,” with some help from female rapper KresZenzia. This song is quite unique in that it fuses elements of trap music with Singh’s familial musical background in Punjabi, Bhangra and Bollywood music—hence the moniker Indian Trap. While KresZenzia’s vocals complement the track and vibe of the single nicely, the star of this production is the exotic sounds of Indian Trap sound.

thumb Mad Love

Sean Paul
Mad Love

This song has heavy hitters Sean Paul and David Guetta and features a slugger in her own right, Becky G. All three leave their mark on this incredibly made-for-the-dance-floor track. Sean Paul brings his Jamaican tinge to the vocals, while Becky G provides the All-American vocals and of course David Guetta packs the EDM punch to make it club friendly. While the song is indelibly catchy, its 3:20 running time leaves something to be desired. It’s like a movie with too many stars that leaves a feeling of inadequate screen time for each.

thumb Old Dominion

Old Dominion
A Girl Is A Gun

Country fans will probably know “A Girl Is A Gun” from Old Dominion’s Happy Endings album, which was released fall 2017. The five-piece band delivers a modern country ballad with “A Girl Is A Gun” with a drum opening bleeding into Matthew Ramsey’s vocals. The chorus is infectiously catchy and this is a great song for pretty much any setting—whether it’s blaring in your headphones as you reminisce on some past love or it’s coming out of the PA at your local watering hole as you’re shooting, no pun intended, the breeze with some friends.

thumb Farina

Mucho Pa Ti

Farina joins Mozart La Para as a Roc Nation Latin signee. The Colombian-born rapper is showing women are every bit as capable of their male peers when it comes to the rap game—if that wasn’t clear already. Sure, the numbers may still be in favor of men, but more and more women are making a name for themselves in this genre. “Mucho Pa Ti,” which is Farina’s most mainstream hit thus far, is another Spanish-language number. “Mucho Pa Ti” translates to “too much for you” and following that translation, Farina crosses names off a list saying men can’t handle her and that she doesn’t need them. If she keeps the hits rolling out like this, it will be evident that the urban pop genre does need Farina.

  VOL 66

olivia holt

Olivia Holt "Generous"

Olivia Holt's sultry vocals somewhat belie her age, but the former Disney star is in the giving mood with her new single "Generous." The Tennessee native's song starts off with a catchy beat and the tune’s catchiness only ratchets up once Holt starts singing. This bubblegum pop jingle slowly but surely grows on you and is a true guilty pleasure song—the kind you sing along to in the car with only yourself as the audience. Ultimately this song is the type that can easily be played in the background and fades into the ambiance of the night—plus it doesn't hurt that the title makes for an aptly named dancer song!

 alice cooper

Alice Cooper “Genuine American Girl”

Yes, Alice Cooper — that Alice Cooper — is still around. And yes, he’s still making new music. And yes, it’s damn good! Though a long way from the shock rocker that he was in the 1970s, Alice Cooper can still write a damn fine rock song, and on his new album Paranormal, he doesn’t stray far from a tried-and-true formula. Written from the female perspective, the new track “Genuine American Girl” adheres to his catchy rock ’n’ roll aesthetic — it’s simple, upbeat and fun. And its chorus sounds like it could come right out of the mouth of a club entertainer: “I’m a genuine American girl/A bonafide beauty in an ugly world/My vision of pure femininity/Yeah, I'm a genuine American girl/From my ruby red lips to my bleached blonde curls/I’m everything I hoped to be.”  - Dave Manack

Big Boi 

Big Boi “Chocolate”

Big Boi is back. The Atlanta-based rapper—and one half of legendary Southern hip hop group Outkast—has come out with his third album, “Boomiverse.” One of the hits from this album is “Chocolate,” which features Los Angeles rapper Trozé. This is a bona fide banger that blends house music and rap. While the two at first mention may seem like they mix as well as oil and water, in this instance the two meld beautifully. When he raps, Big Boi is still the guy who delivers pristine lines effortlessly and the in-your-ears techno bass just amplifies the chorus. Your club-going audiences are sure to eat this track up

unk  Unk “Walk It Out”

Dial back the way-back machine. Rapper Unk, another artist who came from the Atlanta hip hop scene, made inroads into the public consciousness with “Walk It Out” and “2 Step,” with the former being a Billboard top 10 hit. While “Walk It Out” may not be a lyrical masterpiece, the song is unquestionably catchy and birthed a dance craze about a decade ago. So why is this song being brought up now you may ask? It’s because Unk has returned with a new album, “Fresh Off Dem Papers,” which features a newly recorded version of his smash hit. Here’s hoping the dance hasn’t lost any of its flare.

shamans harvest_  Shaman’s Harvest “The Come Up”

Fresh off of a three-month nationwide tour opening for Nickelback and Cheap Trick, rock quintet Shaman’s Harvest has released “The Come Up,” the newest single from their sixth studio album Red Hands Black Deeds. Talk about perseverance, the band has been chugging away since the late ‘90s, and their vocalist, Nathan “Drake” Hunt, even endured a bout with throat cancer. Yet he, and the band, are thriving, as evidenced by the gritty, southern-tinged, vintage sounds provided by “The Come Up.” Hunt’s strong vocals show no evidence of a throat cancer battle fought and won; instead, it’s led to a more mature, more nuanced sound. Catch them this fall/winter with Seether. - Dave Manack

chase atlantic  Chase Atlantic “Into It”

On their own website, this three-piece, Australia-based group describes itself as “dark alternative pop punctuated by rock and R&B.” If that description leaves you clueless, look no further than this track from their eponymous album. “Into It” is a slow-paced song that features lyrical hints of hip hop meshed artfully with vocal growls that perhaps belie the band’s grungier beginnings.  With roughly 30 seconds left in the song, a vintage saxophone solo slices through the song and arguably steals the spotlight of the entire song. Band member, Christian Anthony, says the song mimics the band’s own evolving lifestyle, “You’re acknowledging that this something you’re into and can roll with.” With a unique—and pleasantly unexpected—sound, this song is something to easily get into.

fat joe  Fat Joe “So Excited”

You may find it hard to believe that it’s been 24 years since Fat Joe came out with his debut album, Represent. And yet, it really has been that long for the Bronx rapper who is out with his first single, “So Excited” off of his as-yet-unreleased next album The Book of Joe. First thing’s first, Fat Joe deserves some credit for tipping his hat to Motown by sampling “Don’t Look Any Further” by Dennis Edwards (a 1984 hit). This song also features Dre (not Dr. Dre, an important distinction between the two). This song is vintage Fat Joe, rapping about making (and staying) big and in it he proves he hasn’t lost a step as he approaches 50.
VOL 65

all american_rejects  All-American Rejects “Sweat”

