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Heart of War

message from_sylviaMessage From Sylvia brings the “Heart of War” to a strip club near you

Edgy riffs meet melody with the band’s new track, featured on

Three brothers supply the music, Matthew Nevitt supplies the voice. Though they hail from different backgrounds, the members of Message From Sylvia found an immediate chemistry working together. That chemistry is already producing a combustible mix of explosive energy with the heavy yet melodic first single “Heart Of War.” The track is already climbing the charts of Active Rock radio nationwide.


The members of Message From Sylvia—which boasts Nevitt and the aforementioned brothers Dane, Isaac, and Zachary Lopez-Smith—have seen success with their earlier projects: Nevitt’s band DoryDrive was named “Best New Rock Band” at the WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) awards in 2013, while the Lopez-Smith Brothers had a successful run in 2015 with First Decree, which saw three of the band’s singles (“Lost In The Crowd”, “Phoenix”, and “This Is Our Rise”) chart Top 15 at Active Rock on the Under The Radar chart.

They have shared the stage with acts such as Sevendust, Fuel, Candlebox, James Durbin, Alice Cooper, Adelita’s Way, Pop Evil, Hinder, Hollywood Undead, 10 Years, Otherwise, In This Moment, Avatar, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Deftones, Saliva, Hed PE, and Righteous Vendetta, among others. They are getting set to release their first full-length disc in March 2017.

We had a chance to catch up with Matthew Nevitt while he and the band are on the road promoting the track “Heart of War,” which is also one of the latest tracks to be featured on the StripJointsMusic compilation for adult club DJs.

ED PUB: Can you talk a bit about how you came together with the Lopez-Smith brothers, and what led to the creation of Message From Sylvia?

NEVITT:  A simple phone call! I was actually booking shows for a band. During a phone call with Greg Harper, a promoter and venue owner in Clarksville, TN, the opportunity was presented. The brothers’ manager had been asking about me because of my previous history. From there I flew out to LA finished writing/recording the album and found great chemistry with the brothers and our producer, Sahaj Ticotin.

ED PUB: It must be an interesting dynamic, with yourself and three brothers in the same band. How would you describe the band dynamic, and how does it affect the overall chemistry of the band?

NEVITT: Obviously brothers have a very powerful dynamic with one another. I have found my place easily. They are great dudes, hungry and motivated. That makes my job much easier

ED PUB: Does the band have a full-length CD that will be released soon? Has one been written/recorded, or are you in the process of doing that now?

NEVITT: We are hoping for a late March street date! The album is done and ready go! We are pumped and ready for the masses to dive into our sound!

ED PUB: What comparisons (other bands) have you heard, as it relates to Message From Sylvia? What comparisons do you feel are accurate? And what bands do you feel that Message From Sylvia draws inspiration from?

NEVITT: I feel we should be compared to any band that is willing to do what it takes to realize a goal! We are hungry dudes! As for a sound? The album has a very modern production feel, but the songs all span multiple decades of inspiration!

ED PUB: Through our magazine and website, we will be featuring/promoting "Heart of War" to over 3,000 DJs at adult nightclubs across the U.S. For a DJ that hasn't heard your song yet, tell them why they should check it out and consider playing it in their club?

NEVITT: I feel the production value of our sound will pull dollars outta pockets! It’s a powerful song that should move those bodies up and down the pole!

ED PUB: If you walked in an adult nightclub and heard "Heart of War" being played, what would your reaction be?

NEVITT: I would pull those dollars out! Seriously I would smirk ear to hear, grab a drink and enjoy!

ED PUB: How difficult is it for a “young” band to get exposure, to get noticed, to gain a fan base in 2016? How does the internet and social media play into your ability to gain exposure?

NEVITT: Social media is paramount to any growth of any business these days. It's our best opportunity to market our craft! Without social media it would seriously be impossible to be heard. Other the radio and live shows, of course.

ED PUB: What's next for the band? What are you most looking forward to?

NEVITT: We are currently out on the road killing it with our boys Blacklight District. That wraps up at the end of January. We are projected to be out on tour most of the year in 2017. So we look forward to meeting you all! Thank you for the support and this great opportunity. I gotta get back to work. The stage doesn't set itself up at this level!

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