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Guns N’ Roses returns

Guns N’ Roses returns; Nickelback “Strips”

Few albums in the history of rock music have had the build-up afforded to Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy.  I mean, how many CDs are almost 15 years in the making?  The safe answer would be, none ... ever.  But only now, after rumors of its release came and went, Axl Rose finally put this baby to bed, and Chinese Democracy was made available for purchase (only through Best Buy stores and on iTunes) on November 23, 2008.

gunsnrosesOnly time will tell whether Chinese Democracy lives up to the extensive hype surrounding it. But the truth is, YOU can factor in to this disc’s ultimate success—or at least your DJ can.  The newest installment of Concrete Marketing’s “Strip Joints” features two brand new songs from Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democray, including the title track and the song “Better,” the disc’s first single.
The track “Chinese Democracy” is the album’s opener, and after a one-minute build-up, Axl’s trademark scream cracks through and launches this straight-up rocker.  Though what you might typically expect from a Guns N’ Roses song, especially an album opener, it also reveals a fresh sound for the band.  And let’s face it—it rocks.

“Better,” on the other hand, is anything but typical.  The song starts with Rose singing in a high pitched voice that almost sounds female, then traverses into a sultry, mid-tempo verse, perfect for the on-stage antics of your sexiest entertainers.  “Better” continues with its twists and turns, from hard rocking chorus to a pop-infused guitar solo.

Whether you love ‘em, like ‘em or could care less, Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy will be in the news and on the radio for months to come.  Your customers and entertainers already know the name, and with new music to boot, playing these hot-off-the-presses tracks by a legendary band like Guns N’ Roses at your club should be a no-brainer.

But wait, there’s more!  The following artists and songs also appear on the new “StripJoints” CD.

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