Stillwater, Oklahoma isn't just home to Oklahoma State University as it is also the birthplace of the All-American Rejects. Sure, you probably know this band for its most recent hit "Gives You Hell." You definitely know this band if you were anywhere near a radio at any point in the 2000s for their hit singles "Move Along," "Dirty Little Secret" and "It Ends Tonight." But the band is back with their single "Sweat" due on their fifth album later this year. "Sweat" shows the band has grown up from its "Move Along" days, but there is no disputing this is still the same band with the anthemic chorus featured in "Sweat" that gave you the songs this band charted mainstream success with. In fact, this track has all the trappings of a summer banger that will have you mouthing, or singing, along in your car.

toby keith  Toby Keith “Wacky Tobaccy”

There's nothing really Toby Keith hasn't achieved in the country genre. He's untouchable, unfettered by the demands of industry suits or insatiable fans. Still, he isn't complacent as evidenced by "Wacky Tobaccy," which has landed him on country charts yet again. "Wacky Tobaccy" is an ode to the green stuff which opens with Keith's signature drawl before singing about the many ways to partake in marijuana. The music video features—who else—Willie Nelson  Regardless of Keith's own predilections for marijuana, the song comes out at a time when practically countrywide stances on marijuana are softening and altogether changing. Long story short, this song is perfect for country music and/or pot lovers.

the dukes_black_hole  The Dukes “Black Hole Love”

It's The Dukes second time featured on Strip Joints after their track "Fever" was up for review. Just to refresh your memory, The Dukes are an alt rock duo based in Phoenix consisting of Francois "Shanka" Maigret and Greg Jacks. "Black Hole Love" starts out strong with a nice harmony of guitar and drums and the sounds of a harmonica cutting through the opening is a nice touch. Several times throughout the song, there's a paranormal sound that gives this tune a minimally haunting hue, but it only serves to enhance the song. Whether it's in the car or at a club, this song is a perfect song to get everyone alert and jamming.

 portugal the_man Portugal. The Man "Feel It Still"

Trick question: where is Portugal. The Man from? If you guessed Alaska, you are correct! Hailing from Wasilla, Alaska, this band is doing proud The Last Frontier. "Feel It Still" is the band's biggest hit so far, peaking at number one on the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs chart. It also has reached as high as 81 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Feel It Still" soars on the strength of John Gourley's vocals. "Feel It Still" is a catchy tune that elements of horns, bass, and pop. "Feel It Still" is the sort of up-tempo jingle that could fuel an Apple commercial. Despite its inherent groove, "Feel It Still" is socio-political commentary as much as it is catchy. But its catchiness will have you playing this on repeat.

cheap trick  Cheap Trick
“Long Time Coming,” “Brand New Name On An Old Tattoo” & “You Got It Going On”

It’s practically a guarantee that you know a handful of Cheap Trick tunes — “Surrender,” “I Want You to Want Me,” “Dream Police,” “The Flame” — just to name a (legendary) handful. They’re Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, after all. What you may not know is that they’re still together —yes, original members Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen and Tom Petersson — and they have a new album that sounds both classic and current. From that new album, We’re All Alright!, comes three new tunes available to adult club DJs via
The high-energy “You Got It Going On” kickstarts the new disc in fitting Cheap Trick fashion, while “Long Time Coming” is an upbeat track with a ripping solo by Neilsen, featuring some lyrics that may sound right at home in a club (“Shake it, shake it, shake it/About to blow my mind/A real pole grinder/I leave my troubles behind”). “Brand New Name On An Old Tattoo,” which concludes the trifecta, is a down-n-dirty rocker where Zander tells the tale too many of us have faced: Get the name of a lover tattooed on your arm, said lover breaks up with you … now what do you do? You get a new tattoo, that’s what you do! These three songs, and the entire We’re All Alright! CD seem to state, Cheap Trick isn’t just “back,” they never left! - Dave Manack

 blackbear Blackbear “Do Re Mi”

From the creative mind of hip-hop artist Blackbear comes this comically titled track that is a reference to the music education almost any listener over the age of 12 can recall. Although Blackbear may be a new name to some, he’s been in the game for a few years and had his first breakthrough as the co-writer of Justin Bieber’s smash “Boyfriend” in 2012. Listening to “Do Re Mi” you can actually see how Blackbear is reminiscent of Bieber with his voice, although Blackbear definitely seems more abled as a lyricist. The “do, re, mi…” refrain is a great musical touch that is ironically uplifting as a direct contrast with the somber message of the song—that of the conceited, attention-starved lover. This song has already made its inroads on music charts and you should definitely make room for playing this lulling banger.
VOL 64

invidia  Invidia “Feed The Fire”

Sure, you may not have heard of the band Invidia before, but it’s very likely you’ve heard of the bands — Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment and Skinlab — whose former members comprise Invidia. Hailing from Sin City, Invidia is a five-piece that boasts Travis Johnson (vocals), Brian Jackson (guitar/vocals), Matt Snell (bass), Marcos Medina (guitars) and Darren Badorine (drums). Invidia brings elements from the members’ previous bands, yet they display a post-nu-metal sound that’s all their own. It’s evident in this song, which incorporates a melodic intro before bursting with thick guitars and a melodic chorus.

diamante  Diamante “Coming In Hot”

Maybe it’s the gist of the song. It could be the title. The voice definitely doesn’t hurt. Diamante may hate the comparison, but it’s hard not to think of her as being cut from the same cloth, albeit more rockish— as Ke$ha. With her opening line of “Here I am/drink in hand” it harkens back to the insanely popular “Tik Tok” from 2009. “Coming In Hot” references to how Diamante is going into the weekend (sound familiar?). It’s catchy and as aforementioned, a more punk/rock version of Ke$ha. Diamante is a 20-year-old, burgeoning rock star from Boston. Interestingly enough, Diamante describes herself as having an 80s soul. If the comparison to Ke$ha isn’t quite on target, perhaps Diamante would be more receptive to a comparison to 80s rock heroine Pat Benatar. Diamante has a powerful, anthemic voice and the just-sophisticated-enough guitar play two minutes into the song is a pleasant surprise.

 venon inc Venom Inc. “Dein Fleisch”

Venom — yes, the original Venom — is back. Or, mostly back. Venom Inc. is a “‘new’’ band made up of members from the original English black metal/doom band, Venom. The present incarnation is comprised of Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan (vocals, bass guitar), Jeffrey “Mantas” Dunn (guitar) and Anthony “Antton” Lant (drums). “Dein Fleisch,” which is German for “Your Flesh,” is a nearly seven-minute marathon that starts off quite innocently for a band that is considered to be a pioneer for thrash and black metal. Demolition Man’s vocals are like a haunting whisper before erupting into a crescendo that features Demolition Man annunciating every harsh syllable. The song may be a little too rough around the edges for the majority of clubs and club goers, but with the right audience — and given the band members’ pedigree — this could get an enthusiastic reaction.

