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Chuckie-Dirty-Funkin-Beats-Original-Mix"Dirty Funkin Beats"  

Ever wonder why Chuckie is one of the world’s top DJs? Blast his new single “Dirty Funkin Beats” through your club’s speakers and wonder no more. The song starts upbeat and only gets better from there. Featuring Chuckie’s infamous beat drops and pop synths, club-goers can’t help but make their way to the dance floor. 



Afrojack Ft. Wrabel - Ten Feet Tall Xavier Remix"Ten Feet Tall"  

Afrojack has been in the club scene long before ‘EDM’ became a thing, and he has yet to fail when it comes to delivering a jam-worthy beat. His latest creation, “Ten Feet Tall,” is no different.  The strong features a pop-ish quality and more heart than the standard club banger with  inspirational lyrics (You build me up/ Make me what I never was/ You build me up/ From nothing into something/ Yeah, something from the dust). Despite the “softer” lyrics, however, this song is sure to have your patrons throwing their hands (and money) in the air.


YG-Who-Do-You-Love"Who Do You Love" 

Rapper YG does it again with his highly-anticipated single “Who Do You Love,” featuring the iconic Drake. Produced by DJ Mustard, the song is an instant club joint with its conservative yet catchy beats and explicit lyrics. With piano accents and stylistic synths, “Who Do You Love” will be the question on everyone’s lips after you spin this track.

Iggy Azalea


Despite her blonde hair and girl-next-door good looks, Iggy Azalea proves that being “cute” just isn’t cutting it anymore with her new hit single “Fancy.” And, not surprisingly, women everywhere are cranking this jam and letting out their inner ‘bad bitch’. British pop singer Charli XCX, best known for her vocals in Icona Pop’s “I Love It,” brings a ratchet vocal hook that your entertainers and guests alike will be humming the tune under their breath for the rest of the night after getting Fancy.

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steel-panther-2013Steel Panther

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 We all know that guy. He’s the guy who has to ask his wife or girlfriend permission to get a beer from the refrigerator, let alone have a night out with the boys. As for going to a strip club? He’s got a better chance of winning the lottery. That’s exactly the sentiment behind “Pussywhipped,” the opening track on Steel Panther’s newest CD All You Can Eat. Don’t let its classical guitar intro fool you—“Pussywhipped” rocks as hard as any Steel Panther track yet. Dedicate this to the bachelor party or that group of dudes in the corner. It’s a guarantee that one of them is lying about where he is right now.

Rock hard and laugh out loud

 Steel-Panther.promoFBwith best band to emerge from the Sunset Strip in the past 20 years: Steel Panther

Though 1987 seems like half a lifetime away, listening to the music of the era—specifically, “hair bands” like Motley Crue, Poison, Ratt and Dokken—can take you back in an instant. But for those who think that the glory of ‘80s hard rock and metal is saved only for the nostalgia of those classic albums, then it’s time to get familiar with one of the hardest rocking, most ass-kicking, balls-to-the-wall bands to emerge from the Sunset Strip in the past 20 years: Steel Panther.

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