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Stripjoints gets an online upgrade

SJSalivaDJPoolwith the brand new site for indudstry DJs

It’s free music from many genres—rock, hip-hop, EDM and more—for qualified club jocks, courtesy of Bob Chiappardi and Concrete Marketing

For nearly the past 10 years, a CD has been sent for free to every adult nightclub across the country. This “StripJoints” CD, produced by Bob Chiappardi and Concrete Marketing, was designed specifically and exclusively for adult nightclub DJs. As we noted in the Club Bulletin over a decade ago, major record labels pay attention to the fact that adult nightclubs play more music, and more different styles of music, than any type of nightclub or bar in the country. This is exactly why the “StripJoints” disc had “strip-club-appropriate” tunes that offered hard rock bands right next to hip-hop tracks, and even songs by such wide-ranging artists as Nick Cave and Jimmy Buffet, to name just a few.

Dj spotlight:

John-Hardin-copyJohn Hardin

Getting a taste for music in his formative years as a session and journeyman drummer, John Hardin decided to try his hand at DJing in 1985 in Jacksonville, FL. After honing his skills in smaller clubs, he began working at both dance and topless clubs throughout the city. Seeing that Jacksonville’s nightclub potential was limited, he made a big career move to Atlanta in late 1989. There, he began working at Boomer’s in Marietta, later working simultaneously at DC’s SuperClub as a member of ‘The Atlanta Vampires’ DJ Group and the nude club Stormin’ Norman’s during the day.




Lemmy and his band of hard rock legends are back with their newest offering, “Heartbreaker” (and what girl in your club doesn’t think she’s a heartbreaker), fresh from their new disc Aftershock (their 21st, in case you’re couting). This time around, the veteran trio employs a surprising use of keyboards, a boy’s choir and a full orchestra ... just kidding. Come on folks, this is the mighty Motorhead. They do what they’ve always done—rock your face off. Why would you expect anything less? — Dave Manack


InThisMomentWhoreIn This Moment


In This Moment, L.A.’s hard rocking quintet, makes headway in the adult nightlife scene with their latest album, Blood. One particular song from this album—”Whore”—is sure to catch not only your patrons’ attention, but your entertainers’ ears as well, with lead female singer Maria Brink’s vocals taunting the crowd as she croons her sly deflection of the “whore” stereotype with lyrics like, “You probably thought I wouldn’t get this far/ You thought I’d end up in the back of a car/ You probably thought that I’d never escape/ I’d be a rat in a cage, I’d be a slave to this place.”
 The song opens with a mellower harmony—setting the scene for an entertainer’s soon-to-be wildly seductive dance—with Brink’s sensual verses. It then takes a sudden turn with the chorus, spiraling into chaotic and a classic heavy metal raunchiness that accompanies Brink’s raw outburst of “I can be your whore!/ I am the doll you created/ I am your sin/ I am your whore.”


mikewillmadeit23Mike Will Made It featuring Miley Cyrus,

Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J


The highly-anticipated single from producer Mike Will Made It has finally been released, and your strip club playlist should be the first place it lands. “23,” featuring the infamous Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J, has proven to be quite the club banger and will get everyone in your club in the mood to “put on my J’s and dance the whole night away/ My hands in the sky, I wave ‘em from side to side/ My feet on the floor, I’m ’bout to turn up now.”
With Cyrus trying her hand at rap in the opening verse of the song and its hook (we’ll let you be the judge of the results), and verses scattered throughout by well-seasoned veterans of the hip hop realm—Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J—the song embodies an instrumental, bass-heavy club jam with just the right amount of mellow to get patrons loosened up enough to follow the song’s lead and order 23 bottles.

Bumpy Road

BigSmoBig Smo

“Bumpy Road”

Big Smo is everything from down home country to rock n’ roll. Smo began his career by experimenting with beats and lyrics with a DJ friend, eventually leading to four independent CDs and tours all over the country. From performing in mud parks in Florida to night clubs in Vegas, Smo has a firm grasp on what makes an audience want to get up, down a drink and rock out.
His newest single, “Bumpy Road,” proves just that with its nitty-gritty country vibe and rock undertones. The song begins with the persuasive lyrics—“come on, baby girl let’s go/ slide on over and hold me close/ climb on top ‘cause we’re about to go down a bumpy road”—luring any adult nightclub patron to spend a few dollars on the baby girl on stage he’s been eying all night long.

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