Kaleido  Kaleido “Die Tryin’”

This song doesn’t waste any time starting fast. This track, from the band’s album Experience, sounds reminiscent of No Doubt. Christina Criss’ vocals bring a spunk to the ballad that injects life into the song. Touting themselves as a modern day Detroit incarnation of rock n’ roll, “Die Tryin’” exemplifies exactly that. This song has broad appeal because it’s not hard rock. And while the lyrics leave something to be desired, the sound more than makes up for it. This would definitely be a song DJs can play in the club, but maybe earlier in the night since it seems like it would fade into the background because of its gentler nature.

starset  Starset “Monster”

“Monster” is the first single off Starset’s second album, Vessels. Starset, a four-piece band hailing from Columbus, Ohio that has experienced success with “Monster” reaching number 2 on the Billboard US Mainstream Rock Songs in May. The track opens with a steady buildup to a welcomed steady beat and frontman Dustin Bates’s steady vocals. The song is anthemic, decrying technology (depending on how you hear the song or see the music video). And if one end of the song’s spectrum is soothing, this song manages to find the other end with spikes of Bates’s soulful howling. This song—and by extension the band—is the type that is incredibly popular with rock genre enthusiasts, heightened if they’ve listened to the band’s first album, Transmissions. The scope of Monster is wide-ranging enough though, that it would be well suited as pseudo background music for an adult nightclub.
VOL 63

iggy mo_bounce

Iggy Azalea “Mo Bounce”

Iggy Azalea has been relatively quiet since her breakout fame from 2014 with The New Classic, which spawned “Fancy” and “Black Widow.” She had planned for her second album’s release in 2016, but a split with her fiance meant music had to take a backseat to calibrate her personal life. But the voluptous rapper from Down Under is back with her second single off her upcoming album Digital Distortion, “Mo Bounce,” which could be a nod to her 2013 single, “Bounce.” The 2017 iteration, “Mo Bounce,” is a reference to the movement a woman’s derriere makes. But based on the lyrics which point to partying in a club all night long, the titular word could also refer to a sound system turned up incredibly loud. But the repetitive nature of the song — Azalea says the word ‘Bounce’ 133 times — leaves something to be desired and probably won’t achieve her previous heights.
yg pop_it_shake_it

YG “Pop It Shake It”

Compton-based rapper YG, who made inroads in the music industry with his debut single, “Toot It and Boot It,” a popular club song, is out with a single from his upcoming mixtape Just Re’d Up 3: Know Your Worth. It stands to reason then, that this track by YG talks about the moves an entertainer makes at an adult club. He doesn’t waste much time either, with a line about trying to get a lap dance with his eyes closed. But it’s not all objectification here as YG goes on to rap about the woman’s ambition by making it out of the struggle, “I respect her hustle, yeah/...put her in a mansion, yeah.” The chorus features YG rapping about the gyrations of an entertainer, “Let me see you pop it like rubber bands … Can you sit it all in my right hand?” In conjunction with some of his past numbers, this song also lends itself perfectly to any adult nightclub.


Airbourne “It’s All for Rock N’ Roll”

If there’s such a thing as being “more AC/DC than AC/DC,” then Airbourne fits that mold. Airbourne, like AC/DC, was born in Australia, and they sound as if they’re a seamless mix of the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras. In Airbourne’s case, they have Angus Young, Bon Scott and Brian Johnson rolled up into one with lead vocalist/lead guitarist Joel O’Keeffe. But on “It’s All For Rock N’ Roll” (from their latest disc Breakin’ Outta Hell), it’s all about the late, great Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. While the music is vintage Airbourne, the song is all about the legacy of the legend that is Lemmy. It’s a bad-ass, in-your-face rocker, just like the man himself. Spin it, and rock the hell out.

sean paul_tek 

Sean Paul “Tek Weh Yuh Heart”

Sean Paul is back at it again with this single, featuring Tory Lanez. The song trademarks Paul’s reggae-infused, Caribbean delivery while Lanez croons as part of the chorus and duets with Paul on the third verse. The song makes for a dance-ready track that alternatively is the perfect background music for a more relaxed atmosphere. Paul is a mainstream media stay thanks to his work with acts such as Beyonce, Jay Sean and more recently Sia on “Cheap Thrills,” which attained the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. While “Tek Weh Yuh Heart,” doesn’t necessarily possess that kind of catchiness or affinity for continuous radio play, it’s a track that harkens back more to Paul’s musical identity.

Trina “Damn”

Trina is one of those acts that is known by a single name. Her accomplishments and consistency in the hip-hop game have garnered her a stellar reputation and she—of course—lives up to it with this track. It’s also indicative of how busy Tory Lanez has been as he was featured on a previously reviewed track collaborating with Sean Paul. This track’s title, and more specifically Lanez’s opening, is paying homage to thick-booty women, “Jumpin’ up and down just to fit it in your jeans, girl.” Trina has some great wordplay, which is to be expected, but this track isn’t a Top-100 darling, it’ll get its play in more hip-hop-driven clubs.

