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Up and Down


“Up and Down”

Nappy Boy never fails to set the mood at an adult nightclub. With well known hits such as “I’m in Love with a Stripper” and “Bartender” under his belt, T-Pain is back at it again with “Up and Down,” a tune that says it all with merely its title. Whether you are going up and down a pole or up and down with the motion of the ocean (for lack of a better term), T-Pain once again offers promisingly erotic persuasion with this kinky slow jam.

All Night Long

krys-justice-copyKrys Justice

“All Night Long”
(Stratman Remix)

Krys Justice has broken into the adult nightclub scene and made his mark with “All Night Long,” the upbeat, booty-shaking single that was released in May 2010 and instantly lit up the charts, resulting in Best Music Video and Best Dance Song nominations at the 2010 Hollywood Music in Media Awards. This “Stratman Remix” is a cross between older Justin Timberlake and modern electronica, offering just the right combination of the two to get the females swaying their hips and the males in the mood to throw dollars.

Heaven's Basement climbs

heavens-basement-4up from the U.K. underground and into your club with "Fire, Fire"

Many up-and-coming rock bands—garage bands, let’s call them—play it safe. They book  shows in the city or surrounding area where they live, trying to build a home-grown fan base as they chase that elusive dream of a “record deal.” Sure, they might drive a couple of hours to the next big city, but they’re still sleeping in their own beds every night.  They may be working hard, but they’re not taking risks.

Jump Back

heavensbasement300Heaven’s Basement

“Jump Back“

If you’re looking for your hard rock selection to be more right of center, then you could do worse than London’s Heaven’s Basement.  The British quartet is known for their fondness of touring and relentlessly energetic live performances over in the U.K.  That spunk and aggression is on display with their latest track “Jump Back” from their full-length debut record, Filthy Empire. Your girls dig on some Def Leppard, AC/DC, or Motorhead? As a DJ, are you tired of you just hitting the repeat button?  Heaven’s Basement breaks the classic rock monotony but doesn’t stray too far to scare your entertainers off stage. 



“Sail” (Remix)

The problem most adults have with dubstep—take away the fact that it sounds like a pair of drunken Transformers copulating—is that it’s too computerized to be considered music. It needed a voice; it also needed actual instruments, but that’s a different argument. Well, this is close enough for now.  Aaron Bruno, lead singer of the L.A. electronic rock outfit Awolnation, can be that voice. Since Awol scored a decent-sized hit last year with their single “Sail,” lather on some entertainer-approved dubstep, call it a “remix” and viola! Familiar and fresh. 

Cowboys and Cigars

The-Burning-of-RomeThe Burning of Rome

“Cowboys and Cigars”

Here’s a term you don’t hear too often:  post-modern psychedelics.  And, we hope, that is the best way to describe The Burning of Rome and our intro to them, ”Cowboys and Cigars.” Around since 2008, the San Diego band incorporates elements of garage and surf music with homages to show tunes and shock-rock.  The Burning of Rome is part Captain Beefheart, part ABBA, all mass confusion.  But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Like its creators, “Cowboys and Cigars” is a take-it-or-leave -it track.  We took it, hopefully so will the DJs.

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