 Alesso Falling_

Alesso “Falling”

The opening of this track, stylistically and vocally, are very reminiscent of Ariana Grande or Rihanna. It’s easy to forget this song is from a Swedish DJ until you reach the break. Unfortunately for this song, there really isn’t much to it in terms of lyrical content. The song in unequivocally true to its title as “falling” is mentioned a whopping 40 times in this song. “Falling” won’t see the kind of radio play that some of Alesso’s contemporaries have had with some of their tunes, but there’s a reason Alesso is sought in high demand for the DJing scenes. This song, while repetitive and somewhat bland, is still bumping enough to find a niche.

jeremih i_think_of_you 

Jeremih “I Think of You”

Jeremih is back at it with this club-inspired tune. “I Think Of You” also features Chris Brown and previous collaborator Big Sean. The song opens with a hauntingly catchy, instrumental 20 seconds before Jeremih cuts through with his verse. It is an ode to a woman who is on his mind after the night they shared and he woke up to an empty be, “It been on my brain all day replayin’ … I miss every minute … My love for you has been a damn dimension.” Chris Brown steps in with his signature vocal style before both Brown and Jeremih croon. Big Sean provides the relaxing ending to the song, because although he raps the fastest, it’s the least sung -- so it compliments the first two-thirds of the song. This song wants to be a club topper, and while it may not be number one, it should have DJs considering it for some play time.

 big sean_bounce_back

Big Sean “Bounce Back”

This track serves as the lead single off Big Sean’s fourth album, I Decided. Based off the very beginning, it’s not hard to hear Kanye West’s influence in the subtle guiro-like sound played in the background. The song is a testament to bouncing back from any defeat or slight. Case and point, the first line of the song “Last night took a L, but tonight I bounce back.” Of course, “Bounce Back” takes on a more suggestive meaning in the hook when he raps about how a woman’s ass bounces back. But beyond its made-for-a-club beat, it’s clear Big Sean is using this song as a vehicle for his own resilience. A lot of critics will point to Big Sean’s level of stardom as a direct result of West and his G.O.O.D. label, but Big Sean is stating in this track that his own work ethic has gotten him where he is, albeit it with some good fortune.


DED “Anti Everything”

Arizona-based alt-metal rockers DED has introduced their own brand of raw, aggressive and unapologetic style that mixes horror and dark imagery to develop a familiar, yet unique sound that sets them apart from other bands. As the band suggests, “If HR Geiger’s art work had a soundtrack, it would be DED. Part Korn, part Limp Bizkit, part Linkin Park—yet with more in-yer-face attitude than either of those—DED his hard and shows no quarter.

Sean Paul_no_lie 

Sean Paul “No Lie”

This song hooks you from the beginning with Dua Lipa’s background vocals “Get the vibe it’s gonna be lit tonight,” before Sean Paul opens by rapping about a woman’s enticing shape. But clearly it isn’t just the physicality that attracts Paul, who doffs his cap to the woman in question “It’s a good piece of mentals under the cap/Hot piece of gear, mami love all your chat.” This song is definitely prime for a gentlemen’s club as Paul raps “hypnotic, the way you move.” Ultimately, the song’s title is an ode to how he feels earnest about this woman. He says as much in the second verse and admits he doesn’t think ladies like it when an interested man beats around the bush. Dua Lipa’s vocals are a nice compliment to Paul’s rapping which makes this track a legitimate nightclub banger.

 steel panther_poontang

Steel Panther “Poontang Boomerang”

If you haven’t jumped on the Steel Panther bandwagon yet (and if you’re a strip club DJ, what are you waiting for?!), you might ask, “Did he just say what I think he said?” Yes, yes he did. There’s no more openly-vulgar-yet-totally-hilarious rock band on the planet today than SoCal’s retro-rock veterans, Steel Panther. They’re back again with a new album—Lower the Bar—and a new track, “Poontang Boomerang.” It’s exactly what you’d hope to expect from this spandex-clad quartet: Catchy vocals and guitar work from Michael Starr and Satchel, respectively, and overtly sexual lyrics. Ever have a hook-up you regret, hoping you’ll never see the girl again—only to have her randomly appear in your life again the next day? It’s called the “Poontang Boomerang.” Listen. Laugh. Enjoy. Repeat.

the dukes 

The Dukes “Fever”

The Dukes are an alt rock duo consisting of Francois “Shanka” Maigret and Greg Jacks. While the band hails from France, it now is based in Phoenix. Jacks comes from his previous band, Superbus, which won an MTV award and earned two French Grammy nominations with one win in 2007 for Best Rock Album. The Dukes are committed to producing a stellar live show and produce all of their visuals themselves, including claymation, animation, video mapping, action figures, and all artwork. Their single “Fever” is a good introduction to this band if you haven’t heard them before. The tune comes strong out of the gate with solid drums and guitar play. The opening vocals have a Arctic Monkeys feel with a tinge of synthesis. As the song goes on, you can hear shades of other acts that have surely inspired the band. But if there’s something that really elevates the value of this song, is its accompanying music video, which is simply awesome in everything from how the music and the cinematography fit to the indie artwork and style.

devour the_day 

Devour The Day “The Bottom”

This Memphis-based hard rock band features two members from Egypt Central, Joey “Chicago” Walser and Blake Allison. Ronnie Farris and David Hoffman round out the four-piece outfit. This track, off their 2016 album S.O.A.R., is a reference to the feeling of being at rock bottom in one’s life. The lyrics are generic, but the music video fascinatingly points to various parts of the singer’s life which could all be viewed as “the bottom.” It’s actually a pretty heartfelt song that is complimented by its hard rock hue to prevent it from necessarily being sappy.

red sun_rising 

Red Sun Rising “Amnesia”

It may be their first album, but Red Sun Rising comes out of the gate in a very impressive way with Polyester Zeal and the single “Amnesia.” It’s packed with as catchy a chorus as one could expect from a relatively new band, and while it rides that fine line between heavy and poppy, the thick guitar grooves keep it balanced. The alt-rock quintet from Akron, Ohio, provides a fun listen that seemingly hides its emotional lyrics with its enthusiastic group vocals: “This is it/Your only one moment in time/Release your grip, don’t roll your eyes/Take a breath, life should be touched not choked to death.”

sons of_texas 

Sons of Texas “Texas Trim”

The track “Texas Trim” is about … pretty much exactly what you think a song called “Texas Trim” is about. It’s’ a salute to the ladies of all shapes and sizes, “No matter race or color,” as frontman Mark Morales implores. The song sucks you in with its ripping guitar play by Jon Olivares and Jes De Hoyas and hooks you with Morales’ soulful howls. It’s a song custom-made for those Southern strip clubs with their bevy of beauties, and the customers who can’t get enough of them.

ball out

BoBo Swae feat. Swae Lee “Ball Out The Lot”

“Ball Out The Lot” is by SremmLife Crew member, BoBo Swae. The song, which could be a new adult club anthem, features one half of the hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee. The track’s title are its opening lines with BoBo Swae talking about revisiting the club and pouring out Ace of Spades and Hennessy. But the lyrics “I love the way you shake that ass up on that pole” and “you doin’ it way too good, a million dollar tip/this what you deserve” clearly talk about having a good time at the club, with a lucky lady making a serious payday by virtue of her moves. Swae Lee has a brief appearance and does the most with it including this gem of a line “at the telly smokin’, don’t disturb.” - Eugenio Torrens
stitched up_heart

Stitched Up Heart “Catch Me When I Fall”

With their debut album, Never Alone, LA-based hard rock band Stitched Up Heart finds their footing after originally being formed in 2010. “Catch Me When I Fail” is the third track of the album and opens with singer Alecia 'Mixi' Demner’s vocals cutting through the heavy guitars and drums as a well-suited complement. According to Demner, the song is a call for help. In her words, it’s “knowing that sometimes you need those who care about you to help you through tough times in life.” This song also aims to catch a wider audience with more mainstream feel to it than other songs on the album. Eugenio Torrens

them evils

Them Evils “Untold”

A consistent drum pounding greets you for the start of “Untold,” the newest single from Them Evils’ third EP release. Them Evils is a rock trio formed on the shores of Huntington Beach, California. The group claims to be inspired by acts like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Queens of the Stone Age and you can definitely hear those inspirations in “Untold,” thanks to vocalist Jordan Griffin, who sounds like Robert Plant meets Jack White. The second half of the song has some nifty guitar playing hinting at some of Them Evils’ darker material, but the song as a whole is anything but evil. In fact, it’s pretty damn good. - Eugenio Torrens

fetty wap

Fetty Wap “Make You Feel Good”

Released in August, this track opens with a chilling opening reminiscent of a twisted carousel before giving way to its female hook. It’s easy to place the voice behind “Trap Queen,” as Fetty Wap uses his Auto Tuned drawl in his verses. With its two-minute run time, no imitable liquor brand reference (1738) and limited lyrics, this song isn’t likely to make you feel as fabulous as what landed Fetty Wap on the map.   
ballin bibi Bibi Bourelly “Ballin’”

If you’ve never heard Bibi Bourelly, you might mistake her for Rihanna with the start of this song. The voices are strikingly similar but once the subject matter comes up, the difference is blinding. Part broke-college-student anthem, part “Thriftstore” homage, “Ballin’” details the effortlessness of the artist’s ability to not let her financial reality impede on her life. Losing her job at Old Navy, working at the corner store, feasting on Ramen and pushing around a Camry with the engine light is no plight for this diva. This song is a pop reminder that sometimes it’s the not-so-finer things, like a Slim Jim and a 40, are all you need to be awesome.

Pusha T “Circles”

Pusha T, of Clipse fame, teams up with fellow rappers Desiigner and Ty Dolla Sign to drop this track. Pusha T is the president of Kanye West’s GOOD Music label, which has Desiigner on it label. And Ty Dolla Sign has been a breakout star to the masses by being featured on hits “Work  from Home” and “Sucker for Pain.” Featuring clever word play “if we on the same accord/I’ll take you out that Honda Civic” and “Make it rain ’til it’s purple,” from both guests, this song probably won’t see major radio play but could be a club track if for nothing more than its hook.


Chrysalis “My Eternity” 

Chrysalis is an indie-metal rock outfit that may be a well-kept secret on the verge of being let out. Despite only clocking in at 2:50 with just a handful of lyrics, “My Eternity” packs a punch and kicks things up a few notches beyond Chrysalis’ more typical sound. The track, from Chrysalis’ forthcoming album Reminder, does an impressive job of appeasing both the indie and metal aficionados found within their fanbase.


Trapt "It's Over"

While "nu metal" as a thriving genre didn't survive, there are a handful of bands from that era who did. With a dedicated fan base in tow, these handful of bands adapted, morphed and proved to be more than simply the flavor of the day. Trapt is one such band, and the California-based quartet celebrated their 20th year in existence by releasing the album DNA. One of the standout tracks from DNA, "It's Over," is featured on the latest installments of StripJointsMusic. Though more subdued than "Headstrong," the song that broke them into heavy mainstream rock rotation in 2002, "It's Over" provides the backdrop to a breakup, one that just about anyone can relate to.


Kody Woah “Kardashian”

A hip-hop ballad of sorts, “Kardashian” seems aptly titled as artist Kody Woah starts this track with a tickling of the ivories. The song is about upgrading anything; be it a shoddy shack to the Playboy Mansion or as the song would have it, a “basic bitch” to a “Kardashian.” He raps about his claim of making himself into something from nothing. The track is playful yet contemplative and given its relative infancy (a posting date of June 1 on YouTube) yet headline-grabbing name, the track is sure to have that Kardashian-publicity-hoarding touch. - Eugenio Torrens

against himself

Against Himself “Within”

Self-proclaimed as “hard, heavy, powerful and catchy,” on its Facebook page, Against Himself is a four-piece hard rock/metal hybrid band that formed in the fall of 2014 in Denver, Co. The track “Within” seems to be an anthem against authority with lines such as “Lies injected in all of us/We are blind/Infected/All hope is lost/The damage is done through self infliction.” While the hook and parts of the song peak aggressively, the majority of the track is a nice blend of alternative rock making the song simultaneously fierce and catchy. - Eugenio Torrens

red cafe

Red Cafe “She A Bad One”

Guyana-born rapper Red Cafe’s “She A Bad One” may have been inspired by a trip to a strip club. It’s undeniable what Red Cafe is talking about in this track with lyrics such as “Watch it dip low then it levitate/Shawty hop up on the pole and she demonstrate.” While Red Cafe has been a player in the underground rap game for approximately two decades, his mixtape “American Psycho” is sure to be recognized even by cursory genre followers, with such names as Fabolous, Jeremih, T-Pain, The Game and 2 Chainz featured on the album. “She A Bad One” also includes a verse by E-40, a previous collaborator of Red Cafe’s. - Eugenio Torrens

shamans harvest

Shaman’s Harvest “Here It Comes”

Already featured on Monday Night Football, Shaman’s Harvest’s “Here It Comes” has a very comfortable country-rock groove and big chorus. The Missouri-based outfit has been plugging away since the late 1990s, and frontman Nathan Hunt survived a bout with throat cancer as the band delivered their strongest music to date.

jeremih london

Jeremih “London”

The man behind club and hit radio mainstays such as “Birthday Sex,” “Down on Me” and “Don’t Tell ‘Em” has another potential speaker gem with “London.” The new track features Stefflon Don, Krept and Konan in this track from Jeremiah’s summer mixtape drop Late Nights: Europe. The guest stars on this song provide a more reggae feel which compliments Jeremih’s slick vocals. Among the highlights is a throwback reference to the days of ‘90s sitcoms when it slips in Mrs. Huxtable in a jarring juxtaposition to its overall suggestive content.  - Eugenio Torrens

jahkoy california

Jahkoy “California Heaven”

Toronto-based artist Jahkoy already has one album under his belt, Temptations. The rapper/singer, who cites Pharrell and Andre 3000 as influences, signed at the beginning of this year to Def Jam Recordings and his second, yet-to-be named album, will feature “California Heaven.” The track has the bass-thumping beat of any contemporary club song but features a laid-back vibe synonymous with the state it’s titled and modeled after. Indeed, the Golden State doesn’t solely serve as a name filler; parts of the song could almost be an advertisement for the state including the hook-starting verse “Heaven must be somewhere in California/No place I’ve seen compares to California.” - Eugenio Torrens

lajan haitians

Lajan Slim “Haitians”

Lajan Slim may be a Broward County, Florida product, but he has held on tightly to his roots as evidenced by the title of his breakout single. “Haitians” is riddled with words and phrases from the Caribbean island, “picklese,” “kompa,” “sak kap fet" and even the artist’s name — “Lajan" means money in Creole. The rap isn’t blisteringly fast, but it speeds by smoothly enough that this song will undoubtedly have listeners Googling the lyrics while replaying it to catch all the subtle wordplay. While it’s crammed with information, “Haitians” proves to be a top-shelf debut single. - Eugenio Torrens

Waterloo Revival “Backwood Bump
Their name is derived from the original moniker of the city of Austin, Texas, and their country sound is not unlike many of the bands that have come out of their home town and state. Waterloo Revival (Waterloo is Austin’s original name) is a two-man outfit, comprised of Cody Cooper and George Birge. Their track “Backwood Bump” is a tribute to great times everyone looks forward to on Friday night. It starts with steady beat and a little strumming that’ll get toes tapping and your head bobbing. The chorus boasts, ‘Spin it round, dip it down, ‘til you hear the baseline thump / Front, back, side to side, that’s how we do the Backwood Bump.’ If you’re at all inspired by feel-good country music, this one will have you moving. - Dave Manack

Hellyeah “I Don’t Care Anymore”

I have a confession to make (and as a card-carrying member of the metal community, it is a bonafide confession). When I was 13, one of my favorite artists was Phil Collins. It had something to do with my then-obsession with Miami Vice (this was 1985, after all). And my favorite Phil track, bar none, was “I Don’t Care Anymore.” It was stark. It was angry. It was intense. Which makes it surprising that no metal bands ever considered covering it—until now. Hellyeah, the metal “supergroup” featuring former members of Mudvayne, Pantera and Nothingface, put their stamp on the track without taking away from the original track’s emotional intensity. Pantera fans should also be extremely interested in giving this track a listen, as the song’s guitar solo was provided by none other than the late “Dimebag” Darrell, brother of Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul (apparently, the brothers had worked up a cover of the Collins track before Dime was murdered on stage in 2004). - Dave Manack


Black Stone Cherry “Soul Machine”

Though the name of their newest album is Kentucky, there’s nothing “bluegrass” about this band or their music. For the past 15 years, Black Stone Cherry has been banging out their own version of southern rock, gathering a very solid following and Billboard chart placements to boot (not to mention, they’ve topped the U.K. rock chart three times and have had sold-out U.K. tours). From this new album comes the track “Soul Machine” which sees the quartet venturing into new territories. Specifically, a horn section and female back-up singers, which definitely put the “soul” into “Soul Machine.” It has a big chorus and catchy riff, which is exactly what you’d expect from BSC. They band keeps getting bigger and bigger, so if you haven’t checked them out yet, get started with “Soul Machine.”- Dave Manack

Russ single artwork

Russ “Losin’ Control”

From the incubator that births some of the best hip hop in the country, Atlanta's latest is Russ with his single, “Losin Control.” Although a local star with 11 independent albums behind him, the rest of us are catching up with the 23-year-old rapper/singer/producer. His area of expertise is almost the complete opposite of most Atlanta trap rappers, yet his production and melodic songs remain catchy and upbeat. Think the Weeknd singing below the Mason-Dixon. For those girls that like to lap dance and chill. - Kristofer Kay

one less reason band

One Less Reason “Break Me”

Formed back in 1998, One Less Reason is a product of their time. In fact, it sounds like they're still there. A spin of their new single, "Break Me", and you'll remember the drill, too. Loud vocals until the requisite melody, tuned-down guitars, piled on angst. All reminders of when FM radio fell to the dramatically formulaic nu-rawk. Almost 20 years later metal, as moved on, some bands will remain the same. And if you liked ‘90s rock (Tonic, Matchbox 20, etc.), chances are that’s one more reason to check out One Less Reason. - Kristofer Kay

sylvia heart of

Message From Sylvia “Heart of War”

Stop-start riffs, catchy choruses and driving drums are the calling card of much of today’s “alt-metal” movement, and Message From Sylvia’s “Heart of War” has all of that in spades. Helmed by three brothers—Zach Lopez-Smith (drums) Isaac Lopez-Smith (bass) and Dane Lopez-Smith (guitar)—and fronted by DoryDrive singer Matthew Nevit, the quartet’s new track “Heart of War” is on par with the rest of the music that leads this ever-growing genre. - Dave Manack


Lil Durk ft. Ty Dolla $ign “She Just Wanna”

The familiar vocal characteristic of auto-tune has become a staple of the hip-hop club track, a sound which is delivered quite effectively by Lil Durk with his latest collaboration, “She Just Wanna.” Durk raps, Ty sings the hook, while production comes courtesy of Chopsquad DJ. The sultry jam is a no-brainer play for the strip clubs, and the lyrics are on-point as well: “Way that she twerkin’; Lil mama, she good and she perfect; I gave you my number, so work it.” - Kristofer Kay

gnarly world

Gnarly World ft. Flo Rida “Hoes In The House”

Earlier in 2016 Flo Rida had a Billboard Hot 100 hit with “My House,” which reached No. 4. Flo Rida has been releasing songs from his upcoming album The Perfect 10, including “Hello Friday,” “Who’s With Me” and on May 20, “Who Did You Love” with Arianna. This new team-up with Gnarly World on “Hoes in the House” is the latest jam, and could propel both up the Billboard charts and onto a strip club’s playlist. - Kristofer Kay

Jeezy ft. 2 Chainz and Future "Magic City Mondays"
In Atlanta, the legendary urban club Magic City owns a day of the week. "Magic City Monday" by ATL local Jeezy (who's joined here by 2 Chainz and Future) salutes not only the club itself, but the culture it represents as well. While name-dropping strip clubs goes back to the halcyon days of Motley Crue, having a song with a club's name in the title—unsolicited, this wasn't commissioned—embodies how hip-hop and adult clubs co-exist symbiotically. But besides the meaning, it's a solid track too, even if your club isn't called Magic City.
timmy turner
Desiigner "Timmy Turner"

Your DJs will know Desiigner from his hit, "Panda," which dropped earlier this year and remains spun in heavy rotation during your weekend night shift. His follow-up, "Timmy Turner" (and we defy you to say that without the South Park-inspired inflection), is merely an extension of his initial offering, meaning it's "mumble rap" to the infinite power. Take away the urban yodeling that sounds as if he's running away from the bovines down in Pamplona, and you'll be left deciphering what in the hell homeboy is attempting to enunciate. Although we think we caught that some "bitch is hot on BET" on the hook.  So we have that going for us.


Tove Lo "Cool Girl"

Tove Lo, the songstress of Forever 21's national anthem "Talking Bodies," is back with her next single, "Cool Girl." It's the type of song that still begs the question whether or not Ms. Lo remains comfortable in that darkened place somewhere between incredulous lounge crooner and overly-ambitious opening act. Destined to play in Camrys across America on their way to the mall, "Cool Girl" can actually find a home on your club's set list since the lyrics are relatable to your entertainers, and the beat is just infectious enough to play a few times a night without reaching "Talking Bodies"-level annoyance.

Heart "Beautiful Broken"
When Rock-and-Roll-Hall-Of-Famers, the Wilson sisters of Heart, wrote the lyrics for their new track "Beautiful Broken," it might seem unlikely that they'd be writing it about a stripper. But, when you see the lyrics, it seems impossible to ignore that this is an ode to the ladies in g-strings and stilettos. Check out these lyrics and tell me otherwise: "She's a big star, and she's burning bright/Losing her religion each and every night/She's the real thing and she'll tell you so/And lots of other things you don't wanna know/Such a drama queen, a hot mess/Underneath her temper, underneath her dress/Like a raw flame she got a secret mind/Getting your attention each and every time." Right? So I'm not crazy—the legendary Heart wrote a song about strippers. More akin to the '70s "Barracuda" Heart than the '80s "Alone" Heart, "Beautiful Broken" is a two-minute, and 35-seconds fireball that deftly showcases Ann Wilson's legendary pipes and Nancy's unmistakable guitar grooves. Dancers will identify with it, customers will dig this new track from a classic band. Win win.

THEY. "Deep End"

The word around the turntable about THEY., an LA studio collaboration between two well-known producers (Dante and Drew Love), is that they're next to breakout of the present day pop-R&B collective that borrowers elements from modern rock as much as it takes from classic soul. As a speaker-friendly mid-tempo jam, THEY.'s second release "Deep End" is all about the diving into the, shall we say, "metaphorical pools" of woman's anatomy. Easily mistaken as just another new Weeknd joint, the sly hook and easy groove of "Deep End" is more than just a passing fancy until that new Weeknd joint actually hits.

DJ Snake (ft. Justin Bieber) "Let Me Love You"

Real quick, do you still get requests to play Skrillex and Bieber's "Where Are U Now" by dudes who should know better? Just curious, do you still car karaoke the Bieb's "Sorry"? Yeah, we thought so, too. Well look, bright side says now you have a new brand new track to refuse to like but can't go a day without spinning it, or singing it, or even escaping it. Who's DJ Snake? We don't know. Do you even care?  It's Bieber. Believe it. So it is, so it shall be.

Airbourne “Breakin’ Outta Hell”

Fresh off their fourth studio album, Australian hard rockers Airbourne are back with their latest jam, “Breakin' Outta Hell.” Gritty as hell with a Bon-Scott-era AC/DC swagger, “Breakin’ Outta Hell” showcases exactly why many consider Airbourne to be the leaders of the next generation of hard rock. It’s retro-sounding enough for those of us who grew up on AC/DC, hair metal and Metallica, but their fan base is decidedly young enough to grasp all demographics. The Australian outfit, led by brothers Joel and Ryan O’Keeffe (vocalist/lead guitarist and drummer), have spent the past ten years establishing itself as road warriors, selling out major venues with their energetic and entertaining style of fast and furious rock.

dirty heads

Dirty Heads “That’s All I Need”

Mix a little ‘90s hip-hop with some ska punk and a casual SoCal groove, and you get a glimpse into the style and sound of the Dirty Heads track, “That’s All I Need.” The Huntington-Beach-based quintet has a sound reminiscent of their contemporaries Sublime, who also, appropriately enough, called Huntington Beach home (the band still exists as Sublime with Rome, following the passing of former Sublime frontman Brad Nowell in 1996). The band dubs it their “summertime anthem,” and it definitely has that sun’s up, top’s down, feel-good vibe. Grab a Corona and chill to this old-school-meets-new-school party rocker.

fergie milfs

Fergie “M.I.L.F $”

Fully embracing her 40s, Fergie may still be the hottest girl in the room, but she's not the youngest. Which makes the whole theme of her latest single, “M.I.L.F $” (aka MILF Money), yet one more of her butt-bouncing, confectionery byproducts—inherently strange since it is, all at once, one of the sexiest, as well as being the most sexist, songs of the summer. Take it as you will: Is it another boner-prone fantasy of what men expect older women to be? Perhaps. But look, Fergie’s music doesn't require much thought (and don’t, because it begins to hurt), so we're probably reaching too far here, but consider all the single moms out there, too. See them? They're dancing on stage right now. That's what “real” MILFs looks like. And they’re gonna love this jam. 


Hellyeah “Human

From their forthcoming album Undeniable, heavy-hitting hard rockers Hellyeah showcase a big chorus and undeniable groove with the track “Human.” It’s hard to believe that this “all-star” band, featuring ex-members of Pantera, Mudvayne and Nothingface have been together for a decade, yet here they with their fifth release as the band continues to evolve thanks to new additions Kyle Sanders (brother of Mastodon‘s Troy Sanders) and guitarist Christian Brady. Speaking about the new record, guitarist Tom Maxwell stated, “There’s a lot of new stuff coming out that we’ve never tried before, and a lot of heavy s–t … It’s gonna be moody, it’s gonna be dark, it’s gonna be crushing, it’s gonna be heartbreaking, it’s gonna be everything.”

ashes to new 

From Ashes to New “Lost and Alone

Hard rock, hip-hop-style vocals and synths collide with the Pennsylvania-based quartet From Ashes to New’s track “Lost and Alone.” Though the band often draws comparisons to Linkin Park and Hollywood Undead, it’s clear that their first proper full-length disc Day One has them aspiring to be much more. In fact, the band charges straight ahead into arena rock style, which is fitting considering their recent tour opening for Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach.

 Stitched Up Heart - 1 - Hristo Shindov sAKd04M.jpg

Stitched Up Heart “Monster

The vocals sound pop, the music sounds post-nu-metal. This hybrid, showcased by Stitched Up Heart, makes for an interesting combination, and it’s on full display with the track “Monster.” Vocalist Alecia "Mixi" Demner is clearly the stand-out with this LA-based outfit, whose sound and style continues to change (and most recently, draws favorable comparisons to Evanescence and In This Moment). “Monster” rocks, but it’s still very accessible for the guys and gals alike.


Bleeker  “Highway

After 12 years toiling away in northern Toronto and across Canada, Bleeker has gotten their big U.S. break with their album Erase You, as the track “Highway” appears on the latest installment of StripJoints. Musically, Bleeker combines a classic rock swagger with psych-tinged grooves, placing them among Royal Blood, Struts, The Black Keys, and Jet in the alt-rock spectrum.  Highway" resonates with its handclaps and garage pop vibe, and the track is uptempo from stem to stern.

 mother feather

Mother Feather “Mother Feather

An interesting mix of alt-rock grooves and glam rock style, Mother Feather is hard to pin down. With the charismatic dual vocals of Ann Courtney and Elizabeth Carena (who also works the keyboards), the NYC-based quintet can rock your face off but still be listenable and have that sexy edge you’ll get from women screaming through a catchy chorus.


Kongos “Take It From Me”

Kongos’ “Take It From Me” is the first single off the band’s forthcoming third album, Egomaniac, set for release on June 10. The band had become known for its recognizable sound, which derives both from Western rock music as well as rhythm-based Western African music. Jesse Kongos’ heavy drumming and Johnny Kongos’ talented accordion work lay the foundations of what has come to be a trademark sound for the foursome, and “Take It From Me” finds Kongos further exploring the depths of their sound.

 og maco

OG Maco x TWRK “Do What It Do”

As one reviewer put it, if you’re planning on having a “twerk fest” some time soon, then OG Maco and TWRK have the perfect song for you with “Do What It Do.” TWRK, an electronic production crew based in NYC, teamed up with Maco for a club-oriented jam with bouncy drums, later joined by a blast of horns. And if you need further proof of its strip-club-worthiness, check out these Twain-esque lyrics: “Bounce that ass to the beat; Show me you a freak make it do what it do.”


 3 doors down

3 Doors Down “In the Dark

It’s been quite a while—five years, to be exact—since the alt-rockers from Mississippi cranked out a new batch of radio-ready tunes. But 3 Doors Down is back, and the track “In the Dark” (“She likes to do it in the dark,” exclaims vocalist Brad Arnold) comes from the upcoming sixth studio album titled Us and the Night. You know exactly what you’re getting with the band that brought you “Kryptonite,” “When I’m Gone” and “Here Without You.” This new one, “In the Dark,” is sleek and just sexy enough for your alt-rockin’ entertainers to groove to.



Rob Zombie Well, Everybody’s Fuckin’ in a UFO

This won't be the first time that listeners will be wondering, “what the hell is Rob Zombie sining about in this song?” But will it matter? With a title like “Well, Everybody’s Fuckin’ in a UFO,” it’s gonna get people’s attention. It’s a wild ride in the Rob Zombie wonderland, as we hear the story of a “one-eyed super wolf” who slowly comes to the realization that, “Well, Everybody’s Fuckin’ in a UFO.” Don’t try to make sense of it. Just enjoy the hillbilly rockin’ insanity.



Bibi Bourelly Ego

Not going to lie, Bourelly has real deal talent. First as a songwriter (she got her start writing for Rhianna) and next as a soul singer. Armed with a bluesy, full voice that doesn't sound like it’s coming from a girl her early 20s, “Ego” is her coming out, with its braggadocio ("I won't never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give a fuck") only undercut by the apparent skill at hand. Bourelly will have other hits, surely, but what your girls can't dance to they'll find immensely quotable.


Flo Rida “Dirty Mind

Here we are with that “second verse same as the first” feeling. If you spun "My House" last month and wondered if Flo Rida was done supplying strip clubs with Saturday night soundtracks then fret not, dear DJ, “Dirty Mind” is a return to the typical twerk jump off. First the beat, and then the hook, now repeat with respectable Flo flow.


hellyeahbloodforbloodcover 638

Hellyeah “Sangre por Sangre

Vocalist Chad Gray, drummer Vinnie Paul (ex-Pantera) and company are back with “Sangre por Sangre” (blood for blood) from their fourth studio album, Blood For Blood. This metal supergroup of sorts (Gray from Mudvayne and guitarist Tom Maxwell from Nothingface, along with Paul) continues to evolve, this time with metal producer extraordinaire Kevin Churko behind the dials. The band appears to have moved completely away from the more “southern” metal stylings of earlier albums for a more focused, driving, heavy-rock approach. “Sangre por Sangre” showcases the 2016 version of Hellyeah, and it’s quite possibly the best the band has ever sounded.


lil durk

Lil Durk “My Beyonce

Chicago's Lil Durk isn't, nor will he ever be, New York's Jay-Z, but that won't stop him from scoring his version of Jigga's wife. Like “Boo”' or “Bae” in the urban dictionary, Beyonce is now a term of endearment for guys who find that the label of girlfriend to be, gosh, we don't know...unequivocal? Everyone wants a Beyonce, but not everyone is Hove. (Holla, bitches). Syrupy in ways we can't seem to understand, sweeter than three minutes of your average "my-hoe-is-so-bad" lyric, your younger entertainers can slow twerk to it and feel all fuzzy inside.

etf 2015

Escape the Fate “Alive

From their fifth studio album Hate Me, the tribe of hard rockers from Vegas present the track “Alive.” Despite numerous lineup shakeups over the past six years, the band has continued to evolve as they inch closer to a more “mainstream” rock sound, a departure from their early “emo,” darker roots. The chug-chug riff gives way to the big chorus; it’s a formula you’re familiar with, and it’s still effective.

ashes to new

Ashes to New “Land of Make Believe

For those who still sport a copy of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory in your TransAm's center console, comes this Lancaster, PA nu-metal outfit who sound as earnest as a band could sound while holding on to the belief that rap-rock is still a viable sub-genre. Strictly for your girls who buy their on-stage attire at Hot Topic.

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